In an alternate world, different from the earth we know now,

A land full of all kinds of magical creatures stood at the center of the world.

The creator, the god of all, called the huge continent–Xenopha.

Xenopha translates to Blessed in ancient Azethezi, the language of those who live in Evermore, a place high up in the sky filled with fluffy clouds where the creator stayed, making it known to the rest of the world just how much he favored the land and all who lived there.

Although the land started of as a huge lump of mass, with the help of the creators children, they were able to beautify and give the creatures who lived there a beautiful place to call home.

Huge strong mountains which stretched far and wide.

Beautiful tall dark green trees that danced along with the fresh clean breeze.

Colorful flowers blossoming at each corner.

And clear flowing water so no one would ever go thirsty.

Humans born with magical powers, giants as tall as the mountains, dragons that breathed fire and fish tailed creature that swam across the vast ocean. Xenopha has it all. Life there was indeed peaceful, it was simple and elegant. All the creatures there were kind to each other and took care of their beloved land.

All of that made the creator very happy.

That is until,

The war between the creators children that lasted for hundreds and th

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