>Looking towards the king, who grew farther away under the red moon of hell, the two demons exchanged gazes.

“Okay, send in Verid or Nabal first… I would like to live a long life.” (Agares)

“We also have to proceed with the truce talks.”

“……Damn it.”

Grand Duke Agares cursed with a dissatisfied expression.
The arrogant humans still had an enormous debt to repay, but they could not disobey the king’s wishes.

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Barbatos blankly answered Agares by summoning the page and sending a message to Verid.

* * *

The people’s cheers rang out in Abeldissim, the capital of the Vesdra Empire.
The horde of evil demons finally withdrew from the land of the humans and peace was achieved.
It was the first peace in 30 years since the Inma War broke out.

As news spread that the expeditionary troops would soon return, hope returned to the faces of the populace, who were tired of the long war.
Those who were mobilized to join the bloody battlefield were parents, brothers, or children.
Everyone was anxiously awaiting the return of the expeditionary forces after watching them go off to war. 

Those who were ahead of the current trend of events also predicted what would happen much later.
The enormous amount of supplies that had been dedicated to the front lines would soon return for domestic consumption, and commercial trade between countries would also resume.
Competition was fierce to finish preparations ahead of others and gain a market advantage. 

Everyone soon started to dream of their own futures.
They seem to have forgotten the existence of the one that actually brought them this hope.


A thin figure stood at the edge of a towering cliff.

With her hands tied, she struggled away from the boiling lava that spewed acrid steam down below.
However, the more she resisted, the further the knights with spears pushed her towards the ledge.

“Come on, jump in!”

“Jump in? But this is lava.… !”

“It’s for the peace of the Empire.
You must understand! If you continue to resist, we will have no choice but to force you.”

Her delicate body had already been marred by numerous injuries.
While being dragged to the border, she resisted and tried to flee. 

In front of her stood the imperial knights, sworn to follow the current Emperor, Ingrem V, and the First Empress, Ethel.
Behind her flowed boiling lava throwing off extreme heat.
Fear could be seen in her large eyes as they flitted between the two sides. 

The siege of spears gradually moved closer as the knights closed in.
She searched their faces, but couldn’t find a trace of guilt.
It seemed like they were simply throwing away unnecessary garbage, not a human being.

With that, she finally lost her last bit of hope and closed her eyes.
Her body was roughly pushed off the cliff, and she fell.

 I’ve fallen into the Devil’s Castle.

It’s been a little over four years since Yulia was brought into the world of the 19+ rated reverse harem game, [Devil’s Paradise].

The game begins on the 18th birthday of the main character, Esther.
A demon visits the emperor and makes a proposal after Esther returns to the inner palace following her birthday celebration.

‘Give her to our Lord and we’ll end this war.’

The demon king’s goal was to become the Devil by absorbing the immense power for the Spirit Stone.
However, after repeated failures, he hears a prophecy that the seal of the Spirit Stone can be completely lifted if the noblest human is used as a medium.

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Therefore, the demons demanded that Esther, the most noble and well-known princess of the humans, be the “key to the Spirit Stone.”

At first, the emperor refused the absurd demand.
However, the favor of war gradually turned against the human side, and, in the end, Esther sacrificed herself to hell.

After she opened her eyes to physical pleasure by performing various deeds with the handsome demons of the underworld, it was as if she were doing her best in the name of the game being a “19+ rated reverse harem.” Well, I remember that the story roughly went like that.

‘It was a game that my senior at work forced me to play, so I don’t remember it clearly.’

When I first opened my eyes, I was really confused.
I thought I was dead, but I couldn’t believe, while retaining common sense, that this was the world of a game.
That I was the second princess, Yulia, who was not in the original storyline.

For the first few months, I wondered if I was dreaming.
Perhaps I was actually in a coma because I failed to successfully take my own life.
And since then, my body has been lying in a hospital, and my mind created this strange world.

However, life here was too similar to my miserable reality for this to be dismissed as a dream.

This was the room of the Princess Yulia, where dust bunnies rolled randomly on the floor, long spider webs covered every corner of the ceiling, and a musty smell clung to the air.

How long had she been neglected? Her arms and legs, which should have been fully grown by now, were thin, and her skin, which had not seen the sun, was paler than snow.

Maids often came in without knocking to deliver their messages, which were never good.

Some said, “Don’t come out of the room because there are noble guests in the palace,” or “It is the anniversary of the late Empress, so refrain from acting rashly,” or even “Fast for three days because his Majesty is angry.” Afterwards, I really wouldn’t get anything.
The treatment was so cruel that it reminded me of my difficult past.

Nevertheless, when I finally decided to live in this world because I couldn’t find a way out of the game, the first thought that selfishly came to mind was the fact that I wasn’t Esther.

‘I’m definitely going to get out of the palace.
I’ll run away to a foreign country and live quietly and peacefully.
So let’s just hang in there a little longer.
It’ll be okay… ‘

Esther, the emperor’s daughter, who was loved by everyone, is taken to the underworld upon her 18th birthday.
The imperial palace, and even the entire empire, is turned upside down due to the unexpected tragedy.
In other words, that is the best time to escape.

It is the only chance to run away from these cruel people.
These cruel people who keep me locked up perpetually to prevent a stain on the imperial family.

It’s not like I have a personal grudge against Esther, but I can’t do anything.
Or so I thought.
But the emperor had a different idea.

“You will go to the underworld.
I can’t possibly let Esther go.”

“But what the demons asked for is the noblest human being, so how can I…….”

“Yes, Esther is the noblest child.
She’s different from you, who eats like a pig and constantly causes trouble.
So now, do what you’ve been raised for.
Or do you want to be thrown out naked?”

Yulia had no choice but to nod when the emperor told her to pretend to be Esther and risk her life to seduce the demon king.

With Yulia’s nod, the Emperor’s eyes were filled with relief at having dealt with such a bothersome task.
Esther didn’t even look her way, ignoring her as if she were a lowly ant.

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