The skeleton swung its sword, but Zane blocked the attack with his weapon. At the same time, he changed the position of his weapon and made the enemy slip to the side since the skeleton was putting too much weight behind the attack. The skeleton tripped, and Zane slashed the skull of the creature… some cracks appeared on it, but the beast turned around and swung its sword again.

Zane jumped backward and dodged the attack, but he felt his heart racing… he would be in a hard position if he got hit anywhere, but the monster could keep going no matter what until it fell apart.

It was the first time he had seen such a creature, but Zane furrowed his eyebrows when the third attack came… the monster was dangerous, but it wasn that fast. Even the weight behind its attacks wasn that impressive since the creature was made only of bones.

Zane fixed his stance and then dodged to the side when the sword approached. He took a step forward while inclining his body to the side to grant some extra power to himself. Thanks to that, his aim was perfect, and the sword hit the creatures core, where that blue sphere was. The sphere cracked, and then the beast disappeared…

In the next moment, Zane saw the blue sphere falling on the ground. He thought that it would disappear the same way it appeared, but that didn happen…

Zanes curiosity got the better of him, so he decided to touch the sphere. Once he touched it, it disappeared, and he felt a wave of power passing through his body. In the next moment, Zane felt the dungeon magic being assimilated by his body.

Health: 80/80

Mana: 90/90

Stamina: 80/80

Strength: 08

Dexterity: 08

Speed: 08

Intelligence: 06

Endurance: 08

Mentality: 10

Energy Points: 00

Recovery: 10

Status: 00




”What is this feeling… ” Zane said while looking at his hands. ”It feels like I have more arms now. What is this image in front of me… ”

That was a weird thing to say. Zane even checked his back, but that was how he felt. It was like he had discovered a new pair of arms that had been sealed… when he tried to use those arms, he felt the strength of his arms increasing.

You have learned Mana Manipulation.

You obtained 01 status point.

When he checked his sword, Zane felt it a lot lighter than before, and when he swung it, it clearly moved faster. After a few attempts, he was forced to stop since he felt tired and light-headed…

”It seems that the stone awakened something inside me… My vital or spiritual energy? ” Zane thought. ”Why would the dungeon do something like this when it only lures people to its endless trap? ”

Zane gained a weird power, the power that could help him achieve his goal, and he doubted that he was the first one who had decided to destroy the dungeon. Either way, he had to keep moving and hope to find answers later.

Once Zane was back to where the path split, he decided to follow the middle path. He had a decent memory, so he wasn going to get lost so soon, but he doubted that things would be as simple as memorizing the path.

After walking for a while, Zane found another sphere and another skeleton appearing from it. He assumed the ox guard and wanted for the enemy, but this time, the enemy was a lot more cautious.

”It seems that they won always be brain-dead bastards… ” Zane thought before he charged at the enemy.

The creature raised its sword at the weight of its core to protect it, making Zane furrow his eyebrows. Despite that, he didn give up and stabbed the enemys sword with all his might. The skeleton was pushed backward and lost its balance, and then Zane attacked again, but the monster swung down its sword with fearsome speed.

Zane moved to the side and dodged the attack, but the enemys sword hit the side of his backpack. Zane used that chance to stab the sphere once again… a crack appeared on it, but the monster didn fall. Instead of letting the surprise get the better of him, Zane swung his sword upward and, by using all his strength, made the Skeleton move in an arc in the air until it hit the ground. After that, the creature disappeared, leaving the stone behind.

You have learned Swordsmanship.

You obtained 01 status point.

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