No, the key had a rather rare ability.
He knew early on that the magic resistance formula had existed, but it was only limited to the person who already had the formula engraved on.

But the key was affecting everyone who came in contact with her.
Even when they were in the same space, it had just a slight effect, but as soon as they got into direct contact with her, their resistance would increase as if they, themselves, had been the very people with the formula itself.
So, even though it had only been a short while, it was still rather convenient.

‘It’s a pity, but that’s just all.’

He had already lived for a long time.
He knew from experience that everything in the world would always provide a much better substitute.
In the end, he opened the door along with a deadly look painted on his face.

“Were you here all night?”

“Of course.
You are my……”

The first thing that caught his eye as soon as he had stepped outside was the small round back of the key’s head.
Did she take a step out of the door? The key was already surrounded by many demons.

Something eventually caught in Bael’s eyes as he just turned to look away.
It was Kimaris who was with a very sad face as he was reaching out for the key.
At that instance, his insides got briefly twisted for no apparent reason at all.

Before Bael could even show his displeasure, his magical power had instinctively run wild already.
The demons who took notice of their King’s uncomfortable feelings just by standing still, instantly fell upon their knees all at that moment.
Kimaris, who kneeled only a step later than the others, was quite annoying, but for now, there had been something even more important that made him move on soon.

Everyone within that spot was obviously afraid of him as they obeyed him at once, but the key was simply tilting her head as if she never noticed it at all.

“Did you sleep well, Demon King?”

It was so ridiculous that he couldn’t even let out a laugh.
The murderous intent that had just soared instantly disappeared without a trace when she pulled that pathetic face right in front of him.

As if she was aware that she could die just about now, she looked at him as well as the demons one after another with a blushing face that was as red as the forbidden fruit, which exuded a belated look of embarrassment.
It was indeed, utterly pathetic.

Bael continued while ignoring the demons who were listening in to the whole conversation.

“I already told you not to get out of bed without my permission.”

“That is……”

He could clearly see in his eyes that she was spinning her little head around to get out of the current situation.
Bael then looked downwards with a look that was watching a spectacle to whatever kind of idea the key would soon utter out.

“I never intended to disobey the Demon King’s orders.
However, my back hurts so much that I thought it would get better with just a little walk.
But for some reason, the demons were all gathered…”

While rolling her eyes, she then carefully lifted her gaze and looked up at Bael.
When he looked at what she was going to do, it appeared that she was actually trying to act out some cuteness in her and he was completely speechless.

In the meantime, the key had her shoulders shaken with a small and feeble voice just like her own appearance.

“I was thinking of going back in just a minute—I really do.”

“So, you actually dare lie to me?”


“Don’t you mean that when you’re trying to get out of my bed without even waking a single soul after all?”

The other guys might have just let her off the hook if she acted that cute, but it wasn’t the case for Bael.
As Barbatos said before, he had no intention of treating the key better in the first place and he had no such plan to put on a show that wasn’t even funny right inside the tower.

Since it was a guaranteed proof that he already had her in his hands.

“Remember, you are mine.”

Bael stretched his hand over to the key’s heart.
Even though the cumbersome clothes were in the way, he could still feel her heart was pounding even faster than usual under her tender skin.
He didn’t come in direct contact with her skin, so it was probably not influenced by the engraving anyway.

But he could never know.
He was a little bit senseless after all and he also had a knack for turning the demons inside out.
So, he might just do things which he hadn’t even heard of when it came to this small human being.

“And I’ll say this once again.
I’m not generous enough to share what’s mine with others.”

“I’m sorry.
Then, next time…”

“I can’t believe that humans can actually eat lies.
One will just have to wait and see, so stay in my nest from now onwards.
If you don’t want to be tied down, you’d better behave.”

Estelle Vestra, wasn’t she the Princess of those humans? He never thought that it would be so bad to see a human who wielded such high power falling to the ground after all.
No, it was even fun to imagine her plunging into the abyss while being in an utter despair too.

In other words, he just had to keep her by his side.
It was a human subject that the demons had been expecting anyway.

Bael then grabbed her waist and wrapped it around himself as if he was only taking along his own object before twisting the corners of his mouth.

“I need some more sleep, so don’t disturb me at all.”

He needed this opportunity to deal with those who were still coveting the key.
In fact, who was the actual owner of the key and what kind of powers he truly possessed.

Bael shoved the key into the bedroom, albeit sullenly.
The decision was rather impulsive, but he regretted nothing at all.
Anyway, the key was a pretty useful tool in stabilizing the magic that had been constantly expanding as well.

The key’s pair of eyes, which had already lost their place to go as they wandered here and there, calmly found their place right at the moment when the door was closed.
And instead, she began to appear frightened while looking up at Bael who was now approaching her before she stepped back a little.
Only then did Bael finally feel satisfied.

He was already done with his work, so he just needed to get enough sleep.
He then pulled the key onto the bed before locking her in his arms and soon, he fell into a deep sleep yet again.

* * *

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