Julia pleaded tearfully to the both of them who had instructed her immediate departure in order to end the war with the demons.

‘Then, please let me leave behind a letter at least.
I have someone who worries about me.’

‘You’re simply making all sorts of excuses now.
Who is even worried about you.’

‘Just for an hour, no, even for only ten minutes……!’

‘There is nothing more to say.
Get her out of here right now!’

A towel was gagged over her mouth to prevent her from making a sound and a thick sack had been placed over her face.
Shortly after that, she was forced into a carriage that sprinted nonstop for days and nights.
Estelle’s set of clothings and accessories had been forcibly draped over her along the way and the restraints that were ensnaring her grew more and more whenever she tried to escape it all.

So, when she finally arrived at the entrance to hell, Julia was already in such shambles that it had been utterly difficult for her to lift even her own finger up.

“Eventually, I had no other choice but to come here in the end.”

Many people had died in the war with the demons.
Even she, herself, who had been locked in a corner of the Imperial Palace, could still be able to feel the cruel reality sometimes.
The number of maids who had been caught robbing the imperial property increased, even though they were all punished afterwards.
The soldiers were replaced each time which made it difficult to find anyone who would be over twenty.

But what bothered her more than anything else was the existence of a friend, who had been fighting at the forefront against the bloody war.
He was dragged to the battlefield and deprived of his own free future all because of herself.

Then, another warmth was overlaid on top of Julia’s hand when she still had her gaze casted down helplessly.
Revenna looked at Julia as tears began to well up in the corners of her eyes.
Nevertheless, she opened her eyes terrifyingly once again, as if she was holding back the urge to cry.

“Human beings are inherently cunning creatures, but your family is truly more demonic than those demons themselves.”

“If you don’t ever want to return to where you have lived before, I’ll absolutely go with you wherever you want.”

“I want to be here.
But I don’t really know how long I will be able to live…”

Julia suddenly flopped down on the floor.
As she was supported by the two demons, they then placed her on the bed once again.
Revenna slowly muttered in an anxious voice at once.

“We don’t care, but if the Master knows of this truth, he won’t ever let Julia go.
The key or whatever, no one could be alive after going against him.
He’s that kind of a scary person.”

“Hiding Miss Julia’s identity is the most urgent thing after all.”

“That’s right, the less people know about this, the better it’ll be as a secret.”

Revenna thought deeply before she slowly added.

“Julia, while we’re outside, I would have to refer you as the key just like everyone else.
But I don’t want to call you by the name of a completely different stranger.”

“Thank you.”

It had been absolutely fortunate that the war was finally over and Bael had locked the gates of the Demon Realm.
The three of them ultimately decided to hide Julia’s real identity—no matter what.

* * *

At the same time, numerous knights with the flag of victory were entering the Imperial Capital of Vestra, Abeldishim.
And at the forefront of them all was the young hero who had led this war to sheer victory, Sword Master Legion himself.

As a native of the heavenly beings, he had a natural talent for swords and participated in the war at a very young age.
Moreover, amidst the devastating battle with the demons, he had finally reached the status of becoming one of the only three Sword Masters in the whole continent.

Legion and his comrades had defeated the enemy by triumphing with many victories in such countless battlefields and as a result, they were all honored by Ingrem V, the Emperor of Vestra, while taking the lead during the victory procession.

Within the central hall of the Imperial Palace, where all the nobles of the Empire had gathered, he crossed along the red carpet and eventually knelt down on one of his knees modestly.

“This Legion greets His Majesty, Ingrem V of Vestra.”

“You have worked hard to come a long way.
We sincerely welcome you, the Hero of the continent.”

With the permission of the Emperor, he proceeded to rise.
He was standing in the center of a beautiful banquet hall that had been utterly unimaginable just a few years ago.
The jewels that were adorning the walls and ceiling had shone splendidly as all the lights reflected.

He had become a Sword Master at a rather young age and he, who had never even possessed a proper nationality, was coveted by many countries.
However, Legion had taken upon Vestra’s hand without any sign of hesitation at all.

Legion then simply looked around the Emperor while leaving behind those countless gazes that had been gazing up at himself.

‘Is she not here yet?’

Following the back of the Emperor was the beautifully dressed Princess Estelle.
Nevertheless, she wasn’t actually the one whom Legion had been waiting for all this while.

The Emperor smiled dazzlingly as he slowly spread out his hands.

“Since there are only three of the Sword Masters on the continent who have made their way here, I will then treat you like a hero.
I will bestow on you the position of a Duke and a territory that will also be inheritable.

“Forgive me, Your Majesty.
I have but only one wish.”

The young hero eventually interrupted the Emperor, but no one had dared to point out his rudeness.
It was all because of Legion’s eyes that were looking up with dignity as they shone brightly as the sky in one autumn day.

“I would like to propose to the Second Princess, Julia.
I do not need any glory other than her own self.”


Just for a moment, there was a slight sense of discomfort flashed through the Emperor’s face.

There was no way that Legion, who had been in the ultimate tier amongst the human beings, would actually be unaware of the change, but he merely guessed the reason before keeping his mouth shut.

Julia—like Estelle who had been standing here—was a princess but she never acted like one.
Julia was always shy yet as beautiful as when she smiled.
As he heard of the unexpected name, the Emperor became obviously bewildered and Legion could judge it so as well.

However, the Emperor’s subsequent reaction was a tad little different from his prior expectations.

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