As soon as Jiang Xia entered the classroom, the noisy environment suddenly became quiet.

Not because of fear of school bullies.
The ones who became quiet were mainly female students in the class.

Most of them were looking at Jiang Xia's face.

A few were keen, looking at the back of his hand.

The silence only lasted for a moment, and the number of people whispering increased, but the conversation topic differed from before.


Soon, the teacher entered the classroom with a stack of examination papers.




Jiang Xia found a seat, sat down, and quietly took the test.

Between exams, he went out to buy a can of Coke.

When I returned, I found a lot of wound medicine stuffed in the drawer.

There were sticky notes with perfume on the few medicine bottles outside, and words of concern or confession were written.

Some of the bottles didn't have it, but the bottle had traces of tape being stuck on it.

Jiang Xia watched silently for a while, suspecting that there were also stickers on them, but they were taken away by the latecomers…
tsk tsk tsk, this wicked world of looking at faces.

Fortunately, he had always been handsome in his past and present life.


Please continue with this habit.




Jiang Xia didn't touch those medicines and notes.

It's not good to take it home, and it's not good to throw it away.

Later, he thought about it, and he wouldn't need the desk drawer anyway, so he might as well put it here.

This way, the next gift giver may fail because she couldn't find space inside.

And if he acted rashly and didn't handle it properly…
According to the characteristics of this world, Jiang Xia was worried that he would find poison in his water glass soon.


Then Kudo-Kun in the back seat could perform “choose one of the three suspects of poisoning” while showing sadness and using him to improve his skill…




Kudo Shinichi was also late today, and only after two exams arrived.

But he had a legitimate reason – on the way here, he encountered a murder case in the breakfast shop and came over after the explanation was completed.

The invigilator nodded as usual and let him in.


Kudo Shinichi's position was right behind Jiang Xia.

When passing by Jiang Xia, his eyes inadvertently glanced over Jiang Xia's pen-holding hand and then sat, staring thoughtfully for a while.

Just after finishing the exam, Jiang Xia was stabbed by the pen on the back shoulder.

When he turned around, he saw Shinichi Kudo staring at the back of his hand and asked inquisitively,


“What caused the injury? The bruised area is too large and evenly distributed.
If it wasn't a hit injury,There might be problem on an important organ.
You better…”

Jiang Xia interrupted him without changing his face: “Yesterday afternoon, the football you kicked hit me.”

Ran Mouri and Sonoko Suzuki happened to pass by, and when they heard this, they were shocked.

The two turned to Kudo Shinichi simultaneously and condemned: “Can't you play againts goalkeeper?!”

“??” Kudo Shinichi was also shocked, “Football is a multiplayer sport that values ​​cooperation! At the goal…” 


No, wait.

That doesn't seem to be the point.

The fact is that he didn't play Football at all yesterday and had been making up his records at the police station!

But it was obviously too late to focus on the key points at this time.


Shinichi Kudo found that Ran Mouri and Sonoko Suzuki looked at him as if they were looking at a “Scumbag who didn't apologize for kicking someone and came to ask the victim's feelings the next day as if nothing had happened”.

Kudo Shinichi was sluggish for a moment, struggling to refute: “You can't just listen to one side of the word – such a bruise, it's not swollen at all, it can't be caused by a football at all, you…” Then, finally, he turned to Jiang Xia, wanting to ask for explanations.

However, the front desk had already fallen asleep on the desk, concentrating on making up for sleep.


Yesterday, Jiang Xia finally touched the ghost.
He was a little excited and couldn't sleep.
So he got up in the middle of the night, rolled the ghost mint all night, and stayed up until the early morning, feeling sleepy.

“…Hey!” Kudo Shinichi couldn't accept this behaviour of leaving after throwing the blame and leaned over, trying to wake him up.

But before he touched Jiang Xia, he was slapped by Ran Maori and was warned in a low voice, “Don't disturb others' rest.”

Kudo Shinichi: “…”

He was about to defend himself, but suddenly, he felt a strong murderous aura.


Kudo Shinichi raised his head vigilantly, looking around for the source of the murderous aura.
But instead, he saw most girls in the class staring at him silently, and a few people from other classes outside stood by the door.

Kudo Shinichi: “…”

…It's not right.

This was going very wrong.

Obviously, Shinichi Kudo was the most popular handsome detective in Didan High School, and many beautiful girls wrote love letters to him a few days ago…
Why is the world different when Jiang Xia comes to school?


Although he was not angry, too many girls were glaring at him…

Kudo Shinichi measured his force value and silently closed his mouth.

Forget it, don't bother with your fragile neighbours.


Maybe Jiang Xia said that not deliberately touching porcelain but seeing an illusion…




After, Kudo Shinichi stop questioning a hundred thousand; why?

Jiang Xia happily spent a quiet day.

After school, when he got home, he prepared the tools to help Yoko Okino deal with a stalker.

Jiang Xia's house was not small, with several floors and a basement.

It was similar to the layout of Dr.
Agasa's house next door.

As his name suggests, Dr.
Agasa was an extraordinary inventor.
He was also Conan's golden finger provider – like the voice-changing bows, anesthesia watches, satellite belts, football shoes…
all he made.


At the front door to the doctor's house was the Shinichi Kudo family.

Every time Jiang Xia passed by and saw the house number with “Kudo” written on it, he felt that Jiang Xia's parents' luck was actually not bad.

Shinichi Kudo and his father, Yusaku Kudo, were the IQ ceiling of this world.


And his parents, as the people in the organization, lived next to Kudo's Family for so many years, but they didn't reveal their identity.




Now, Jiang Xia's parents had ascended to heaven, and the Kudo couple had already settled in the United States.
So Jiang Xia no longer had to worry about this problem.

However, next to him was Shinichi Kudo, a little expert at picking up the identity.

Fortunately, at present, Shinichi Kudo didn't realize that Jiang Xia was from the black organization.


This may be the same reason – because Shinichi Kudo didn't have much contact with Jiang Xia.

Jiang Xia Tongzhi was one year older than Kudo.
When he entered the school, he stayed in the first grade for various reasons and became a classmate in high school.


Whether it was Jiang Xia or Jiang Xia Tongzhi, they were very skilled in truancy…
Considering this, Jiang Xia was determined to keep the fine tradition of truancy.




Jiang Xia entered the laboratory at home, found a few useful props, and changed into a night outfit.

Then he put on a mask, covered his face, ran between Yoko Okino's studio and her home, secretly embezzled some electricity from the street lights, and installed several surveillance cameras.


After that, all the conditions of those road sections began to be seamlessly broadcast live at his home 24 hours a day.




The evening three days later.

When Jiangxia pruned potted plants, the monitor emits a beep sound of “di” and “di”.

It detected a specific picture.

Jiang Xia put down the scissors, replied the playback, and saw a uniquely colored car passing by the surveillance.

He zoomed in, glanced at the car license plate, and found that this was his goal.


So Jiang Xia put down the scissors, packed up, and got ready to start work.


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