The rate of expansion of space was rapid.

Izaya put an aura over his fist and Braha summoned a spirit of earth and Ramu crossed his swords.


The three forces interlocked with the space.

Siegfried observed that the expansion of space curved at a point.

The skills of the three were enough to interfere with space.
But the current expansion was just expansion.

Siegfried turned his right hand clockwise.
The space began to twist.

“What is that guy?!”

Ramu was shocked to see the twin swords break.
There were many types of magic which interfered with space, but he never encountered one which could bend the thick swords at once.

Izaya mumbled.

“No… Siegfried of Space?”

Hearing that, Braha and Ramu frowned.

They weren’t sure, but if such great space magic was being used, there could be no one other than Siegfried who did it.

The world famous battle magician.
And although now pushed back, he was once the greatest talent.

“Seems right.”

Light blonde hair, white skin and good looks.
Compared to the elves, there was no other young man than Siegfried who didn’t bow down.

Ramu clicked his tongue and used aura.

The space was stopped and the twin swords managed to be pulled out.

“I don’t know why he’s stopping us!”

Braha didn’t like this.

The tree spirit, Pino, was summoned.
From the ground where there was nothing, a big tree rose.

“I am so angry!”

Siegfried laughed as he looked at tree trunks soaring up filling the alley.
As he snapped with his left hand the tree trunk disappeared like an illusion.

Just a trick.

As the tree trunks disappeared, Izaya jumped in front of him.
He took a deep break and clenched his fists.


The moment the fist hit the air, an explosion occurred.

But Siegfried was nowhere to be seen.

“Behind you!”

Braha’s voice came from behind.

Izaya turned and saw Siegfried standing with his hands in a strange form.

“It can’t be-!”

Ramu stepped on the wall of the building close and jumped.

Duel swords loaded with aura rushed for the enemy.

“This can’t happen.”

However, it was blocked by a single sword.

Ramu’s eyes widened.
He saw an object blocking his path.

He had a mask on so his face couldn’t be seen, but looking at the body, it was a boy who stopped him.

The boy, Jamie, smiled and opened his mouth.


Blue light shone from the magic sword Scud.

It was his first time using it, but as long as he could be prepared with magic, performing with a sword would be perfect.

Jamie’s body vanished.

Not teleport.

The ability of Scud was as its name suggested.

As quickly as sprinting, it allowed the one holding it to move at a high speed.

And Jamie’s magic helped amplify it further.


Ramu instinctively defended himself.

Huge shock.

Up and then down.
At the same time a large flower bloomed on the ground.
It was a flower that looked like a sunflower, the centre of it looked very smooth.

It was created by Braha with her flower spirit, Flapi and Ramu fell there.


Jamie looked at Braha.

He was convinced that they were elves who could use various spirits.

Elves, born with nature friendliness compared to humans, could deal with most spirits except for light and darkness.

Two humans and one elf.
It was a strange combination.


He heard the unpleasant sound above his head.

Looking there, Siegfried was twisting the body of Izaya in space.


“Y-You human!”

Braha hastily summoned the spirit of fire and lightning which had excellent attack power.

“Pitiful bastards!”

Siegfried didn’t smile anymore.

As if the space had stopped, an illusion played.

“It is wrong in itself to try and survive by touching things.”

Siegfried of Space.

It wasn’t known what kind of trick he had saved, but the magic he was trying to unfold wasn’t something that could be seen in the mythical times.

[Fatal Emotion]

The space moved.

The sword of gravity which only strikes the enemy from the sky.

The pinnacle of space magic!


Everything in space set by Siegfried was destroyed.


The sound of a bell ringing.
And the mana began to scatter.

Jamie immediately descended to the ground at the sudden event.
It would be difficult to stay flying as mana was scattering.

Siegfried seemed fine in the sky.
It must have something to do with the magical subject he realized.

“This is the one.”

The voice came from behind.

“I came here to see what was going on, isn’t this a huge mess?”

“Mr Han!”

Braha called out to the owner of the voice with a bright face.

Jamie looked back.
There stood a black haired man in an unusual outfit and the first face he had seen with slightly yellowish skin.

He was holding a staff with a bell on top.

“We are fortunate that Mr.
Han has come.
Wow- I thought I was done for.
Isn’t that right, captain?”

The person called captain was Izaya, who was being ripped apart by Segfried.

He was gasping looking at the one called Han.

“Are you alright?”

Han seemed worried about Izaya.
However, he just nodded.

“Thanks to you I survived.”


Han nodded as if he was glad, however, Siegfried glared at him.

“Too strong right?”

Han said it while looking at Siegfried.
However, unlike his words, his expression was relaxed.
It wasn’t an attitude one would show in front of a 7th class great magician, but this meant that Han was strong too.

