”Nana, wait up!! ” Addie shouted as she tried her best to run after me. ”Stop running so fast, or else youll trip! ”

”Im fine Addie, ” I answered giggling.

Skipping through the flowery meadow of the mansions garden I shouted teasingly at the woman behind me, ”Catch me if you caaan~ Hehe! ” before sprinting once more.

”Oh dear… ” she scratched her head, her face wore a worried expression. ”Nahite, I said wait up! ”

Hearing my name called out in such a calm tone, I could not help but smile ever so dearly at Addie. She huffed and puffed while running after such an energetic kid like me, yet she seem to actually enjoy it. Playing in the garden at this time of day when the Brotillons are out is exactly the kind thing wed do every now and then.

Today I, the young Nahite, a five year old malem living as a maid of House Brotillon, felt free.


Oh, haven I mentioned?

Just two days after the Viscounts last beating, he finally bestowed upon me my own name! I was weirded out too at first but I understood the very reasonable excuse he gave. Calling you girl all the time seems so dull now that I think about it, was what he said to me.

It all started when Addie came rushing into the shed where I peacefully slept one morning. She hugged me tightly as her body shook as if encountered by a ghost. Of course, I was confused at first, I only did just wake up. But upon telling me that the Viscount wishes to speak with me, my heart stopped.

Honestly, I think it froze for a moment when she told me. A hundred, perhaps even thousands of scenarios popped into my head. Her voice shook as she tried to comfort me with her sweet usual words, but nothing helped. In my head, one thing was for sure, I was going to die in the hands of the viscount that day.

I walked into the viscounts study where Addie said hes waiting for me,

The inside looked like a small library with book shelves filled with all kinds of genres on each corner, a small chess table with two chairs to sit in near the huge left window, a fancy looking green crouch engraved in gold near the right and the viscounts huge dark oak study table at the center. It was the perfect hang out place for the viscount with the right amount of peace and quiet.

The red haired Viscountess Cordelia was there, sitting next to her daughter Carolina as usual. Calder, the eldest child, was also there along with the Brotillons second son Cornelius–Corry, for short. Both boys, with the same dark blue hair as the viscount, stood beside their mother with their arms crossed and eyes glaring at me from across the room.

I had no idea why they were there but all four of them glared at me from where they were. Except for the viscount, who sat in his big green fluffy chair while scribbling something on a piece of old paper.

”My Lord, ” I curtsied, paying respect to the man in front of me. ”I was told you wish to see me. ”

It took a few more scribbling before he was finally able to answer me. ”Indeed. ” was all he said.

I stood there for what seemed like ages. At the corner of my eye, I can kind of see the viscountess staring at me as if Im the most disgusting creature on this continent. Though of course, I kept my head facing forward as to avoid sparking any argument. Cause yes, even if I do as much as look over at their direction, they will surely take offense right away and reprimand me for it.

”Father, ” I almost jumped when I heard the young lord Calder spoke.

Of course, the viscount immediately looked over to see what his son wanted. He paused his scribbling and the both of them locked eyes.

”Could you please hurry your business up with this trash so she can leave? ” the boy asked in an annoyed tone.

The other members agreed almost instantly, I suppose thats a given. After all, they despised me so much Im surprised they haven choked me to death yet. Then again, they do sometimes glare so much that I can literally feel the side my face burning. Its quite ironic considering they are powerful water mages.

Upon hearing his sons request, Viscount Niles immediately put his pen and old paper inside the tables drawer. He then held his hands together, placing it on top of the table with a serious expression on his face that made me shiver all the way down to my spine. It seemed as though the most gruesome scenario in my mind was true. Im going to die aren I?

In all honesty, I thought I came prepared. Ive lived a fairly long life if I say so myself, but as I locked eyes with the viscount it felt as if hes slowly draining all the energy inside of me. My body trembled heavily, worse than how Addie did when she came running into the shed to hug me. I think I finally understood the reason why she did. He is still one of the most known nobleman on the empire after all.

”You. ” he uttered in a low cold tone. Of course, pertaining to me.

I tried my best to act calm and modest, but I just couldn . ”Ye-Yes my L-Lord? ” I answered.

As he slowly stood up from his seat, I could feel my heart drop and my soul leaving my body as it did. The stares from the viscountess and the children became even more intense as he steadily walked towards my small self one step at a time, with each step he grew larger and larger in my eyes until he engulfed my whole body with his shadow.

At that point, all I can do was close my eyes and pray for a painless death.

Just do it.

Kill me.

End me once and for–

”Nahite. ”


Wait, what did he say?

I opened my eyes to see Viscount Niles pointing straight at me, his finger inches away from my face. His expression was dull, almost emotionless, but when he saw the look of confusion in my face he could not help but scoff.

”Your name, ” he uttered. ”Its Nahite. ”

He put his hand down, fixing the collar of his sleeves as he walked away. ”That will be the name well call you from now on. ” he added.

I was speechless, completely mortified. The viscount, he actually gave me a name.

I couldn think of anything more. I tried opening my mouth to speak, only to close it shut when I looked over the corner and saw the viscountess face, even she was confused by her husbands sudden words. Usually orphans, especially a malem like me, are not given names because nobles and aristocrats believe that letting them serve such high socialites is more than enough. Though you may think its cruel, thats the system in Vassiliy.

