If he were to get into the top 20, he would then be treated in a completely different manner.
Was that the reason why he became so greedy?]

Julia roughly knew the setting of the current world as well.
High-level demons had all been divided into 72 ranks, but the difference between the number 20th and below was quite equal.

The disparity between the 1st, Bael and the 2nd, Agares had been utterly unpredictable while the difference between the 8th, Barbatos and the 17th, Bottis was also rather overwhelming.
However, when it had passed the rank of number 20th, the degree of strength was only decided by a single margin.
Thus, it would be absolutely possible to increase their place in hierarchy significantly by just adding a rather small number.

“No way……”

At that moment, Kimaris’s eyes proceeded to dim coldly.
He muttered in a voice with no certainty at all, which ultimately received some questioning glances from the other two.

“I don’t think that’s possible, but he might be thinking of using the key—Julia, herself—to actually swallow the magic crystal.”

“No matter how greedy Berith is, would he do it up till that much? The power of the Demon God is even beyond the Master’s control and the cost of failure is too high as well, isn’t it?”

Bael would just run rampant for a few days, but with Berith’s level, his heart would literally be ripped out to pieces.
It was all because of the fact that his magic was enough to merely set foot on the tower at best.

While thinking so, Revenna eventually received Kimaris’s quiet glance.
In order to not worry Julia, he instantly refrained her from speaking, but unfortunately, she had already read their thoughts.


What if there was truly a way to increase the magic power without having to swallow the power of the Demon God at all? Master’s wave had already proven it anyway.]


Is this perhaps a plot to take Julia away by force? As long as he doesn’t pay any close attention to his body, there won’t be any apparent abnormality.
On top of that, Berith’s loss risk will naturally be lowered too, right?]

While unaware that Julia was still reading their thoughts, Kimaris could no longer contain his anger as he clenched his chin.

“How dare……”

His fists proceeded to tremble under the table.
Revenna would have already stopped it in her usual way, but even she was now clenching her own hand tightly as if she was just about to snap her fan in two.

‘If I don’t want to be discovered and die, he wants me…… to offer my body.’

Her breath eventually became choked.
Julia’s vision which had finally realized Berith’s main purpose slowly began to grow dimly lit.

* * *

There was a lot of discussion regarding how to actually deal with Berith himself.
They finally came to the conclusion that it might be dangerous for Barbatos and Lerazier, but at the very least, they could ask Agares for some help.

Agares had commanded the demon army at the forefront of that particular fierce battlefield not so long ago.
She possessed a strong hatred for humans and if she were to discover that she had been deceived, there was a high possibility that she would become greatly angered.
Nevertheless, she still had a strong affinity towards Julia.
They eventually had no other choice but to simply depend on her for now.

Meanwhile, Julia returned to the Demon King’s bedroom as she had been pushed away.
It was so that Bael would not wake up, but it had also been due to the fact that Revenna and Kimaris were already thinking of killing Berith even at the risk of their own lives—in case of emergency.

Moreover, the two demons didn’t wish for Julia to find out about their plans.

‘What do we do? If we fail to convince Lady Agares, then the two of them……’

As she returned to the Demon King’s bedroom, she then proceeded to sit down slowly on the floor with her back against the door.
There was nothing else that she could have done with that fragile human body of hers.
At the very least, it might have been rather different if she was truly the real Estelle.

A man’s bare feet suddenly entered Julia’s eyes as he began squatting down and bobbed his head.
Surprised, she immediately raised her head in return.
A set of red piercing eyes were already staringdown at her.

“What now?”

“Demon King.”

“I already condoned the fact that you were wandering around, but you kept on coming back—hurt.
Do I really need to tie you up just for you to come back to your senses?”

Bael’s gaze slowly turned to the corner of her eyes, which were all flushed red.
Then, Julia rose herself while rubbing her eyes lightly.

“I, I didn’t go that far, but did you just wake up?”

“I’m a rather light sleeper.”

“Is that so……”

That was not true at all.
He had never woken up even when Barbatos kept on nagging at him back and forth.

However, her thoughts were only stored as thoughts.
It was never a good choice to go against his heart in an already precarious situation anyway.
Besides, she hated being tied up even more so.

Julia then smiled broadly as she merely dismissed it as nothing.
But the more she did that, the deeper Bael’s forehead became subtly contorted.

“It’s strange.”


“Usually, placing you near me is very comfortable since the magic eventually stabilizes, but now, that stupid smile makes me very uncomfortable indeed.”

Thus, the idiom that went along the lines which said something like you wouldn’t even spit on a smiling face had turned out to be utterly false.

Julia loosened her lips in a blink of an eye and Bael cleared away the wrinkles between his brows before stretching himself languidly.
As he started walking, he continued to stare at the Demon God’s Tower.
Julia’s gaze naturally turned to that place as well.

She still remembered the overwhelming sensation that she felt as soon as she first stood in front of the magic stone.

A huge purple sphere had glowed with a hum.
Just like how her eyes would go blind if she looked directly at the sun, it was also difficult for her to look at it for a long time because it was emitting such a huge wave.

Since her magic resistance had already been infinitely filled, she was probably not affected directly by the magic itself.
However, the power of the Demon God, the creator of darkness as well as the father of all demons, was still asleep within that particular magic stone.
It had such an overwhelming sense of awe as if she was standing in front of a primordial nature all in itself.

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