Diablo Volfir who created it, nicknamed it as the ‘Unbreakable Roar’,

A stone which neutralizes all the physical power.
Just possessing it increased the defense and the moment the artefact was activated, it became almost invincible only in terms of physical strength.

Together with Perfect Cell, it was the ultimate artefact which greatly influenced the perfection of Diablo Volfir.

It wasn’t something to be used as a source of energy for an estate.

‘Any competitors?’

All the people were nobles but not one raised their hand.

500 million was such a large amount of money.

Cities like Haiss, needed 100 million gold to operate for a year.

Considering that Haiss was an estate which dominated the eastern part of Seldam Kingdom, there were many with similar power.

This was a stone which had been bid for what was capable of keeping the Haiss estate running for 5 years.

“… aside from the big barrel, this is a little…”

Siegfried didn’t understand it either.

It is said that it is a power which can supply energy to an estate, it is better to use such a good cost effectiveness at low price.

If it was simply an energy, Siegfried’s words would be justified.

Even the dark magician who reigned as a genius, couldn’t appreciate the true value of All Might.

‘I’ll get it easily…’

It was when he thought that.

“500 million and a thousand.”

Said someone.

The voice echoed.

Jamie unknowingly checked the bidder.

A man in black silk hat and a colorful peacock mask.

‘Damn it.
I thought I had it.’

A competitor.

The host who had to reach was puzzled.
If the helper didn’t shake him, the host would have stayed stiff.

So unprofessional of me.
I am sorry.”

The host cleared his throat.

Although he served for many years as a host, it was his first time experiencing this.
A bid going over 500 million.

It was so unreal to him.
This could go down in history!

“500 million and thousand! Any more?”

Venna seemed confused.
And glanced at Jamie.

-Master what do I do?

‘Higher, a little more.’

There was no limit to their amount.

He didn’t know how Kiriel would react, but for now he wanted his item in his hands.

“520 million.”

“530 million.”

“540 million.”

“600 million.”

Venna flinched.
And she said again.

“700 million.”

This time, the man was taken aback.
He didn’t expect a rise of 100 million at one.

Since he had a mask on his expression couldn’t be seen but he couldn’t fool Jamie’s eyes.

The slight tremor of his shoulders and his shaking legs with his hands clasped tightly gave him away.

‘He is pushing it.
But won’t give up.’

-I think the same.

The human who bid 600 million.
And the other who added another 100 million, they would be another bid for sure.

The reason he was concerned was to check the worth of All Might.

“730 million.”

And Jamie was convinced.

‘Raise it to 800.’

“800 million!”

Venna spat out.

“800 million!”

Without the mask on the host’s face, one could see him drooling over the money.

Jamie looked at the man again.
The man shook his head.

“800 million! The ultimate stone! All Might has been sold for 800 million!”

Dang! Dang! Dang!

The sound of a wooden hammer echoed throughout the room.
Jamie sighed and flopped back to the chair.

Siegfried who looked at it asked,

“Why is the young lord so tired?”

“I am exhausted from seeing this unimaginable sight.”

“Young lord you sure are refreshing.”

“It's too much to say that to a child.”

“Well, my hands are sweating too.”

There was a white cotton cloth in Siegfried’s hands which was wet.

“I saw you spill water on your hands.”


Siegfried coughed and then smiled.

“Should we leave? I am hungry so let’s have something delicious.”


There was nothing more to see.
He cared about the elves who were sitting there, but Jamie had his own priority.

As the two of them were about to get up, something was introduced.

“This is an artefact unearthed from near the Kelton Mountains.
I saw it too, it was pretty strange.
It’s like a key and sometimes it isn’t.
let’s see it.”

On stage.

A small cuboid made of gold with ancient words engraved on it.

Jamie’s good eyesight was able to read the engraved ancient language.

[Sleep here.
So as to not wake up again.]

And the lights in the auction house went out.

“W-what is… ah!”

As if something was happening, the screams of the host could be heard.

At the same time, several footsteps and thunderbolts could be heard.


“Ackk! Run away!”

Screams from all around and a sudden rush in the darkness.
Siegfried held onto Jamie’s hand.

“Stay close to me.”

In a situation like this, they had to move around or they would get hurt by the moving people.

Siegfried opened a shield and made light.
Everything brightened in an instant.

Siegfried frowned.

“This is bad,”

The auction house was a mess.
The chairs were smashed with dust on the floor.
And the exit wasn’t flashy now.

The few who hadn’t managed to escape yet, were hiding.

The host was standing on the stage with a blank look.

“Uh, what happened…”

He took off his mask at the mess.
He was quite annoyed too.

“What happened!”

Lights went out.

The Gehena Auction house was one of the most secret houses on the continent.
There was no way a trivial power outage could happen and footsteps would be heard right after.

“What just… happened?”

The pedestal where the auction item had to be was empty.

The item couldn’t be seen, only the cushion it was placed on was left.

“W-what? Where,,,”

“Mr Miju!”

One of the staff came running.

The staff whispered something into the ears of the one called Miju.
And his face went stiff as his eyes widened and lips trembled.

“The rest of the items were stolen?!”

Siegfried who was silent yelled.

“What the fuck?!”

The mana around him began to fluctuate.

“Damn it!”

A woman screamed and slammed her fist against the wall.

The man behind her kept patting her back.

“How did this happen?!”

The woman, Barha, removed the man's hand.
Her ears were pointed and her skin was white.

Arms and legs were slender, overall she was beautiful.
She was an elf.

“Why were my people over there as slaves?”

“It is impossible for Alex to know everything.”

The man, Izaya, shook his head.

Alex was the magician and intelligence head, he was responsible for keeping track of the auction items.

However, the list didn’t include elven slaves.

Braha remembered her people being sold.
She clenched her teeth.

If only she could do what she wanted, she would have killed them all.

She was angry at herself for not doing anything.
Her hands and feet trembled and the urge to kill the people who bought her people was rising in her.

“Alex is working hard to locate the elves, so news will come soon.
We need to leave…”

“Damn it!”

Izaya was right.

The buyers cannot do anything about the items taken away, but the remaining auction items were stolen.

And among them they had the Heart of Shadow Sheep and the All Might.

“It is amazing~”

At that moment, the man who was squatting on the floor was examining the two items.

Izaya and Barha were on the same team as this man called Ramu.

Later, check them out later.”

“Yes~ Yes~”

Ramu put them back into his bag and stood up.
And tapped Barha’s shoulder.

“Don’t worry Barha.

“Shut up you idiot!”

Barha clenched her hand.

Ramu struggled.
Izaya said to Ramu and moved.

“Master class was in there.”

Would he risk his life for this?”

Master class.

Ramu licked his lips.

Two elves and one new human disappeared.

And there were two men looking at it.

“Those fucking bastards took my stuff.”

Siegfried said it with a cold face.
The space shook.

“I can’t let them go.”

The space shrunk.

Jamie, who was next to him, gulped at that.

‘This guy's skills are…’

The space which could be reduced and grown in an instant.

“Who is it?”

Behind you!”

“So fast!”

Siegfried and Jamie were in front of Barha, Izaya and Ramu.

Snapping his fingers at all three of them, Siegfried said.

“Give me my stuff before I kill you all.”

The space around them expanded.

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