Julia, who was just about to open her mouth as she was given Bael’s robe, eventually seated herself quietly first so as not to offend the nerves of those two demons.

“Master, do you know that the gates of the Demon Realm have been opened?”

Barbatos threw a bomb right from his very first word.
Julia immediately gulped in her breath without realizing it.

“Some humans tried to force open the entrance.
So, I simply opened it myself.”

“You opened it yourself, may I ask why?”

“If one were to leave it as it is, it’s definitely going to be a bother for a few days.”


Although his own brother had been so badly injured, Barbatos did not even retaliate against the King for opening the door.
He even seemed relieved that things were now going under control once again.

‘Maybe one day will come when I can truly understand a demon’s way of thinking.’

Julia shook off her thoughts and quietly listened to their conversation.
Barbatos then continued.

“I heard from Lerazier that the purpose of the human is presumed to be here itself, the Master’s Castle.
It looks like he wants to play the hero, so what do we have to do?”

“A Sword Master who just got advanced?”

“Yes, Master.”

Bael leisurely crossed the room and headed towards the window where he could see the Demon God’s Tower.
He then mumbled softly as he tapped on the tightly closed window with his fingertips.

“They won’t be able to come all the way here without a problem, but if they do come…”

After a brief silence, the King’s insensitive voice began to echo throughout the room.

“I can then enjoy a rather short game instead.”

“Then, I’ll take measures so that the others don’t touch it.”

Julia’s shoulder twitched slightly.
In fact, she was actually planning to borrow Revenna’s familiar and ask Legion to return to the Human Realm immediately, but with this kind of development, Legion would definitely be brought right in front of Bael himself.

‘No matter how much a Sword Master is able to defeat the Demon King by any means, I still have to get him to run away somehow……’

Then, a dialogue window popped up in front of her.


It seems that the human’s purpose is not just to play the hero though.]

He was quick-witted and seemed to intuit the correlation between the two humans just by Julia’s ever so slight reaction.

Julia looked at the disappearing window and straightened her back.
It was simply enough for her who failed to protect her friend because of her own fault once.
No, she actually deserved to feel guilty for her whole life, even if it had just happened for once.

Bael and Barbatos ended the conversation after a few more short words.
Barbatos, who was now leaving the bedroom, took notice of Julia, who had just been sitting nearby, and their eyes eventually met.
She opened her mouth without realizing it in response.



“It wasn’t a story that I wished to hear, but I didn’t have a clue at all.
I’ll go somewhere else next time.
I’m sorry.”

Barbatos did not answer for a while.
She bowed her head before looking up timidly, but in fact, her eyes were showing that she actually wanted to hear all sorts of strange things.

“What can you do by listening to Master and myself anyway?”


“Besides, you won’t be able to leave the castle alive, so there’s no need to waste time being on guard unnecessarily anyhow.”

The voice that loomed over Julia’s head was cold, but it wasn’t really his intention to dig up on her wounds.
From Barbatos’s own standpoint, he was just telling the truth.
He simply left the King’s bedroom while leaving behind her increasingly blurry gaze.

The door soon closed and Julia glanced at Bael’s back where he was sitting by the window.
He was staring at the tower as usual as if he had no interest in what was actually happening within the nest.

‘My heart is……’

When she and Bael were left all alone, the imprint would then elicit a strange sensation as if it was asserting its existence.
Maybe it was a kind of pressure to complete the contract without ever thinking much.

‘Make me the Demon God.
Whatever method it is then, I’ll be happy to accept you as the key—with pleasure.’

‘You can never escape.
Your body, even a single strand of that hair of yours.’

His sneering voice had crossed her mind.
Julia suppressed her thumping heart as she cautiously approached him from behind.
With another few steps left, she paused and waited for him to turn around.

She had noticed that he was also being slightly influenced by herself, the small human, so he would have definitely known that she was approaching.
Sure enough, he briskly asked while still not paying much attention.


“I have a request for the Demon King.”

Julia, who took a deep breath, carefully opened her mouth.
She needed a chance to meet Legion without anyone’s eyes looking at all—in order to send him back to the human world.

“I would like to go back to the room which I used to use.
It’s just for a while.”

The red eyes that were fixed outside the window slowly shifted towards her.
It felt as if she was thrown naked in front of him even when she had only been given a silent stare.

“The reason being.”

“I’m, I’m quite tired and I would like to sleep alone.”

She didn’t expect him to even ask the reason.
She had not known Bael for a long time, but he was basically not interested in anyone at all.
Even on the day she was taken away by Berith, the Demon Realm had been in chaos due to the explosion that occurred in the tower, yet he did not even blink.

It was an excuse that she provided in a hurry, but she thought that it made sense in its own way.
However, his forehead became wrinkled as if he simply couldn’t understand it.

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