“The people who attacked me in Baghdad, and the Zerg internal response may be the same group of people.”

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    Rong Heng recalled the situation in those days, his eyes full of anger, “A total of 162 heavy destroyers, with sufficient firepower, equipped with invisible shields and high-precision signal interception systems.
Obviously, they came prepared.
They must have learned our transition coordinates from some channel before they could ambush near the transition point in advance.”

    “It turned out to be a fighter fleet?!” Dales was surprised, and then said, “The news announced by Sikkim did not mention the fighter fleet.
It is only speculated that based on the wreckage of the battlefield, it may be an encounter interstellar pirates.”

    For the interstellar pirates wandering around, the best thing is to wait for the rabbit near a certain transition point.
Once the spaceship of the transition is found, immediately cut off the signal, and then attack with artillery fire, the method is very brutal.

    And this time the battlefield traces are very similar to the style of interstellar pirates.

    Sikkim pointed the suspect to the interstellar pirates, which did not arouse public doubts.

    Only the Fourth Legion stationed in Yangis has been raising objections, but due to lack of sufficient evidence, the objection has been rejected by the Imperial Security Bureau several times. Dareth did not believe that mere interstellar pirates could wipe out the “Hermes”.

    The Hermes is one of the five main ships in Yangis region.
Captain Asman ranks first among the five captains, not to mention His Highness is also on the Hermes.
Even if all the interstellar pirates are united, they cannot be the opponent of the Hermes. But if the enemy sends a heavy fighter fleet, it all makes sense.

    “The Security Bureau has deliberately concealed this key information.” Dareth said angrily, “I will file a complaint with the Security Bureau again for re-verification! More than 100 heavy destroyers are not something ordinary people can mobilize! This is a premeditated political murder!”

    Rong Heng sneered but did not show much anger.
“Dareth, after so many years, you still have no brains.
Even if you appeal a hundred times, you will still be rejected.” How ridiculous does that sound like an interstellar pirate ambush?!”

    “I saw the news a few days ago that the Sikkim Daily is already building momentum for the regent's ascension to the throne.” Rong Heng said.

    Mentioning this, Dareth frowned, “It's a proposal by the parliament, that group of politicians thought that His Highness died in Baghdad, and the royal family had no successor, so they couldn't wait to swear allegiance to the regent.
But, the regent has already refused three times and insisted on sending a royal escort in the Baghdad region to search for His Highness.”

    He didn't think there was anything wrong with the regent's actions. The Regent is His Highness's father.
Apart from their subordinates, the only one who really cares about His Highness's life and death is His Excellency the Regent. Rong Heng doesn't think so.

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    He shook his head, ignoring Dareth's chatter, and instructed, “Don't spread the news that I'm still alive, find someone you can trust to come to this coordinate, it'll be useful.” After that, he sent the coordinates of the B3024 star.

    Dareth glanced at it and continued to babble, “B3024 junk star? I'm afraid there are not many people there? What are you doing in that kind of place, Your Highness?”

    “…” Rong Heng was interested enough that after letting Noah kick Dareth off the Internet, he watched the latest news from Sikkim Daily for a while before preparing to go offline.

    Before quitting, he thought, “Noah, you will take over this brain in the future.” His words were a little hesitant as if organizing his words.
“Its owner…
seems to be lacking common sense in many respects and requires proper guidance.”

    “Yes, Your Highness.
But with all due respect, you have never cared so much about anyone.” Noah used a calm voice to cover up the fact that he was gossiping, “May I know what his relationship is with you?”

    It's just a passerby who met by chance, not even a friend, Rong Heng thought to himself.

    But he never bothered to explain to others, so he just said casually to Noah's question: “You don't have to know.” There is only a passerby left and right, and he would leave when the person to meet him arrives.
There would be no more interaction between them.

    When Ruan Shiqing woke up, it was noon the next day. The warm sunlight came in from the window, covering the bed with broken light and shadow.

    Rubbing his swollen temples and sitting up, Ruan Shiqing still had a momentary confusion of memory.
Didn’t he sleep in the living room last night, right? When did he go back to his room?

    The swollen mind did not make him think well, so he simply put aside the annoying problem and walked to the living room barefoot.

    The little mermaid woke up early and was already lying by the window basking in the sun.
Hearing the footsteps, he immediately turned around and greeted Ruan Shiqing cheerfully, “Ah!”

    The little puppy was lying on the windowsill, and when he saw him get up, he sat up unhurriedly.

