pointed as the youngest elder.

There was so much backlash on the decision, but in the end everyone had to acknowledge him.

Ordinary people would want to have a genius on their side.
Especially a place where the forces meant a lot.

However, if the talented person was difficult to handle, then it will be a different story.

“They would always look at me like I was some monster.”

Siegfried remembered those times.

When he established a name for himself at the age of 22 and opened the door to becoming a great magician.

The first obstacle was his mentor.

His mentor was a 5th class magician and taught a lot, but at some point he didn’t teach anything to Siegfried.

Rather, he began to suppress him.

And when he crossed the level of his mentor, there were enemies forming around him.
Despite not doing anything wrong, everyone hated him.

And when he reached 7th class, no one hated him.
They just looked at him.

“Elders looked at me the same way.
Treated me like an irregular.”

Neither faction reached out to him.

There was a reason for it.

Because of Siegfried’s origin, the royals and nobles didn’t take him.

It was funny.
When it came to being a great magician, the origin was meaningless.

Although the Equality faction insisted on Equality, it treated some favorably, and they didn’t want to make Siegfried a risk factor.

The faction which recruited Siegfried would be under the offense of the other two.

What they seek is to gain the upper hand.

Siegfried was of low origin.
And had great power but still the other two factions couldn’t be handled.

So abandon him.
That was the conclusion the three forces came to.

“So you say you have been ignored?”

“That is a negative way of thinking.”

Siegfried shook his head.

“They were afraid of my talent.”

“Well, fine.
But after hearing the story, it makes me not want to send him even more.”

The magic world was corrupt.

Those who are obliged to develop magic for the future of the kingdom are struggling to take over the Magic world.

“Tell me why my son should go to such a place.”

“I will be frank.
To be honest, I don’t even want my kids to go to that place.
But that is all.”

Siegfried, who had a smiling face, spoke sternly.

“There is an immeasurable level of knowledge in the magic world.
In particular, something like… ‘Omniscience Library’…”

That was the title that the first king of the Seldam Kingdom had.

In the early days, it was a property which symbolized the king, and once the Magic world came into existence, the shift in power happened.

In fact, it was even the reason that the three factions wanted to rule.

“Once you become a great magician, you have one chance to touch the Omniscience Library.”

People regret that it was shown only once.

But once it was tried, one wouldn’t need it twice.

“Opportunity to try out the Omniscience Library.
I think that alone is enough reason to enter the Magic world.
Especially for an undisputed genius like young master Jamie.”


Even Count Welton couldn’t dispute it.

“I will ask Jamie.”

“Sure, since his decision is the most important.”

Is there a strong human here?”

Venna asked Jamie, who was swinging his sword.

“A visitor has come for the Magic world.”

“Magic world?”

“I heard from the servant that he is Siegfried, the 7th elder.”

“Ah, I know of him.
Siegfried of Space right?”

“That is him.”

All those who learned magic in the Seldam Kingdom would know of him.

And since Venna was a dark magician, she too would have known.

A magician is an enemy of a dark magician.
And Siegfried was known to be a very aggressive magician.

“A genius magician who turned into a great magician at a young age!”

“I am more of a genius than him.”

“Do you have to say it with your own mouth?”

“I normally do such things.”

Jamie lowered the sword.


“Looks a lot cleaner than before.”

“Do you even know anything about swords?”

“Not me, he said it.”

Venna pouted as she pointed to the scarf, Philion.

[Certainly that body makes it look unbelievable.]

“Your body is tasty it seems.”

“Don’t use your own words as his.”


Jamie shook his head and wiped the sweat with a towel.

“But why are you here? Are you done with today’s training?”

“… the weather is so nice.”

[You brat!]

The towel flapped and covered Venna.


The pink squirrel fell on the floor and struggled below the towel.

“Go up and do it.
Why are you wasting time Here?”


Venna walked out of the towel and pouted.

Either way, Philion took Jamie’s words and urged her.

[Hahaha! Nothing Jamie Welton said is wrong! Hurry up and let’s go and work!]

“Shut up!”

Venna screamed and disappeared somewhere.

How did the conversation with the Count and Siegfried go?

‘It has been quite some time.’

He knew the talks would be long, but as it got longer the urge to eavesdrop began to creep in.

It was then.

“Young master.”

It was the servant who said Siegfried had come.

“What is it?”

“The count is calling for you.”

“Father is?”

Amazing timing.

Jamie smiled and followed the man.

Jamie arrived at the room and asked with a bewildered face.

“Omniscience Library?”


Siegfried nodded and explained.

“A treasure trove of wisdom that contains all the knowledge of the world.”

All the knowledge of the world.

The moment Jamie heard that he said,

“I will go,”

He didn’t know what kind of knowledge it held,

‘Maybe it has the information of that day.’

The information on the lost history that is strictly controlled by the 12 Gods.

Maybe he could come to know a little bit about it.

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