The Demons In the Reverse Harem Game Are Obsessed With Me – Chapter 9.1 – Sleepy Translations

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7-8 minutes 31.01.2022

Bael looked down at Kimaris, who had been forced to kneel at his feet, with a rather indifferent face.
Only a few high-ranking demons who had been tasked with guarding the King began peering at Lerazier with a face that demanded an explanation.

He instantly started kicking Kimaris in the face with his heel.

“Say it so yourself.”


“Will you be coming back to your senses after all your eyes are plucked out then?”

“I was the one who stole the key.”

Kimaris eventually let out a low sigh.
It appeared that he had no intention of hiding his work from the very beginning at all.

Nevertheless, Lerazier didn’t stop there.
He trampled over the other’s head with his sharp heel while preventing him from resisting before he ripped off his clothes and then smashed through them.
When his chest was fully exposed, Lerazier proceeded to grab his hair and forced him to stand up while seemingly satisfied.

“You didn’t do it alone, did you?”

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“At a first glance, you seem to be following the Master.”

Lerazier’s long, sharp claws gradually cut into Kimaris’s left chest.
The blood dripped as it revealed his bare flesh, but he was still not content with it before he pierced his fingernails even deeper inside.

Crunch, crush.

The sound of those ribs being crushed open forcibly was echoing horribly throughout.
He then used his opposite hand to wrench open Kimaris’s chest completely.
At that moment, the eyes of the demons who had worn such puzzling expressions began to turn suspiciously.

The place where his heart should have been was absolutely empty.
It could be seen as proof that he was already being held as a slave by another demon in lieu.

“However, your Master is apparently different, is it not?”

He was just about to be interrogated about the place which he had stolen the key to.
However, a relaxed and noble set of footsteps that obviously did not fit the current situation slowly began to approach the open hall.

“I think the time has come for you to find me then.”

The uninvited guest who had received everyone’s sole attention, Revenna, was smiling ever so softly.

“How can I not be angry at all? How can I merely stand still when my Master, who has never given me a night in any way even if I were to beg so earnestly, suddenly allowed a lowly human woman to serve him instead?”

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“Oh, the real criminal has come by on her own feet.”

A gorgeous dress with layers of lace daintily fluttered following Revenna’s pace.
She was standing right in front of Bael as she swept up her bright blonde locks that pricked the eyes.
Then, she frowned before adding more words to her own.

“Even though Kimaris is just a tool of mine, I still don’t feel very good.
What you’re doing right now is so very frivolous, Lerazier.”

“Why are you all decked up in that rude attire?”

“Is your sense of beauty still a mess?”

The two of them were considered to be the most difficult ones in the demon world.
There were parts where they could actually communicate very well, but in other words, it actually meant that they could understand each other much better than anyone else.

Therefore, Lerazier was already aware of Revenna’s inner feelings.
The most primal instinct as a demon could have was to spend the night with the Demon King while absorbing his absolutely powerful magical energy—and also the removal of any person who dared to interfere with it.

The reason why Lerazier left her just like that was because no harm had yet been done at all—until the fact that the key had suddenly disappeared.

“You didn’t run away and revealed yourself well.”

A low, dangerous voice instantaneously made the two demons shut their mouths.
Even at the slightest commotion, Bael still maintained a calm face right from the very beginning.

No matter how it was, the key could not be unimportant in the first place.
Since it was essentially the only way to swallow down the power of the Demon God in itself.

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Barbatos, who was silently observing the whole situation, eventually inferred his Master’s feelings carefully.

“Did you know from the very beginning?”


“Then, why did you just leave her alone…”

“I have casted a spell on the key.
If she was more than a certain distance away from my nest, she would then destroy everything surrounding her.”


“It’s a real problem if the key escapes, but it seems that she doesn’t have any ability to do so.
On top of that, if someone actually dares to steal my stuff, they should, of course, be punished.”

As he listened to the Master’s words, Barbatos slowly touched his chin as if he began to immerse himself in his own thoughts.

“Looking at the quiet situation outside, it seems like the key was not really stolen per se.
We will have the castle searched immediately.”


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A curious light flashed across both Revenna and Kimaris’ faces, who were just listening in to their conversation.
Barbatos wrinkled his brow while he was unaware of the meaning, but Bael stood up suddenly instead.
The demons who had been in the hall fell upon their knees all at once at the tremendous surge of magical power that reverberated as if it was just in a state before a rampage.

A red burst of high purity magic eventually flickered from the King’s fingertips.
Nevertheless, that was just all.
He didn’t say anything at all, but they knew what meaning it had actually brought.

‘The magic that had been planted in the key was returned back.”

The key never did withstand the King’s power.
His magical power was completely repelled just like oil on water.
To be even more precise, the key was never spellbound from the very beginning.

Bael’s face when he was looking down at his own hand seemed to be contorted with surprise.
Then, a wave of violent magic swept through the huge hall in an instant.

Bael moved while smashing through the terrace window with a single gesture as he spread his wings.
His enchanting wings that were as vast as his enormous magical power had created a gust of wind yet again.
It was long after he had left did the chains that bind the demons were finally released.

Grand Duke Agares immediately stepped forward then.

“I’ll go.
Let the rest of them wait here.”

“Don’t make your own decisions.
I’ll be going as well.”


After staring at Barbatos, she eventually turned around without saying a word at all.
Barbatos had worshiped his Master very much.
It was nearly impossible to leave him merely like that.

The remaining demons had sensed a foreboding storm that was approaching the Demon Castle in return.
However, there was a certainty that even they hadn’t known of yet, the fact that the order within the Demon Realm would be completely reorganized from today’s event onwards.

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