So you can imagine the shock of the other members of the Brotillon family.

Carolina, who sat by her mothers side, gave me the most irritated expression she could possibly muster. To which she only looked more like a spoiled brat waiting for her nanny to come and change her wet soaking diaper.

Oh, how hard it was for me not to laugh.

Corry on the other hand, only gave a slightly surprised eyebrow raise directed to his father, before looking at me with those dead blue eyes of him. To be honest, an expressionless face is much scarier than expressive one.

And of course, Calders black shiny eyes widened in a shock. For the first time ever–Well, for the first time in a while, Calder opened his mouth but was speechless. He looked a bit funny in my opinion, like that one kid in class who got laughed at for pronouncing a certain word wrong.

”Father thats– ” he was about to grab the viscount by his arm when the butler suddenly came.

”My Lord, ” the well dressed man curtsied. ” The chancellor has arrived. ”

My body flinched upon the mention of the chancellor.

The chancellor?

At the manor?

What for?

I can tell that those questions were written all over my face because the butler immediately rolled his eyes upon looking at me, annoyed by the kind of inappropriate face I was making.

Because of course, I could not ask those questions. I must know my place for I am but a mere maid of the Brotillon family. Anyway, it seemed I have no other reason to stay longer too. Our meeting has always been quick and straight to the point, I should be thanking our dear creator for letting me live another day. Although, I could just as easily curse him for doing so.

I bowed politely at the viscount. ”I shall take my leave then, my lord. ” I said, excusing my small self calmly out the door after.

Upon walking through the main hall of the manor, a ray of sunlight suddenly hit my eyes as I passed by the huge window in the middle of the poorly lit hall. I shielded my face with my own hand staring blankly at the huge puffy clouds outside. Before I knew it, I was kneeling on the greenish-grey couch directly in front of the window as my eyes glistened at the sight of Zospelas beauty.

All I could think about at that moment was how green the trees were, how blue the sky was and how pretty color of the flowers are. From my point of view, the world is indeed full of dark gruesome happenings. But I guess, it makes up for all the beautiful things in life. Ive read many stories about how the Vassilian empire began. And they all started the same way—war.

To think that a lot of tyrannical emperors were needed in order for such a beauty to be completed, I felt sorry for all the people they slaughtered because of their pride. But still, I don consider myself lucky to have been born in a time where the empire is a bit peaceful, Addie said I should though.

We are lucky that the Imperial Family grew quiet over the years. was what she told me.

Hmm. Come to think of it, what is the Imperial family up to these days?

The second I thought of that question, I swear I felt someone pass behind me. But when I looked back, no one was there but me. ”Thats….strange. ” I whispered under my breath.

I decided to bid goodbye to the window with the amazing view of the outside and be on my way back to the shed. Addie is probably waiting for me there, crying. As I continued to walk through the huge poorly lit hall, turn to every corner and walk down a huge flight of stairs. I could not help but smile, remembering what just happened earlier.


It means unwanted in ancient Kielac, one of the most commonly spoken language in Vassiliy.

When I told Addie about the reason Viscount Niles wanted to see me and the name, she felt aggravated instead of honored. How could they give you such vulgar name?!, was what she said. But I didn care. In fact, that alone made me feel like I was special. Indeed, no parent would ever name their child Nahite because of its meaning, making me the only child who has that name.

Is it crazy to say that I feel still absolutely honored?


Now back to the present.

Its been a week since I was given that name and Im currently running around the small flowery garden at the Brotillons backyard with Addie trying her best to run after me. For a malem like me who always get beaten up, you wouldn think Id grow up such an energetic kid. Of course, Addie takes pride in that since shes the one who practically raised me.

”Come and catch me Addie~hehe! ” I teased again, still running but not a single sweat in sight.

When I looked back at her, poor Addie was already sweating. Seeing her like that, I could not help but let out a pity sigh. Honestly, I don understand why she won just use her magic to teleport me or whatever, not like theres a rule forbidding it. It would most certainly be more easy for her, but I guess shes being considerate since Im a malem.

I heard from the other maids that Addie is a quite skillful mage. I think it they said air? or perhaps fire? I don exactly know what element she wields since she doesn use her powers that much around here. But some claimed theyve seen her use magic before whilst cleaning. They also mentioned that shes somewhere from the north part of the Vassilian empire.

Hmm, I guess Addie truly is one of the mysteries of the emp—Ommf!!

Before I knew it, I was so distracted by my own thoughts that I accidentally hit someone.

Of course, I hit them head first which also made me fall to the ground. The hit was so bad I instantly felt dizzy and lost all balance. As I laid on the grass, I rubbed my throbbing forehead that ached ever so painfully. Oh, even my butt hurts from the way I fell.

Then, I heard it.

”Ouchiieee!! ” a high pitched voice screemed.

Upon hearing that high pitched scream, I instantly opened my eyes.

Oh no.

In that moment I prayed to the creator that it wasn who I thought it was.

Please don be her.

But as I saw her glossy blue hair dancing with the fresh breeze and ocean eyes filled with tears, I immediately knew. The young girl I accidentally bumped into was the girl with the most authority in this mansion. The girl who I knew would be the end of me since the beginning.

Carolina Lavette Kad Brotillon,

the only daughter of the viscount.






To Be Continued.

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