Jamie knew it the moment he saw.
The man whose race he didn’t know was a Master class.

Even Siegfried knew, which was why he didn’t attack.

It was because he wasn’t sure what could happen to the city if he went all out.

“So annoying.”

Siegfried landed next to Jamie.
And Jamie whispered so softly that only his ears could hear it.

“What do we do? Are we at a disadvantage?”

“… how can you say that to an adult?”

“Do kids and adults really matter in our situation?”

Jamie really wanted to know what happened in this man’s head.
Seeing a human who was more angry than anyone saying casual stuff, Jamie felt weird.

He knew it, but in this situation Jamie realized just how nice Siegfried was.

“If the young lord can deal with the three, I think I can handle it.”

He vaguely said it, but looking at the expression, he seemed confident enough to win.
Since there was a commotion, the guards of Saint-Germain must have been dispatched.
And it won’t take long for them to come here.

“Do we have to fight?”


At Jamie’s words, Siegfried seemed shocked.

“We only need what we want.”

In the field where even the Master class’s skills were shone, they would have to fight so much.
There was no need to fight.

The opponents were probably thinking the same thing.

‘If not for that, they would have attacked us.’

They too wanted to leave this place as soon as possible.

“It seems good for us.”

“I get it.”

Siegfried nodded.
He, too, saw it in person at the Gehenna auction house.

“The black man on the second floor?”

He is definitely a Master class.”

Master class is like rolling stones on the side of the road.”

Siegfried laughed.
If that black man gets here, things would be strange.

“What kind of conversation are you having?”

It was Han.

As Han put his staff on his shoulder, a pure bell sound resounded.

Siegfried looked at him and opened his mouth.

“Now that the situation has turned out like this, I want to stop the fight.”

“Oh! I am glad we have the same thought.
I wondered what would happen if you continued the fight.”

“Well, what we want is nothing special.”

“Hm, that.
Wait for a moment.”

Han looked at the three.

It was something that all of them had to talk about and decide.

Braha and Ramu saw their captain, Izaya.

He thought and nodded about it, they didn’t have much time to discuss.

“Go on.”

“Give me the heart of the Shadow Sheep.
That is what I won the bid for.”

“All Might too.”

“All Might… uh?”

Unknowingly, Siegfried had conveyed Jamie’s request but turned to Jamie with a frown.

“Say it.”

“… Explain it later.”

Siegfried said it and turned.

“All Might too.
Give us that too and we don’t care.”

“Shut up! All the humans here are garbage!”

Braha shouted on top of her voice.

“You trash who buy and sell elves as slaves! To hand over something to you…!”

“Braha, enough.”

Han looked at her and shook his head.

Braha seemed angry enough to break her own teeth.

Jamie looked at the situation.

“The elf looks quite angry.”

“… not an elf.”

“Whom are you trying to cheat Mister? She is an elf.”


Han’s eyes trembled at the word Mister.

He was still young, but was called a mister!

No matter how it seemed, he definitely looked old enough to be called like that and he couldn’t get angry at the kid.

“Let’s say that.
Anyway, just those two?”



“Damn it.
This is horrible.”

“They won't be worth much if we lose our lives.”

That was true.
So Ramu nodded and took out the two objects.

One side was a stone which had a neat shape, the other was an irregularities shaped stone with five colored lights.

“Give it.”


As Han nodded, Ramu walked to Jamie and Siegfried.
Not knowing what was going to happen he was being cautious so he didn’t approach them and placed the objects down at a distance of 3 meters.

And said something to Jamie.

I saw what you did earlier.”

“So what?”

Jamie smiled which only made Ramu want to go back to his team faster.

“It isn’t because I don’t trust you…”

Han glanced at his men and took a step back.


The bell rang.

The mana couldn't be felt.
It was different from Mana Burn, which burned the mana around.

What kind of power is this?’

It wasn’t like he couldn’t use magic, like when he was hit by the Blue Dragon Mayatrey last year, but still this felt unpleasant.

It was then.

Han, who was moving back, turned to Jamie with a shocked look.

“… Welton?”


“Young lord.

He touched his hair due to Siegfried's words and made a mirror in the air.

“What the?”

His hair and eyes were back to normal.
Could it be that the magic he used had changed his appearance back?

Emerald hair and eyes which symbolized Welton.

Besides, any fairly educated person would know of it.
Things were going to get messed up!

But Han's words didn’t seem like it.

“Are you Jamie? Jamie Welton?”

At Han’s excited question, the other three were panicked.

Han? What is it?”



Han burst into laughter and said.

“Aren’t you just what Beryl told me?”

Beryl Onyx.

The name which came out of nowhere.

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