Before being dragged to work overtime by Gin.

Jiang Xia was on his way to the “Yoko Okino Studio”.


 ——He needed to create an opportunity to get close to Yoko Okino.

Because he had to collect a ghost.

Judging from his observation of the past few days, the child ghost had always been quietly hugging Yoko Kinoshita's body.

If the child ghost was weak or had a soft temperament, Jiang Xia could use the method of “catch it and run” and directly abduct it home.

But if the ghost child was stronger than he thought.
You had to investigate the specific situation first, then make a plan, and slowly work it out.




Jiang Xia checked Yoko Okino's announced itinerary.
She had not held a fan meeting recently.

Suppose they went directly to the company to block people.
Their studio's security was quite strong.
If something went wrong and caused an uproar, Jiang Xia was at risk of entering the police station to drink tea.

As a member of the black organization, “going to police station” was the same as “being silenced by Gin”.

Gin was extraordinarily skilled at killing his teammate.
So never give Gin a chance to shoot.

In short, asking Yoko Okino to “solve it in private” was the best choice.




Yamahira Town, next to the old building.

Yoko Okino and her manager were sitting in the car, planning to wait for the assistant to come back after picking up the things before moving to the next announcement.

Here was the set of Yoko Okino's new play, a TV drama about passionate youngsters in universities.
The director had chosen a place where 'bad' students gather realistically.


In the past, the gangsters and the crew members didn't make trouble for each other, and they were very peaceful.

But today, things were different.

——Through the car window, the manager saw a group of masked gangsters carrying bats and motorcycles, circling aggressively as if they were blocking people.

When the gangsters scrambled to search around the area.

The manager saw a suspiciously handsome young man who was highly suspected of being the gangster's target, avoiding the crowd and sprinting to their car.

This person was Jiang Xia.

The manager didn't know him.
She frowned, guessing that this person was probably blocked, so he wanted to rub their car and leave.
However, the manager didn't want to intervene in this matter and planned to refuse.

Who would have thought that when Jiang Xia approached, he didn't say “help” or beg? Instead said: “I'm the paparazzi who stared at you recently.” 

Yoko Okino and her manager: “….?”

Under the shocked and puzzled eyes of the two, Jiang Xia looked at Yoko Okino and whispered, “Sister, you have misscariage before.”

After speaking, he held a CD in his hand, giving people the illusion that “this is evidence”.

The manager was startled and looked at Yoko Okino hesitantly.

At this moment, more than ten meters away, the blond gangster who took the lead in blocking people glanced and saw Jiang Xia beside the car.

He whistled arrogantly and steppes the accelerator.
The motorcycle slammed close, and he let out an excited scream and swung a bat toward Jiang Xia.

Jiang Xia dodged sideways.
The blond gangster's motorcycle couldn't stop and sped out very far.

Jiang Xia glanced over there, then looked into the car again, speaking faster: “Those are the people hired by the newspaper.
If my things fall into their hands, the price will only be higher – now help me If I run away, I will give you a 40% discount on these materials.”

The manager frowned, she didn't believe it.

But at this time, Yoko Okino looked at Jiang Xia through the car window, then at the gangster blocking people, and suddenly said, “Let him get in the car.”

The manager paused, and after a while, she turned her head abruptly: “Yoko , you won't really…?!”

Yoko Okino repeated softly but firmly: “Let him get in the car.”

——Five minutes later.

Jiang Xia obediently sat in the back row, holding the fake information in his hand.

Yoko Okino's car was driving on the road leading to the city.

The manager held the steering wheel and sneered irritably with a cigarette in her mouth: “Boy, you're too brave.
Let you get in the car, but you really dare to get in—don't ask me where I'm taking you?”

Jiang Xia also knew that he was rude today, so I kindly followed their words and asked, “Where are you going?” 


“Tokyo Bay, and there will be another piece of cement in Tokyo Bay.”

Jiang Xia: “…”

He continued to use the tone of a good student, and said sincerely: “You are all good people, you will not do this.” 

The manager sighed and uttered: “Hehe.”

After throwing off the gangsters that were following them.

The manager glanced at Jiang Xia and asked for the price of the information in his hand.

Such a big material, whether true or false, first stabilized the person, which was certainly the right step.

“Fifty thousand.” Jiang Xia gave a price for cabbage and then added a request like he was apologetic:


“Can I talk to Miss Yoko alone? After photographing her for a long time, I found that she has a lot of charming flashes.
Now, I actually admire her very much, otherwise I wouldn't have been holding on to the news and refused to take action.”

The manager was shocked when she realized the meaning of Jiang Xia's words.

Paparazzi turned fans?

And listening to this, did he want to use the idol's black material for an alone opportunity with the idol?


The manager peeked at Jiang Xia from the rearview mirror and shook her head.

The boy thought so beautifully, and he talked with her alone.
Did you want to confuse idols with beauty?

She would refuse him.

But her teammate, Yoko Okino, thought about it and said, “Okay.”

Manager: “…..”

