‘If he retreats…’

Siegfried glanced behind, and the defense line seemed weak.

It was clear that if he retreated now, the enemies would stir up the morale.

The defense line would collapse, and the main base would be in danger.

‘This is insane.’

A war in which the balance is thrown off the moment one side loses.

He had to block this.

Siegfried mumbled something with both hands clasped.

He spread his arms wide and released his clenched palms; then, materializing in the space were a dozen pieces of shattered glass.

“I don’t know what you are trying to do, but there is nothing you can do now, magician.”

The enemy captain snorted as he noticed this.

“I am your nemesis.”

Siegfried felt a chill run down his spine and canceled the magic as he turned to the side.


The sound of air being cut with a sword resounded everywhere.

“The sword feels good?”

The swordmaster was grinning from side to side at this.

“With my power, I can cut down whatever I can see.
No matter how hard you try to avoid, there is no place you can escape to!”

He swung the sword again.

Siegfried deployed a shield but realized that it was futile.

The sword attack came inside the shield, so he teleported.

“Back off.”

His neck would fly.

Siegfried tried to widen the distance from the enemy as much as possible.
However, the distance wasn’t important as the force didn’t die down.

The blade almost touched his neck.


“Seems like I was late.”


A gust of wind blew, and the intangible blade that touched his neck shattered with the strong wind.

The wind died down when someone landed ahead of him.
He could see a wide back and fluttering hair.

And when he turned his head, Siegfried was shocked.

“Sir Onyx!”

It was Beryl.

He gave a brief nod and charged ahead.

“What is this now? Kill the magician! I will handle this one!”

“You will stop me?”

His body moved like the wind.

[Ability: Zephyros]

The winds raged.

The swordmaster was shocked.


His huge blade broke in half as he coughed up blood.

“Fucking dog…”


When the captain collapsed, the subordinates couldn’t move as they were ordered and went silent.

Standing in the middle, Beryl waved his sword briefly, and the storm of blades slashed the enemies.

Siegfried, who watched this, sighed in relief as he lay down.

“I almost died.”

It really was a dangerous situation since the opponent’s ability countered his.
If Beryl didn’t appear, he would have been killed.

“It was dangerous.”

“Thanks to you, I lived.”

Siegfried grabbed Beryl’s hand and got up.

He took a deep breath and asked curiously.

“But why are you here? I heard that you weren’t participating in this side of the war.”

“It’s not that I didn’t participate, but I was resting for a bit.
I came to the battlefield because I could fight again.”

He suffered a lot of injuries in the fight with Count Welton against Kreon.

And he was being treated continuously at the Pyro Church, but due to the attacks of Kreon, he had to take more time to get treated.

So it took him a while to heal, and now he was back in a state where he could fight.

“Then Count Welton.”

“That… I don’t know either.”

Originally, he was supposed to get a longer treatment than Beryl, but he immediately left, saying he had work to do.

He was worried, but Count Welton was a Grand Master.

No matter how weak his condition was, it wouldn’t be a huge thing for him to take care of himself.

“It would be better than staying here.”

According to Beryl’s thoughts, Count Welton might have only recovered half his strength.

“The enemies are coming again.”

“Seriously, they are coming in groups.”

“Let’s start turning the situation around.”

They prepared again for the battle as they watched the enemy soldiers approach.

“Your will to not be pushed around easily is conveyed now.”

Noah was looking around at the battlefield through the large mirror-like thing.

Next to it, the Spiral of Battlefield was spinning, and he was constantly calculating the casual rate of victory.

The plan for victory through the Spiral of Battlefield was happening as planned.

By sacrificing Kreon and inflicting damage on Pyro’s Saint, they went to Lars, the closest aid, and abducted him.

And the Blood Bringer was put on Lars.


Noah looked at the man beside him.

On his arm, instead of fingers, was a huge machine-like device with a great sword.


His blond hair lost its color, turning gray.
His eyes were red, and his skin darkened lightly.

Although his appearance had changed drastically, Ricky, Pyro’s Apostle, would probably recognize Lars.
But Lars, however, would try to kill Ricky, who would try to get him back to normal.

Simply put, he was in a state of not caring about anything.

“But knowing is no fun.”

Noah put a rugged black helmet on his head.

The face was hidden behind it, and unless one looked too closely, one wouldn’t realize it.

“Your epic end will be in tragedy.”

All of this victory was calculated by the Spiral of Battlefield.

As long as that existed, Pyro could never win over Zenith.

The war was already titled towards them, and any enemy was meaningless now.

“But it isn’t perfect yet.”

A man which the Spiral of Battlefield couldn’t read—Jamie Welton.

A man who had already killed two Gods.

For some reason, it was impossible for him to calculate even the casualty of him.

But not anymore.

“Can you really be outside of this calculation this time too?”

Noah moved his gaze back to the screen.
He hasn’t appeared yet, but he will surely appear soon.

And when it would happen…

“The real outcome of this war will be decided then.”

Noah laughed.

He was confident this time.

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