Julia eventually added a little more strength to her hand that was still holding onto the dagger.
Rather than having become his instrument while being humiliatingly deprived of her power, she would rather stab herself in the vital point and lose her own breath.

‘In the end, it’s going to be like this……’

Right at the moment when she aimed the blade, all the sounds around her were tinged with a creepy silence.
Not the sound of Berith’s laughter or even the sound of her own hot, stifling breath.
And then—


From behind her, an unimaginable amount of light began to pour in through the huge window.
Her vision instantly turned white.
It was like the moment when the world ended.

Julia, who had her back against it, closed her eyes without her realizing it, but Berith eventually fell down with a painful scream as he was facing the same light directly.
Then, the huge glass window shattered.
Everything in the castle had been swept away by the powerful pressure difference and the whole thing in the castle was oriented towards the Demon God’s tower.


Julia’s small and light body was no exception too.
Unbeknownst to her, she was also being swept out the window along with the huge pieces of furniture.

It was right then that she—in astonishment—tried desperately to reach out her hand in return.

“It’s the small key!!”

An arm had stretched out from the black military jacket and gripped tightly onto Julia’s wrist.
The hair in a high ponytail fluttered like crazy amidst the gust of wind.

“What are you doing! Help me out quickly!”

“You really thought that we’re all monsters like you, huh?!”

Revenna’s high pitched scream could be heard behind Agares’s back.

Julia, who had the magic resistance, did not know the fact that the large explosion from the tower had swept through the castle and all nearby territories as well.
Every single demon that could not withstand the explosion was eventually destroyed without a trace.
The same was also true for the familiars that had been raised by those high-ranking demons.

At that moment, Julia realized that a lot of loud shouts and screams could be heard from all over the castle.
Then, her eyes widened.

“Julia, hands…!”

“Mister Kimaris!”

At the risk of being swept away by sudden squall, she immediately reached out towards Agares.
Julia then threw away the dagger that she had been holding on without any ounce of hesitation at all and she began stretching out her own hands towards her.

Her hands, which had been staggering in the air for a short time, eventually brushed against one another.

“Pull up! Damn it—what the hell are you even doing!”


“Are you hurt?!”

Revenna screamed in surprise as she ripped out the hem of her dress that had obstructed her steps and ran in haste.
The cut wound across her neck had become even bigger during the whole chaos just then.
Julia’s white dress was all drenched in red now.

A jet-black surge of magical energy gradually erupted from Revenna’s hands.
Although the range was not that wide, it was still enough to block the magical storm for a while.

“Little key, just let me take a look first!”

Meanwhile, Agares pulled Julia deep into her arms.
And when her hands were finally free, she then created a complete, solid shield.
Only the space where they were currently sitting had regained its original stillness amidst the blast of gale that was still raging in all different kinds of directions.

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