Warning: This chapter may contain psychological, emotional or physical ab*se.




After breaking her morale once, his wife became more obedient.
First of all, she never spoke back to him, she answered all of his questions, and it was obvious that she was careful of her every action.
She struggled with her physical strength even on the bed, but she never complained, letting him do what he wanted.


But Ezekiel was not satisfied.
So he was often grumpy at his wife’s efforts.
He would leave because it was hard to overcome the emotional surge that kept lingering in his head.
Luckily, the anger that swelled up would go away whenever he took his wife’s body as much as he wanted in the bedroom.


‘How dare you…’


As he remembered that day, he felt the urge to punish his wife again.
In addition, she was impudent for not having done her job during the past few days.


Thinking about what the most effective punishment would be, he picked the card that worked best against his wife at this time.
It didn’t matter if she cursed him because he was a bad guy.
He’s better off being the bad guy than burning his heart out.


In the garden outside the window was a mother dog with her only pup.
It was affectionate as it pushed the white baby under the white fur while breastfeeding.


Ezekiel looked at the puppy and looked at it with displeased eyes.
He said looking out the door.


“Anyone, come in.”


At the Master’s words, one of the servants who was always waiting outside came in.
Ezekiel ordered him to call the butler of the castle.
The servant who received his order left and not long after, an elderly butler came in.
Ezekiel commanded him as he bowed deeply.


“Go get Erzen.”




It had been less than 10 minutes since he gave the order.
With the sound of urgent footsteps, the servant told him that his wife had come.
Ezekiel ordered him to change the cold tea and have her wait.


As he went through a few documents and drank tea, an hour had passed.


“You came early today.”


“…Why are you doing this?”


Ezekiel quietly looked at his wife.
She had been waiting for an hour, as expected, her eyes were wet and her hands were clasped together.


I’ll devour you. Ezekiel twisted his lips and looked at his wife, concealing his expression and turning his eyes to the papers.
Then asked as if he did not understand what was going on.


“What are you asking?”


“Erzen! Why all of a sudden…….”


Unlike him who was calm, Herace’s voice was sharp and desperate.
But as soon as she raised her voice, a piercing gaze fell upon her.


In the end, Herace bowed her head and finished her speech.


Taking him.”


“I’ve said it over and over again.
Don’t cling to the child, just do what you’re supposed to do.”


He could see the small hands strain when he said she had to do her job.
But wasn’t it true? His wife hasn’t done her job properly in the past few days.


After hearing the threat of enslaving her son, Herace visited Ezekiel’s bedroom every day.
That was her new job, it was her daily routine.


It was difficult but she laid in bed every night wearing a thin negligee as her husband had commanded.
Her husband’s threats weren’t something to make light of, so Herace looked for him every night.


“I couldn’t help it because I wasn’t feeling well.
And Erzen kept crying…”




“It was only a few days.
I was doing well before that.
Every day, except when things go wrong… I went to you.
You know that, Ezekiel.”


“That’s your opinion, it’s different from mine.”




“You keep making excuses for being sick.
This week alone, you skipped three days because of your illness.”




“Don’t make such excuses.
I don’t want to hear it.
A sick person took care of a child.
Do you think I’m a fool because I haven’t said much for a few days?”


What Ezekiel said was true, she had no excuse.


However, there was no problem in taking care of Erzen even though her body was so sick that it was unbearable.
At least her son didn’t push her as hard as his father did.
However, such words would not reach her husband.


In the end, Herace approached Ezekiel, bowed her head, and said in a low voice.


“…I was wrong.”




“I’m telling you, I can do better.
So return Erzen back to me.
As it is, the time we spent together has decreased these days.
He should be in my arms.”


What can she do better? Even as she spoke, Herace laughed at herself.
She had no choice but to plead to her husband.


“Ezekiel, please.
Please… Forgive me just once.
If you return Erzen, I will do nothing to offend you from now on.”


Kneeling in front of Ezekiel, she begged earnestly, barely holding her neck up.
Her speech was slowed by a cry in the middle, but fortunately she didn’t stop.


Ezekiel looked down at his wife.
Maybe it’s because she was wearing a light cream dress.
His wife was more neat and beautiful than yesterday.
Below her face, the long neck and the line that fell finely beneath it, made her man swallow once.


He pulled Herace up.
As he buried his head between his wife’s neck and shoulder, hugging her soft waist, her unique smell tickled his nose.
He said in a more relaxed voice.


If you do what you’re told, I’ll think about the child again.”


Herace, who had been quietly responding to the damp touch, raised her head and met his eyes.
Amidst the face full of doubts, hope and anxiety could be seen.


He gently sucked the nape of his wife’s neck then Ezekiel stood up.


