Jiang Xia: “…”

He froze for a second, then bite the bullet and stretched his hand, poking at the child ghost.

 …The stinging pain hit instantly, and the fingertips seemed to roll around in the needle pile.

Jiang Xia was surprised, and he quickly retracted his hand.

…more powerful than he thought.


Plan A: First abduct it forcibly, then take it home, and you can put an “X” later.

“…” Jiang Xia chose to leave.
Anyway, he had Yoko Okino's contact information just now.

 Yoko Okino was also startled.


She couldn't see the ghost, so in her eyes, Jiang Xia's action was a bit offensive.

It's normal to shake hands but not on someone's wrist.

However, as an actor who was good at figuring out expressions, she also saw Jiang Xia's expression of resistance when he withdrew his hands-he didn't seem to like it either.


 “…” Yoko Okino has read a lot of literary and artistic scripts recently, and after being stunned, she made up a bunch of strange mental journeys.

For example: In order to be a good “bad boy”, he deliberately molested an idol, but at the same time, he despised this kind of behaviour, so he quickly pulled his hands in disgust…

In short, he was a misstepped teenager who repeatedly jumped on the edge of sin.


Seeing that Jiang Xia was about to leave, Yoko Kinoshita didn't have time to think about it.
So instead, she stretched out her hand and dragged him back.

To successfully catch someone, Yoko Okino stretched out her hand very far.

Jiang Xia was pulled around by her, and the child ghost had not yet climbed far, touched the back of his hand.

…It feels like a pot of boiling water has been poured into his hand.
Jiang Xia's ears buzzed in pain, and he held back his expression.

Fortunately, the child ghost didn't like this kind of contact and quickly crawled away angrily.

Pain lessened.


Yoko Okino knew nothing about what was happening in front of her.

She took something from her pocket, grabbed a handful of colourful crystal candies, and put them in Jiang Xia's palm.

Then she patted Jiang Xia on the arm as if to coax him, poured a bowl of chicken soup, and said warmly, “Go, don't force yourself to be a bad boy any more – being a detective is a good job, and you will definitely succeed.”


Jiang Xia: “…?”

He was stunned for a while, not understanding why Miss Yoko made such a comment.


In the end, I had to pretend that there was no such thing, took the candies back, left the “evidence” CD, and went away.




She waited for Jiang Xia to leave.

The manager returned to the car, locked the door again, and turned to look at Yoko Okino in the back seat.

Yoko Okino smiled at her relaxedly and handed over the CD: “He was just in a hurry and found an excuse to rub the car – this CD contains the study materials he engraved.” The


The manager's blood pressure soared, and she almost crushed the disc.

But it was just an excuse.

It means that Yoko never had an abortion, right?

The manager breathed a sigh of relief.


No black materials were fine.

She inserted the car keys, ready to leave, and complained to Yoko Okino about Jiang Xia tiredly: “This kid really likes to cause trouble for others, but the ruffians he has provoked will involve us.”

“The people's desire to survive is very strong.” Yoko Okino's soothing voice came from the back seat, “It's like some people say, 'When you are kidnapped, you have to smash passers-by's things, so that passers-by who have suffered financial losses will not stand by' – do It's something that harms the interests of innocent people, but it's just to survive, so it's hard to blame.”


“…I've only known each other for a few minutes, and you started to excuse him.” muttered the manager.

Yoko Okino listened carefully for a while and vaguely heard the manager scolding “fox spirit”.

She couldn't hold back a laugh, stopped talking, and picked up the half-read novel beside her.


The Director gave her the novel: “The Leaving Youth Never Returns”, Director's bloody chicken soup.

When I first read it, I felt that this book was stupid.

After watching too much, I was assimilated by it and felt it was a masterpiece.

At this moment, Yoko Okino was thinking with emotion: Seventeen or eighteen years old was an excellent age to dare and not too late to do anything.
Just once in a lifetime.


If Jiang Xia took the right path in the future, then she could be a witness to this miraculous transformation.




On the other side.

After Jiang Xia got off the car, he walked into an alley.

It didn't take long, and he heard footsteps behind – someone followed.


Jiang Xia walked to the hidden place and turned around.

I saw that the person following him was the blond gangster who “chased” him before.

The blonde gangster, holding a baseball bat, approached aggressively.

Then he hugged Jiang Xia enthusiastically: “How is it, boss.
Are you going to sign?”


– As a top-notch idol, Yoko Okino had fans for both men and women and was suitable for all ages.
However, it is especially popular in the male-dominated circle of delinquent teenagers.

Therefore, a few days ago, Jiang Xia proposed to “make up a reason to ask Miss Yoko to sign”, which immediately received a warm response.

A group of people followed Jiang Xia's instructions and disguised themselves as gangsters chasing him.

Although they didn't quite know the connection between “chasing down the boss” and “seeking Miss Yoko for an autograph, ” the boss was always right! Just go as planned.