She almost ran through a red light, slammed on the brakes before passing the line, and looked back from the mirror.
She was staring at her artist in the rear.

Yoko Okino looked back firmly.

After more than ten seconds of silence, the manager sighed and looked away.




After a while, the manager parked the car in a relatively hidden place and got out of the car: “Give you five minutes.”

Then turned to Yoko Okino: “Explain it to me later.”

After speaking, she slammed the door up.

The soundproofing of this car was good enough.

Through the car window, Jiang Xia glanced at the manager standing on the side of the street and lit a cigarette in annoyance, then turned to Yoko Okino next to him and admitted, “I'm sorry, but I don't actually have any information about you.”

Yoko Okino was not angry.
Instead, she leaned back in the chair and smiled very Buddhist: “I know.”

She did have a miscarriage.
But it was a spontaneous abortion.
At that time, with her decadent attitude toward life and death, she never went to the hospital for any checkups.

So just now, as soon as Jiang Xia took out the “disc with evidence,” Yoko Okino knew that this young man had nothing on him.

But she still let Jiang Xia got into the car.

On the one hand, it was because this person was young.
On the other hand, it would be a pity if the gangsters beat him up, and she wanted to save him.

And she also wanted to ask him something.

She looked at Jiang Xia and said hesitantly, “Did you…really follow me during this time?”

—— Recently, Yoko Okino encountered an unidentified stalker and suffered a series of insane harassment: not only threatening letters and threatening phone calls, the man even entered her house and moved her furniture without authorization.

Yoko Okino had planned to hire a detective to investigate.

But just now, when she met Jiang Xia, she suddenly thought: If the “stalker” was Jiang Xia, then talk to him honestly, and the matter might be resolved.




At this time, “the suspect of stalking” was sitting next to her, and Yoko Okino had already formulated her words.

However, when the words came to her lips, she turned her head to meet Jiang Xia's transparent eyes at first glance, “Are you the perverted stalker who harassed me?” After that, she was a little speechless.

Yoko Okino: “…” I heard that the minds of today's minors were more fragile than glasses.

In case it wasn't Jiang Xia's doing.
When she asked that, Jiang Xia gave birth to the second thought “Since you all think I'm bad, then I'll really be a bad person!”

She simply harmed others and harmed herself, and her sins were heavy.




Jiang Xia sat next to her, watching Yoko Okino want to talk but stop.
After a minute, she still didn't say anything.

Jiang Xia was inevitably a little puzzled.

However, he had guessed something from Yoko Okino's question just now.

This world's many details differed from the “Detective Conan” Jiang Xia had seen.

——For example, this Yoko Okino, and her very attractive female manager.

But some things remained the same.

For example, Jiang Xia had a detective classmate named Kudo Shinichi.

Another example was Kudo Shinichi had a beautiful and cute childhood friend who could punch through steel plates with one punch.
She was also Jiang Xia's classmate named Ran Mouri.

According to Jiang Xia's “prophecy,” in the future, Kudo Shinichi will be beaten and drugged by Gin, tragically turning into Conan.

Then Conan would move into Ran Mouri's detective office, live with Ran, and solve the case together.

Among those cases, one was “Miss Yoko's stalker case”.

Although there were some differences details.

But Jiang Xia still intuitively felt that Yoko Okino in front of him was the “Miss Yoko” who the stalker harassed.




The time the manager gave them to talk alone was up.

After thinking about it, Jiang Xia did not let Yoko Okino continue to struggle.
Instead, he took the initiative to say, “You want to ask about the stalker?”

Yoko Okino was startled.

“…” Could it be that the stalker was really him?!


Jiang Xia looked at her frightened expression and waved his hand, “It's not me.”

Yoko Okino: “Huh?”

Jiang Xia began talking nonsense: “But when I followed you, I saw suspicious people.” Then, he suggested, “Why don't I help you solve this matter – just take it as a thank you gift for letting me take a ride just now.”

Yoko Okino looked at him and thought: Is this young man planning to change his career from paparazzi to detective?

After all, Yoko Okino was a resident of the detective world.
In her eyes, being a detective was indeed the right path.

Although Yoko Okino hesitated because Jiang Xia sounded like a novice, she still nodded: “Okay.”

She didn't want to discourage Jiang Xia from changing careers.

Initially, she also planned to find a detective to solve it.
And now, with the help of Jiang Xia, who had seen the “stalker” with his own eyes, he might be able to handle it faster.




After the chat, Yoko Okino left her private phone number and address to Jiang Xia.

Jiang Xia took it down carefully and then naturally reached out to her, signaling for a handshake.

This was his original purpose.
Then, out of the corner of his eye, he glanced at the “bracelet” on Yoko Okino's wrist, a child ghost that ordinary people couldn't see.

Yoko Okino didn't think much and did the handshake.

Initially, according to the little ghost's position, Jiang Xia could touch it with just a handshake.

Unexpectedly, The little ghost seems to dislike Jiang Xia very much.
When Yoko Okino raised her hand, it silently moved back a little.

Suddenly became untouchable.

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