Julia hurriedly ran down along the corridor of the Demon King’s castle.
Right after enduring the drowsiness at the same time followed by confirming that Bael was already sleeping deeply, she then slyly rolled herself and escaped from the bed at that instant.

If she was away for a long time, the effect of the magic resistance would soon disappear and would then wake Bael up.
As soon as he opened his eyes just like that, he would instantly feel even worse than usual.
Yesterday, the 72 demons who had already gathered in the hall served as a shield, but this time, there was a high possibility that his anger would definitely affect her as well.

‘Before Berith could carry out his work, I need to meet up with Miss Revenna and Mister Kimaris.’

She proceeded to run down the path that she was now used to and finally arrived in front of her bedroom door.
During the time she was at the hall earlier, she had given a glance at Revenna which signaled the fact that she would be coming soon before she could get caught by Bael and taken away once again.

As she opened the door, she could immediately see that Revenna was just drinking her tea elegantly.
And only a little further away, Kimaris could also be seen there.
After having confirmed that she was the only one who got there, she sighed in relief before locking the door.

“You’re here, Julia?”

“You had gotten out way better than I thought.
What’s going on, by the way?”

“The, the gates of the Demon Realm…”

The two demons immediately exchanged their glances while wondering about the fact that it was strange for her to suddenly stutter without completing her sentence.
Julia was also in a state of perplexity.
She had a lot of things that she wanted to say, but when it finally came to be, she was speechless as to which one should be brought out.

“Sir Berith…”


There were two things that Julia had been curious about.
The gate to the Human Realm was completely closed off by Bael right after the war had been over.
Only a few selected demons were allowed to go in and out through it.
And in fact, even the second-in-command, Agares, was unable to go in and out at her own will.

Revenna, who was quickly aware of her question, soon responded.

“Berith had already gone back and forth between the Human Realm and the Demon Realm when we realized the existence of the key.
There was no other demon who wanted to wander through the earth in search of a single human.”

“But I heard that the gate was completely closed right after I arrived…”

“Is there a problem with Berith?”

Revenna eventually narrowed her eyes and raised her body halfway up.
At the same time, it already seemed strange that he was particularly friendly to Julia back in the hall previously.

Then, even before Revenna could reach out her extended hand towards Julia, she had murmured instead.

“I got caught.”


“He knew—my real name.”

His vicious laughter had pierced her eardrums and her eyes darkened once again.

‘The culprit that had driven the Empress, who was loved by the people, right towards her death.
That was such evidence of the injustice of a lowly and dirty blood and on top of that, a soul worthy of the curse itself.’

‘Julia Vestra.’

A tight set of arms grabbed her as she staggered before collapsing.
She looked up while barely exhaling the breath that had already reached the tip of her own throat and for some reason, Kimaris was gazing downwards at herself with such painful eyes.

“I will kill him.”

He gently stroked her slender shoulder with his firm hand as if he was reassuring Julia at that moment.

“So, don’t you worry.”



If you can finally be at ease, even at the cost of this life of mine then.]

Kimaris’s thoughts eventually came to her mind.
It seemed that Berith was not an easy opponent at all, considering the fact that Kimaris was already prepared to risk his life in such a short time.

Julia instantly held on to his sleeve along with a worried face.
Nevertheless, he calmly shook his head just like she had nothing to worry about at any cost.

“Because of him? Did that sly Berith actually do things without any sort of preparation at all?”

“Revenna, careful.”

“Doesn’t Julia have the right to know? Don’t you know that I’m no expert in covering things up anyway?”

Revenna rose herself as she folded her fan and immediately slammed the back of Kimaris’s hand.
She then supported Julia before she had her sit in the chair while calmly waiting until she was all ready to speak.
Her usual reaction eventually calmed Julia’s present fears.

“He told me that if I didn’t want to die once my identity was revealed, I had to follow him.”


“We’ll see each other soon… still, I don’t exactly know what method he would bring into play.”

“Hmm, Berith is actually a bit of a weirdo out of the 72 demons though? He was worshiped by humans.”

Revenna remarked on the fact that she somehow knew how things would go and she proceeded to explain one by one right away.

For humans, the demons had always been the object of absolute fear.
However, Berith was exceptionally worshiped by some groups of people as he presided over alchemy and knowledge.

Those who sought knowledge were mostly those high-ranking people who could afford to make a living.
In contrast to how Estelle was still making her appearance normally, he must have realized something when Julia had been the one who disappeared.

For example, the heartbreaking truth that the Emperor, who loved Estelle dearly, would let go of a troublesome burden that merely looked like Estelle right into hell on the behalf of his own precious daughter.

“But the real question is; why did he do that? There’s no way he never knew what the consequences would be like if he ever messed with Master’s belongings? It would be a relief if only he were to just die alone.”

“Berith is really greedy.
He has a rather strong obsession with hierarchy.”

“The hierarchy was initially determined by the strength of magical power, so how was he going to overturn it all?”

Revenna brought the ivory teacup to her lips and fell into rather deep thoughts.

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