Sure enough, it didn't take long for them to see that Jiang Xia got into Yoko Okino's car.


I could only say, worthy of being the boss!

After the blonde teenager asked for the autograph, he didn't wait for Jiang Xia to speak, looked around slippery, and couldn't help staring.

The blonde said to the boss in a low voice: “When I passed by you just now, I glanced in through the window crack, haha, The real Miss Yoko is even better than the poster…


Halfway through his words, he inadvertently lowered his eyes and saw a ferocious cyan colour on the back of Jiang Xia's right hand and was shocked.

After a while, a strange light of envy flashed in the blonde teenager's eyes: “…Miss Yoko hit you? Was it with her own hands?”

Jiang Xia: “…”

After two seconds, The blonde boy stared at him faintly.
Guiltily cleared his throat: “I mean, that…
it's too much! Even if you don't sign it, you even beat someone!” The


Other “people hired by the opposite newspapper” had fallen far from the back of Yoko's car.
Now that Jiang Xia got out of the vehicle, they also came to meet up one after another.

At this time, when they heard the blonde's whine from a distance, a group of people gathered around excitedly, with a posture that was ready to move.

——The boss was beaten by two beautiful women when stuck in the car?

Could this be tolerated?

Could not!


They had to….

Ahem, no.

It was necessary to seek justice for the boss!

Jiang Xia faced their scorching gaze, feeling something was wrong with these little brothers.


He sighed tiredly: “No one hit me, it was hit a few days ago.” He raised his hand and shook it, revealing the trace of being touched by a ghost, “How could this be new? look at its colour.”

Jiang Xia didn't want to see strange reports like “Shocked! Delinquent teenagers go to the entertainment company to attack the studio” the next day.

The younger brothers were quite disappointed when they heard his explanation: “Oh, that's right.”

Their memory was generally not very good, and they didn't usually have the habit of staring at other people's hands.
They couldn't remember what Jiang Xia's hand looked like a few days ago.
So, they believed his explanation.


…The crisis is over.

The little brothers happily returned to the topic just now: “Miss Yoko is so cute! …
By the way, boss, what kind of fake material did you use to get on the bus?” They also wanted to learn.

Jiang Xia said casually: “I posted a copy of her 0-point report card, threatening her to expose her low intelligence if she didn't sign it for me.
Then she called me into the car and told me to be honest all the way.”


After that, Jiang Xia reached into his pocket and took out the candies Yoko Okino gave: “The real person is so cute, I just looked at her and forgot to sign her autograph.
She gave me some candy before getting out of the car, you can make do with it.”

“Oh!” The bad boys were delighted.
But, rather than the formulaic signature, the sweet candies were more memorable for them.

A handful of candies was gone in an instant.

Jiang Xia had only one left in his pocket.


But he didn't plan to eat it.
This candy smells like Yoko Okino, which could be kept as a souvenir and used to coax that ghost in the future.
The principle was probably similar to preparing a cat toy before raising a cat.




Today, Jiang Xia's original target was the child ghost.

But judging from the contact just now, the child ghost was very obsessed and couldn't be easily picked up.

However, it was not without gain.


——At the moment of touching it, Jiang Xia found that the obsession of the child ghost was quite naive: it wanted to see the biological father and biological mother live together harmoniously.

Maybe it's because it had been following Yoko Okino and had read too many silly love-sweet scripts.

Jiang Xia didn't know Yoko Okino's ex-boyfriend and didn't plan to complete its obsession.


You must make their obsessions less serious to pick up such stupid ghosts.

In addition to helping them achieve their wishes, it could be achieved in another way-to let the ghosts accept the beating of reality and realize that what they expected was impossible to achieve.

Considering this, Jiang Xia turned on his false “precognition ability”, recalled the plot, and soon had a rough plan.


However, he couldn't go right away.
He had to make some preparations first.



The next day, when Jiang Xia was washing in front of the mirror, he found that the back of his hand was all blue, but luckily it wasn't swollen.

The child ghost couldn't hurt his spirit but could injure his body.
The main thing was this body, which had never been in contact with a real ghost, and was a little allergic to the first touch.

However, the harm caused by the child ghost could cause to Jiang Xia was at most to this extent.


Otherwise, he would not have dared to poke at it before.

Jiang Xia shook his wrist twice and found that it didn't hurt and didn't affect his movement, so he ignored it and packed up to go to school.




Jiang Xia usually only attended when there were quizzes and took sick leave at other times.

However, he did well, thanks to his excellent memory and comprehension skills.


Although there was a Kudo Shinichi in the class, it differs from the anime because of its many details.
Jiang Xia couldn't be sure whether Kudo Shinichi would become Conan, and he didn't know whether the time in the future would be longer than twenty a year.
So the entrance examination to the university was actually in his life plan.

Anyway, he didn't need to study hard and remembered the theory at a glance.


If the time hadn't been stretched, it would be more comfortable to go to a good university and sneak into the organization's research laboratory than to be a peripheral member fighting and killing.

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