“You know Miguel’s 100th day banquet is coming up soon, right?”


Her blue eyes filled with a little sadness.
There was no way she didn’t know.
The castle was bustling with preparations for the banquet.
The one hundredth day banquet… It was an opportunity that Erzen would not get.
When Herace couldn’t hide her mournful face at that fact, a twisted pleasure settled in Ezekiel’s gold eyes.
He buried his face in Herace’s neck as if begging for an answer, and Herace groaned and nodded her head.




“Originally, you wouldn’t be attending, but Charlotte said she really wanted your congratulations.”


“…… ”


“Prepare gifts and greetings for Miguel.
As my wife and hostess of this castle, you shouldn’t be lacking.”




“…You don’t want to? You don’t look too good.”


She didn’t want to.
She didn’t even want to go there in the first place.


That day when he first told her to stay in her room quietly, she was saddened, but now she was filled with both misery and sorrow.
But Herace did not have the right to refuse even if she wanted to.


She forced herself to smile so as not to provoke her husband.


“……No, I’ll do it.
I can do it.
Then Erzen…”


“I’ll have to see what you do that day then decide.
Why? Do you have a problem?”


Can you do one thing for me instead?”


“What is it?”


“It would be difficult for a single nanny to take care of Erzen.
There are many other servants, but he’s not familiar with their faces, so Erzen’s probably going to be shy…”


Ezekiel did not hide his displeasure.
He was vexed at his wife who continued to think of Erzen.
The man’s head lifted up, and a sharp voice cut through Herace’s words.


“I’m sure I just told you.
Your child’s business will be decided after Miguel’s banquet, didn’t you hear? Or are you just stubborn?”


Herace trembled as the grip on her waist became a little stronger.
She replied, shaking her head posthaste.


“I’m not saying I’ll go there.
Instead, I was going to ask to send Anna to Erzen’s side.
She’s the one who took care of Erzen with me.
If Anna goes, the nanny and Erzen will be more comfortable.”


Hearing the reason, Ezekiel’s face got better.
Still, he hated the maid who stayed with his wife almost every hour.
How good was it that she had been with his wife since childhood.
If that annoying face disappears with the child he didn’t want to see, he will definitely be more comfortable.


Ezekiel nodded gladly.


“All right, I’ll let you do that.”


“……Thank you.”


“I am looking forward to it.
Even though Miguel didn’t come from your womb, unlike someone else, he’s definitely my child, right? It would be good for others to see that you, my wife, care for him in many ways.”


Of course, that didn’t stop him from harassing his wife.
Ezekiel was prickly even when things were done as he wanted.
Herace, realizing the meaning of his words, clenched her right hand with her left.


Although it was saddening to see her shiver, it gave him a faint euphoria.
Ezekiel lifted his wife’s chin slightly with his finger.
Blue eyes full of contempt and sadness were like Lake Aunue in the middle of winter.


“……Get ready to go out tomorrow.”


They were eyes he didn’t get tired of looking at all the time.
His wife was pretty in every corner, but her eyes were particularly beautiful.
Whether she laughed or cried, he wanted to keep it all to himself.


Ezekiel kissed his wife impulsively.
A light but long kiss followed with only their lips overlapping.


Despite the suddenness, Herace did not resist.
She just opened her eyes wide in surprise.
She then relaxed and stayed still as her husband would have wanted.


“I’m going to Lake Aunue.
I thought it would be good for you to accompany me after a long time.”


“…….I see.”


After a while, Ezekiel opened his mouth and gave a blunt command.
He felt strangely impatient when he should’ve been satisfied with his obedient wife.
He stared intently at his wife.


“I’ll be on my way.”


After not speaking for a long time, Herace cautiously pulled away from his arms.
Ezekiel snatched Herace’s hand as the creamy soft cloth slipped out of his hand.


Herace, who was about to turn, looked at him.
The irritation that had made his heart ache was slightly gone.
Ezekiel whispered as he pulled Herace back into his arms.


“……It’s not that long before dark.”




“Don’t bother going back and forth, just stay here.
You have to come soon anyway.
I know you’ve already had dinner.”


“But I have to send Anna to Erzen and…”


The child… It was that child again.
Ezekiel did not hide his annoyance.


“You can ask the servant to send her.
Rather, I want you to go to the bedroom first.”


At the man’s one-sided command, her last hope to see the child vanished.
As the hope she had barely held on disappeared, Herace’s face looked empty.


‘It will be hard to see him for a while……’


She lowered her eyes as she looked at the still bright light outside.
The sun out of the window was half over the horizon.
Her man hugged her tightly as if to urge her to answer.


Herace leaned her head on his broad shoulder and spoke the words her man wanted.


“…… I’ll do as you please.”

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