hat for several more years.

“Young master.”

Jamie stopped walking at Anna’s call.

Standing in front of the enormous door, his face was complicated.

It took 7 years for him to get used to it.

‘I got used to it.
I did’

Maybe this should be the first thing to put down while learning black magic to kill the Gods?

“Young master Jamie has arrived.”

When Anna opened the door with a squeaking sound, the interior came into view.

Beneath a large chandelier, a simple yet nutritious breakfast was spread out on a long wooden table.

And people were seated on the uppermost and right sides.

They smiled at Jamie, who had just entered.

“Sweetheart, come and sit down.”

Who do you resemble to look so cute?”

“What do you mean? He obviously takes after you.”

“No way.
I meant to compare him to you, an angel that came from heaven.”

“Oh my, my dear, you too, huhuhuhu.”



Jamie looked at the man and woman, his parents.

Count Argeno Welton, head of the Welton estate and Jamie’s father.

At the age of 37, he became a sword genius who reached the level of Sword Master.
Besides, he’s known to be one of the five Sword Masters in the Kingdom.
The five fingers of the kingdom.

Sears Bell Welton, the Count’s wife and Jamie’s mother.

She was the sole daughter of the Bell family, but now she was in charge of the Welton house.

And the 3-year-old girl sitting between them.

She was small and hard to see, but she was Jamie’s only sister, Sarah Welton.

Finally, Jamie.

These four made up the Welton family.

If there was a problem, then…

“My baby, why aren’t you coming? Come sit next to your mother, come on.
You want to eat quickly, right?”

Your mom is calling for you, cutie.
Go ahead and eat till your heart’s content.”

The Welton family was overflowing with love to the point that it seemed excessive.

Too much for a dark magician who gave up on ‘love’.

Jamie responded as brightly as possible.


As always.


After eating, Jamie returned to his room and laid on his bed with a tired face.

Tired of excessive love.

He felt embarrassed despite being used to it.
When he was just born, he really wanted to die.

In the past, when he threw away his feelings, he didn’t think that such a situation would come.

‘Damn it.’

He would like to take some more rest, but he was supposed to meet with his mother in 30 minutes as she would read a book for children.

He wanted to give the excuse of being sick, but if he did that, the situation would only get worse.

Sears’s worries and love will turn into excessive care, which is equally terrible.

I want to go to the library.”

A world when thousands of years have passed since the time of Diablo Volfir.

The present world had progressed so much that it couldn’t be compared to the past.

And the history was supposed to be recorded in the form of books.

So, for Jamie, the library was the goal.

No matter how much he knew, there was no end to knowledge.

It has been only two years since he began to enter the library.

Even after reading lots of books since then, he couldn’t even see 30% of the huge library that the Count owned.

Despite that, he possessed knowledge on an intellectual level.

Before becoming a dark magician, Jamie was a magician.

And magicians covet the knowledge of the world.

However, Jamie had no intention of being satisfied with only that level.

‘Modern magic is fun.’

Since intercepting the Gods with conventional magic was difficult, he invented dark magic.

However, the magic of modern times was so incredible compared to the past.

To be more precise, the field is divided into 9 classes.

Even in Diablo Volfir’s days, the state of magic could be distinguished, but it wasn’t as specific as now.

The system now was more essential.

Without a system, the level of competition would be low.

And modern magic has a system that was good in his eyes.

‘Very useful.’

It wasn’t lethal enough to compete with black magic, but it was more versatile compared to the past and superior too.

Black magic could be further developed.


His physical condition had improved.

Soon, Sears will call for him.

Unsurprisingly, he heard the footsteps of the nanny outside.

Sears looked at her son with loving eyes.

“My sweet baby, come here.”

“Yes, mother.”

Jamie hid his actual expression and approached as nicely as possible.

As if it was what had to be done, he hugged her.

My cutie!”

Sears rubbed her cheek hard against her son’s.

Jamie’s expression didn’t look good, but no one had noticed it.

“Now, the fairy tale we’re going to read for today is.”

She read the book in a pleasant voice.

Jamie was about to yawn, but he held it back as he knew his mother would notice.

“And Heniz lived happily ever after!”

Sears closed the book and looked at her son with a smile.

“Was it fun?”

I want to become a great magician like him in the future.”

Jamie gave an age-appropriate answer which Sears could like.

My son is so smart.
I am sure you’ll become a great magician.
Aren’t you already a genius who defeated three teachers?”


Was she being sarcastic?

When Count Welton learned that Jamie was trying to read difficult books in the library, he hired magicians to be his teachers.

However, everyone knelt in front of the genius boy and gave up teaching.

“Anyways, dad said that he would bring in a great magician for our son.”

“It is fine.”

It is hard to say great.
The teacher would probably be 4-5th class.

Even if the teacher was 7th or higher, Jamie doubted that they could impress him.

Above all, who can teach the greatest dark magician of all times?

Even the best magician in the world would fail.

“Are you going to the library now?”


“Don’t read too much and play around too.”

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“Don’t worry.”

“I am worrying for my lovely son!”

Sears hugged Jamie so strongly that he might die.

‘Do this in moderation, please, mother!’

Jamie let out a silent cry.

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