Only after a while, when she was ultimately convinced that he had fallen asleep, did Julia raise her head.

‘I really don’t know what this Demon King is actually thinking……’

She didn’t know that perhaps now was her chance.
A one-of-a-kind opportunity to find out why the settings were working rather differently only for Bael himself.

She turned her back to hide from Bael’s gaze and reached for the shiny icon at the upper right corner.
After seeing it several times, a familiar window eventually came to her mind.

[Julia Vestra]






Without any hesitation, she immediately selected STATUS and scrolled down to the very bottom.



▷REP (Magic Resistance)

▷LUK (Luck)


Using SIGHT was rather simple.
After activating the function, she would then be able to know the thoughts of the other person just by looking at them.

However, there were some restrictions during its use.
For example, SIGHT could not be used in situations where her HP is low since it required stamina continuously, even if in small quantities.
Also, it could not be used against those beast-type demons such as the snake, Bottis.
Nevertheless, for some reason, it still could not be used in the same way with Bael even though he was a humanoid demon.

The hypothesis that was finally established by Julia had been along this line.
Since Bael’s stats had almost been the highest amongst the demons, in order to wield SIGHT on him, the remaining HP must also be set to a high level as well.

Thanks to the fact that she had been sleeping well in her bedroom, Julia’s stamina level was now at the highest which she had ever seen before.
In order to reduce her stamina consumption, even for just a little bit, she had to turn off the SIGHT function whenever possible.
In additon, even if she didn’t have an appetite, she still ate as much as possible with the preserved food that Revenna had brought over from the human world.

If the hypothesis held itself, then Bael’s thoughts would be visible by now.
Julia turned back her gaze ever so carefully.
Normally, she would not have been allowed to stare at him , so the moment which he was asleep was effectively her only chance.



Julia stared at him with a glimmer of hope, but that soon turned into an utter disappointment.

‘I can’t see it.’

Her shoulders slumped helplessly.
In order to increase her stamina, she had already used her body to the point of frustration, but it was all meaningless.
The other stats had already been checked out even before visiting Bael’s bedroom.
There was no big difference from when she had first plunged into the Demon Realm.

She then pressed PROGRESS with feeling half resignedly.
In any case, she thought that if the system had wanted Bael, something would have changed in that present situation.


Story progress 3%]

[The first monarch to unify the Demon Realm, the Great Evil Bael]

It had increased only by 2%.
Eventually, she had already rolled around here and there as she passed the point of death, but the progress of the story was still hovering about the starting point.
Even if she tried to activate the other characters, there was no other way except for Bael himself.

‘I don’t really know what to do.
Do I truly have no choice but to just die after being used as a tool like this? Why is this only happening to me……’

She stood on her knees and curled her body into a small squat.
Then, she buried her head restlessly into her lap.

The surroundings were all in dark—pitch-black—and in the seat that was right next to her in bed, lay the most feared being of all.
Her own future had looked just like this as well.
She couldn’t even see an inch ahead as she became at a loss as to what to do.
She had the courage to come over to the Demon King’s bedroom at best, but the result was only the fact that she had gotten on his nerves while being locked inside the bedroom.


Both of her knees, which were already in her embrace, began to grow wet silently.

However, regardless of the deep despair that she was currently feeling, Bael’s wave which had been trembling the whole Demon King’s Castle felt like it was slowly subsided as it found its rightful place.

* * *

It was only late in the afternoon when the sun was already rising in the middle of the sky did Julia wake up while rubbing her stiff eyes.
Due to her low blood pressure, she tended to spend quite a longer time compared to others in order to be fully awakened from her sleep.


However, even Julia couldn’t help but to be astonished at the sight that had unfolded right before her eyes.
The first thing that caught her blurry vision was a man’s firm, chiseled chest.
Surprised, her sleepiness instantly fled away in return.

Even though she was rustling in his arms, Bael’s wide and thick chest still went up and down regularly.
He was sleeping so deeply that it looked like he was not waking up any soon.

Julia’s mind immediately turned white.
She had no idea how the hell she had ended up falling asleep buried on his chest.

‘How—how can this be? I was just in that corner of the bed yesterday……’

She had squatted before crying herself to sleep amidst that dark night.
As she recalled that time, Julia took a deep breath as she felt that those vague feelings would rise up once again.

Her vision was still blurry and her eyes were all stiff as if all her tears had already been dried up.
Nevertheless, it would be more of a problem if Bael were to wake up when she was just trying to wipe them off.
Especially if he somehow were to realize that he, who had been treating humans in an extremely insignificant manner, fell asleep with her in this state itself.

Her thought circuit had immediately come to a complete halt.
Julia lay still while blinking her eyes.
A long set of smooth, jet-black hair had tickled her face—it belonged to Bael.

‘It’s rather unexpected, but his face is absolutely beautiful.’

Perhaps due to his deep sleep, his usually sharp impression had somewhat softened.
Thanks to that, his perfect appearance eventually caught her eye and it was just like an ancient statue.

Even herself, who was not that interested in men, exclaimed as soon as she saw his face.
In addition, Revenna, who was only targeting him for the purpose of increasing her own magic, had felt that it was rather great in a certain sense as well.
It was quite similar to a ginseng digger who would cry out: ‘oh, what good health!’, when they suddenly saw a thousand-year-old wild ginseng while not even thinking about the price?

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