ped from Julia before he set forth to head for the tower.

The wave that was emanating from the tower grew stronger, probably due to the fact that it felt a threat.
The flashing speed of the light also became increasingly faster and more intense.
The Demon King’s nest began to thump and throb again.

This castle was his own heart itself.
It was only then did Julia finally realize it.

“Keep still.
If I don’t see you by the time I return, I definitely won’t forgive you this time.”

As he proceeded to walk towards the terrace, he then stepped on the railing before jumping out without any hesitation.
Julia, who had just been staring at his rapidly moving back, was not able to feel another presence approaching right behind her back.

As soon as she attempted to look away, it was already too late.

“Finally, the King is all gone.”


Julia’s lips were instantly gagged by a strong grip.
She tried to fight, but she could only collapse helplessly in front of that overwhelming difference in physique.
She was then forcibly dragged away while she still struggled to look behind.

Berith was already gazing down at her with those eyes that glistened with sheer lust.

* * *


“Agares, just calm down for a moment…”

“Those human bastards had exchanged the key which we asked for? How dare they mock our demon race when they’re the ones of the lower race?!”

Agares’s black magic fluttered like fire, which revealed her displeasure.
Kimaris and Revenna, who had spoken out just then, immediately looked at each other without saying a word at all.

After sending Julia back to the King’s quarters, the two of them eventually decided that it would be better to kill Berith and shut his mouth once and for all.
Nevertheless, something like this could still happen at any time.
Even if it had only been a very small number, it was because there were no other demons who could actually go in and out of the human world like so.

This time, Berith got caught off guard and they were able to buy some time, but it was difficult to expect that such luck would therefore exist twice.

Thus, the decision was conclusively made to ask for help from Grand Duke Agares, the only demon who could replace King Bael in case of any emergency.
If she could just block the information that went right up in the line, that would then be the best preventative measure.

“At this rate, she’s definitely going to get caught.
Agares, please!”

“Haha! We’ve been merciful that we ended the war with only one princess, but should I just let this go?”

“Then, what will you do? Are you going to rip Julia’s limbs apart and break her neck just to fulfill your duty then?”


At Revenna’s realistic remark, Agares instantly shrugged her shoulders.
She tried to suppress her anger, but the thought that she had already been deceived made her become absolutely irritable.

“Still, the humans—how dare…”

The situation of the little key was really pitiful.
Right after she was born, Julia had been treated with only scorn all her life before she got abandoned in the Demon Realm, where she would eventually die in place of her own older sister.
Still, how could Agares tear apart and kill that little key who had said that living here was so much happier than back in the Human Realm? She didn’t even want to waste a single being to her fingertip at all.

But her anger towards those humans was different.
As she stood at the forefront of the battlefield, she was well aware of how vicious humans could truly be.
At first, they would gently invade the boundaries of the Demon Realm before they eventually took a hold of the seeds of the demons or those young beasts that had not even opened their eyes yet, all because of the fact that they would ultimately become money.

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