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    Ruan Shiqing stepped forward, rubbed heads one by one, and said hello, “Have you had breakfast?”

    The little mermaid pointed to the empty nutrient tube on the windowsill.
Have eaten.

    “You're so good.” Ruan Shiqing boasted and then went to wash.

    After he left, the little mermaid immediately changed positions, staying far away from Rong Heng, his blue eyes widened and ear fins opened, staring at him vigilantly.

    Rong Heng glanced at him and lay back lazily.
He didn't take this artificial mermaid's defense into consideration.

    The little mermaid relaxed a little after seeing this but still stayed in the farthest corner from him, looking alert.

    After washing and having lunch, Ruan Shiqing started the first day of work.

    Today is the day of the new store opening.

    He went downstairs and opened the door, hung up the sign of business, and then began to organize his materials and tools.
When purchasing furniture, he also bought some of the materials and tools he needed.

    During the few days in the new house, he used the fragmented time to read the books given to him by the mysterious man, and have a general understanding of the technological level of this world.
Now, he is ready to validate his learning.
The first experimental object is the little robot 09.

    After searching and comparing on the internet, Ruan Shiqing confirmed the model of 09, the fifth-generation PL-3 technology robot produced by the Naxi Company.

    This type of robot is mainly engaged in technical auxiliary work, not only loaded with a more comprehensive language system but also familiar with the structure and performance of various electronic and mechanical products in the empire so far.
It is a military robot produced by Naxi Company and specially supplied to the military.

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    Although 09 is obviously a scrapped and retired robot, Ruan Shiqing still has great expectations for him.

    He took the tattered and unrecognizable little robot from the storage shelf and placed it on the workbench solemnly.
Then put on the auxiliary electronic eyes and began to disassemble the small robot.

    First the mutilated limbs, then the chip-loaded head.

    He didn't turn off the robot completely.
Seeing that he had only one head left, the robot finally couldn't help but say, “First, sir, are you going to dismantle me?”

    Despite his best efforts to keep his composure, his voice still had a slight trill.
“Although I look a little worn out, I know two hundred and eighty-one languages.
In addition to Interstellar, I also I can teach you other languages, and you'll need me.”

    The little robot tried to sell itself, but after scanning the storage area several times, it found that its storage area was empty.
Except for the language system, other functional partitions had long been damaged.

    The red light on the display flashed, and he said lowly, “Actually, I am also very good at domestic work.”

    This is a lie, of course, there is no housekeeping function in his system.
But if the husband is willing to replace him with a new body, he can study again.
The little robot thought sadly.

    (T/N – I feel sad for the robot.
Is that a thing? )

    “Your body is too damaged to maintain basic functions,” Ruan Shiqing said.


    What Mr.
said is the truth, so the little robot cannot refute it.
It seems that today is the last day of my life, 09 thought so.

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    Robots do not understand the feeling of the end of life, they are the product of machinery.
Machine product, there is no life, and naturally, there is no death.
They just learned the word death by entering a lot of information.
But 09 felt that at this moment, he felt the fear and reluctance before death.

    He spoke again, “Sir, after you disassemble me, can you bury my remnant and useless body under the vines by the door?”

    He recognized the vines; its name was Falling Star.
Their flowers are unremarkable, but the fruit is brilliant golden, and when autumn comes, they fall into the ground like stars falling into the sky.
Hence the name Falling Star, and in flower language, it means eternal tranquility.

    “I think you can bury yourself,” Ruan Shiqing said, shutting down the little robot, carefully removing the outer shell of his head, and taking out the core components.
Then use a new metal material to imitate the shape of the PL-3 robot and recreate the body for him.

    The body of the robot is not easy to make, especially since the joints are very complicated.
However, Ruan Shiqing has participated in several robot competitions due to personal interest, so this work is very familiar to him.
Some materials are semi-finished products, but it took a long time for a basic robot body to be ready.

    He loaded 09's core chip assembly into the new body and restarted.

    The electronic display lighted up, and a stream of data slid by.
The little robot's voice sounded full of excitement and disbelief, “Am I not dead?”

    “You won't die.” Ruan Shiqing reminded him, and added, “Try to move.”

    The new body is in human form, about a meter or two high, all made of golden titanium steel.
He tried to take two steps, but the joints were not very flexible because they had not yet been run in and rounded.

    He muttered happily, “It would be great if I could have an oil bath.” This is every bot's favorite activity.

    But it doesn't matter if there is no oil bath, if you survive, you are already lucky.

The author has something to say:

    Rong Zai: I will leave this house soon and never come back.

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