This was the price for saving Revenna and Kimaris.
In the future, if she ever were to oppose the King or even act against the terms of the contract, her heart would eventually burst as she died an instant death.

‘I can’t really believe it.
My heart is already in someone else’s hand.’

It was only later did she find out that nothing could ever break through the magic resistance—by any means at all.
After Kimaris had made several surprise attempts to form a master-servant contract, he still nonetheless failed every time because of her resistance towards magic.

‘Make me into the Demon God.
Whatever method it will be, by all means, be happy to accept it all as the key.’

‘Even if you die.’

That day, Bael’s insensitive voice was vividly revived inside her mind.

He was essentially the only demon who was capable of breaking through her infinite magic resistance.
If so, then how strong could he be? He was already that strong, so why did he have to keep on seeking the power of the Demon God? He was suffering tremendously from the rampage, yet he seemed like a man who merely wanted to harm himself instead……

Her eyelids sank helplessly as she heard the regular sounds of footsteps outside the door.
It had come by so often that she could immediately tell just by hearing the sound.
Eventually, Agares swung open the door without having to knock at all.

“Little key, how are you doing?”

Good morning.”

Agares, who then nodded her head, began to look over Revenna this time.

“How can you be here whenever I come over? If that’s the case, why don’t you just live here then?”

“Are you actually going to worry about my business now?”

“I don’t even have the time to be alone with the little key.
It’s all because of you!”

Agares placed the whip that Julia was rather afraid of—after having it seen to be used for torture back in the prison—on the table at the entrance.
Then, she flopped down at the cute tea table that Revenna had set up before.

A military uniform that was as stiff as a knife and a table full of frills and lace had exuded a feeling of a rather inappropriate combination.
Either way, Agares eventually raised the corners of her lips while staring intently at Julia’s disheveled chest.

“Hmm, that’s really cute.”


Julia was startled as she closed up her front once again.
One of the two representative demons in all of the Demon Realm, Agares, was right here—just looking at her.

The reason why she couldn’t even feel comfortable with women was the fact that [Demon’s Paradise] had been a game that allowed same-sex characters to be targeted as well.
Currently, all of them—except for Bael—had been blocked by the setting, but if it was like in the original, Agares should also exist as one of the targetable characters too.

“Shall I prepare another teacup then?”

“I don’t want to get poisoned.”

“Me—to you, Agares?”

Revenna sighed openly as if it was really bothersome before taking a seat on the farthest one from Agares.
There had been three chairs before and so, only one seat was left right now.
In the end, Julia was seated right between the two demons.
It turned into a rather happy(?) seating arrangement for everyone.

Although some seemingly normal conversations were taking place, Julia eventually found out the real reason why Agares had come over in the first place through the SIGHT function.
It wasn’t that long before she got right to the point.

“Ah, what annoying bastards.”

“They still don’t want to come forward at all?”

“You know it already, so why are you asking again anyway?”

Agares ruffled her own hair, which was already tied high up as if it was ready to hit a goal.

Within the Demon Realm, there had been very few demons who were actually friendly to the human Julia.
There were some of the central demons who would eventually stand by her at the will of their King, Bael, but most of the rest of them had loathed her, a human being—a mere worm.

To be more specific, those who had directly witnessed Julia’s magic resistance made up the former while those who hadn’t truly seen it, constituted the latter bit.


How many of those demons and beasts bastards were already caught only through last night.
Tsk, how annoying.]


Whoo, is it now the time to finally take out my Battle Ax after a long while?]

Julia silently read the dialogue window that appeared right in front of her.

They never said anything out of their mouths as they feared that Julia might be afraid.
Nevertheless, numerous demons had already attacked her bedroom in that meantime.
Just to confirm the fact of Julia’s absolute magic resistance, which some had only heard of before or alternately, in order to kill and destroy that human whom they had only heard rumors of as well.

Thus, the demons who were truly close to Julia eventually set themselves up as her sentinels in order to protect her then.
In particular, Kimaris had been standing guard at her door all day and night—despite the fact that he never opened his mouth in front of Julia at all.

“Is there anything I can do?”


“For example, gathering the demons before showing them the way through getting in and out of the tower…”

“Small key, did you already know about the outside world?”

“Last time, I had seen the blood on Lerazier’s sleeve, so I simply guessed it.”

Julia, who had accidentally thrown Lerazier under the bus like that, was immediately pricked by her conscience as she avoided her gaze.

The real key was Estelle, the lead of the original story.
She, herself, was just a fake in order to replace her—as a mere substitute.

So, she couldn’t really show the demons some of the great things such as unsealing the magic stone.
Nevertheless, it seemed like she could do a little trick by using her infinite magic resistance instead.

But still, the situation was not as rosy as she had initially thought.


I don’t think the Master will really allow her to enter the tower.
But if I tell her the truth, she will definitely be disappointed.]


I don’t even know if the demons would like to come together? Besides, if Julia—a human—were to actually summon them, I don’t think anyone would want to come out due to their pride as well?]

The thoughts of the two demons were unfurled and unfiltered.
That was actually the good and the sad thing about the SIGHT function.

Still, it was better than being rejected in person.
The fact that she never had to literally embarrass the other person by forcing them to do something that should have never been done at all.
Julia then struggled to smile before changing her words eventually.

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