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Xing Luo no longer resisted and let Ye Li Xiao pet her.

Just when Xing Luo was comfortable and almost fell asleep, Ye Li Xiao picked her up.

“Meow?” Where are we going?

Ye Li Xiao skillfully embraced her in his arms with one hand and spoke, “Follow this Lord to the bath.”

“Mew, mew, mew?!” A bath?

Wouldn’t that mean… she would see something she shouldn’t see?

Although Xing Luo really hated Ye Li Xiao, there was no denying that the man’s appearance was flawless and she could appreciate his figure…

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But when all is said or done, they were enemies, and Xing Luo was still a little uncomfortable in her heart. 

However, she was now just a cat, so appreciating him for a bit is nothing, right?

This man previously wanted her life, so she merely looked at him naked, so what?

With this thought in mind, Xing Luo very quickly felt relieved.

Finally, when they arrived at the side chamber, there was a bathtub built there, and the inside was filled with clean water.
The entire side chamber was steaming hot.

Ye Li Xiao put Xing Luo down, and then he began to undress.

Xing Luo honestly stayed at the man’s feet.
She tilted her head to watch him, unblinkingly, as he unbuckled his belt and took off his outer garment.

Soon, Ye Li Xiao’s clothes were removed. 

Wow ~ ~ ~1

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Xing Luo looked at Ye Li Xiao’s body with two bright eyes.
Really a spectacular sight, wow!!

That chest, that waist, that abdomen, what a superb figure!

“…” As soon as Ye Li Xiao lowered his head, he saw Xing Luo’s big glowing black eyes.

This cat…

Ye Li Xiao waved his big hand, directly sucking Xing Luo into his hand.

Then he stepped into the bath, and Xing Luo also followed him into the water.

When her body was covered by the warm water, Xing Luo comfortably narrowed her big eyes while lying on Ye Li Xiao’s stomach, simply enjoying it beyond recognition!

Ye Li Xiao’s bath water that is used by him to bathe in is not ordinary water, but rather the spring water under a sacred mountain in the Demon World, which absorbs the spiritual energy of heaven and earth every day and every month; it was very beneficial to the body.
The water was most beneficial to a small demon like Xing Luo, as it could accelerate her cultivation speed and strengthen her body. 

Xing Luo could feel the demonic energy in her body working out and speeding up, so that her body unconsciously began to heat up…

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Oh no!

She’s probably going to transform, isn’t she?

Why at a time like this!

Xing Luo tried hard to suppress the demonic energy that was almost overflowing out of her body.

“Meow… ah!” Xing Luo was so hot from head to toe that she couldn’t control herself and screamed out.

“Peng2!” The next moment, extremely dazzling light rays burst out of her body. 

“…” Ye Li Xiao instinctively closed his eyes.

When the light dissipated, he felt something soft and warm in his arms. 

It is not the feeling of holding a cat, but more like holding a person…

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Ye Li Xiao opened his deep eyes and the cat in his embrace had disappeared.
But, there was a woman who wasn’t wearing anything.

Ye Li Xiao immediately knitted his brows.
He had no compassion or protective feelings towards the opposite sex and pushed the woman in his arms aside.

Ye Li Xiao didn’t even take a glance at Xing Luo.
He rapidly got up, left the bath, and took the clean clothes that were resting on the shelf and dressed himself.

” Really not gentle~” Xing Luo’s enchanting and sweet voice rang out with a little dissatisfaction.

“……” Ye Li Xiao’s body shook.

This voice…

Ye Li Xiao promptly looked at Xing Luo.

Just now she had leaned onto Ye Li Xiao’s chest, so he didn’t even see her face and pushed her away.
At this moment, she had already exposed her entire face.

This face, powdered and carved, is seven points similar to her past appearance in her previous life.
When she was transforming, Xing Luo’s mind thought of her own appearance in her previous life, and perhaps, she was influenced by this.
Therefore, her human form when she transformed again was very similar to that of her former life.


TLN: That would be my thought too lmao… and with a nosebleed with my eyes like this O.OMeans like a bang/boom sound.

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