age, so Mr.
Keniac won’t treat you well.
Besides, the teacher, the 3rd elder…”

Serpent Gerol’s personality was so famous that even the teachers seemed to know.

Jamie smiled and nodded.

Thank you.”

“But, could you do me a favor?”

“What kind?”

“Au-autograph… please.”

Jamie let out a sigh as Sophia smiled awkwardly.

Class time.

Jamie got up with his designated textbook.

And he found a man standing by the door.
A man with deep dark circles and cheeks hollowed out.

It was Keniac Azir, who seemed a lot gloomier and darker in person than in the photo.

“This way.”

Keniac spoke.

“You seem quite tired.”

Jamie mumbled as he followed him.

Keniac, who saw Jamie come, moved without a word.
Embarrassed that nothing was said, Jamie greeted the back.

Nice to meet you.
I am Jamie Welton, who will be teaching here for a month starting from today.”

“Welton family.
It is a nice family, because they made a name all over the world with one sword.
And the current head of the family is a Sword Master too.”

Jamie laughed at it, it was like he was being asked ‘Why the hell was a talented magician born in that place?’

Keniac glanced back and frowned.

“I thought rumors were always exaggerated.
How old are you?”

“8 years old.”

“8 years old… What did I do when I was 8? What will it do even if I know? Unlike someone I wasn’t the kind who made people come and go at 8 years old.”

He seemed like a crooked person.

Keniac deliberately mumbled unpleasant words in a low voice, as if wanting Jamie to listen.

A rare group of people.’

It has been so long since he saw someone being openly sarcastic.
Even Serpent, who didn't express his inferiority out loud was one thing, but this disciple was even more sullen.

“You are learning swordsmanship too? Must be nice to be talented.
There is still a lot of time to study magic.”

“Right? It is good to be full of talent.”

When Jamie answered with a broad smile, Keniac stopped and looked at him.

“It would be great if others can know the feeling of rising to the top without even doing something, right?”


Keniac stared at Jamie and then started walking again.

No one in that situation could ever respond to that kind of words, it would be more embarrassing to say something.

“Please tell me how hard the class is going to be! I will try to understand it as soon as possible!”

At Jamie’s last words, Keniac picked up the pace.

“Let’s go together!”

Jamie shouted in a lively voice and followed him.
Javelin, watching that scene from afar, took a sip from his cup and smiled.

“I don’t want to take Magic circle classes.”

Keniac is scary.
From his appearance to voice.

“But it is good that Mr.
Jamie will come.

“I still can’t get used to it.
A kid younger than me is a teacher…”

The elementary Alpha students were gathered during the break and chatted amongst themselves.

And then a student came in.

“Ghost teacher is coming.”

‘Ghost teacher’ was the name given to Keniac because of his ghost-like appearance.

The students, who gathered in groups, hurriedly returned to their seats.

In the meantime, Ann was studying the spell book without losing her concentration and Lennon was lying on his desk.

The door opened and Keniac came in with Jamie.

Keniac glanced at the students and said,

“If I hear the name ghost one more time.
I will not let it slide.
Do you understand, Hamel?”


Hamel, the student who ran in, called him Ghost teacher.
He was the kind of kid who got scolded by each teacher all day.

Keniac stood on the teacher’s podium.
Jamie followed him.

“Starting today, the genius magician Jamie Welton will be teaching you for a month.
Nice, right? Since you bark every day you won’t have to see this ghost for a while.
Must be really nice right?”

He is so cheap.’

It was Jamie’s first time seeing a teacher start the class while being sarcastic to his students.

If this was a place filled with nobles, then all sorts of things would have been thrown at him.

“But he said that even if he is a genius, he didn’t know how to teach and wanted to learn from me.”

“I don’t remember saying that.”

“So, I am going to show him how to teach for 30 minutes.”

Jamie spoke but Keniac ignored it.
It seemed like he wasn’t the kind to care much about his self-esteem.

“From today on, you will learn the deepening parts of the six dimensional nature, especially the synergy from the symmetry of the symbol, the nature of pattern, the stimulation and change of attribute, diversification and side effects.”

It was hard to keep track of.

“Simply put, we will be teaching the pros and cons of the pattern used in hexagram.”

So Jamie explained it in an easy way and looked at Keniac.

Jamie smiled.

“If you say it in a difficult way, it will be hard for the students to understand.
Right, Mr.

“… a genius.”

Sparks flew between the two.

The students gulped at the scene.

“How is this? I’d rather you take the class from now on.
Not by someone who teaches in a complicated way, but who makes it simple like you.”

“That is fine.
Perhaps because I am the same age as them, I think I can communicate better.”

“Please go ahead.”



Both the teachers snickered.

‘What are they two doing here!?’

At that, Lennon began to doubt whether coming here was the right decision or not.

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