ed Yuko's face in front of the camera and let people see that she was not disguised because her skin was naturally red after being pinched, he would be able to prove that the person he video was true.
It's Yuko Ikezawa.

However, Jiang Xia was surprised to discover that the situation was not quite right.

– There was no disguise.

But Yuko's skin didn't turn red either.


Jiang Xia retracted his hand in confusion and found that his black gloves were covered with a thick layer of makeup powder.


After silence, Jiang Xia stretched out his hand in disbelief and grabbed it again.

Ikezawa Yuko's face was still not red.

Maybe the powder was too thick.



…In this case, there was no way to prove that it was her real face.

Jiang Xia looked at his dirty gloves and Yuko Ikezawa, who was screaming under him, and briefly fell into thought.

After a while, he remembered that when he passed by the living room, there was a box of wet wipes on the coffee table.

An illusory light bulb of inspiration appeared above Jiang Xia's head.

He picked up Yuko Ikezawa like a sandbag, put her on the sofa in the living room, and pressed her again.


Then he grabbed a wet towel and wiped it hard against her face.

This time, it was finally wiped off.


Yuko Ikezawa's face was rubbed until red under the camera.
This extremely natural change couldn't be achieved by the current disguise surgery.
Therefore, it could be proved that this was the real face.




Yuko Ikezawa felt wet on her face.

She opened her eyes suspiciously.
At a glance, she saw Jiang Xia holding a wet wipe covered with her makeup.

Yuko looked at the wet wipes dully and then at the camera that was still shooting at her.

Realizing what happened, she burst into a scream of rage.


The decibel startled Jiang Xia, and he unconsciously dropped a knife to the side of Yuko's neck.

The screaming stopped abruptly.

Yuko Ikezawa's beautiful eyes rolled, and she fainted with a face full of unwillingness.

The place became quiet again.

Jiang Xia withdrew his hand and breathed a long sigh of relief.


Holding the camera, he looked down at Yuko Ikezawa and hesitated for a moment, feeling that since things had already started, it would be best to end them.

So he took some more wipes, wiped Yuko Ikezawa's face thoroughly, and videoed the whole process.

Then stopped the recording.

With this proof, whether it was sending Yuko Ikezawa to jail for reform or threatening her to stop harassing Yoko Okino, it was enough.


However, there was a new problem…

Jiang Xia recalled the footage he had just shot, played it back, and paused the scene at the end.

He looked at Yuko Ikezawa's face without makeup and remembered her usual appearance on the poster, and suddenly he was a little confused.

The difference in her appearance before and after seems to be a bit big?…In this way, could it really prove that Yuko Ikezawa was not someone else's disguise?



But after cleansing, it was impossible to repaint her makeup again.

Jiang Xia recalled the desperate eyes of Yuko Ikezawa just now and realized that she seemed very concerned about the content of this video.

…So it shouldn't be a big problem.


The plan could still proceed as usual.

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