Jiang Xia didn't actually hate Shiho Miyano.


Judging from a bit of memory he analyzed, Jiang Xia Tongzhi had no resentment towards her either.


 ——In the car accident that Jiang Xia's parents encountered, the couple and Shirley were in a dangerous state of being crushed into a meat pie when the truck came over.


 At that time, the couple suddenly pushed Shirley out of the rolling range, delaying a little time to escape.


But in fact, judging from the images of the car accident at the time, even without the action of “pushing Shirley,” it was still difficult for them to escape from the back.


 ——It was more like a targeted murder than an accident.


 So it was not Shirley's fault for this incident.


However, I didn't blame her, which doesn't mean I have to post it and maintain a good relationship with her.
In my impression, before the car accident, although Shirley and Jiang Xia Tongzhi knew each other, they didn't know each other well and didn't have much communication.


Jiang Xia feels that this relationship was perfect, and there was no need to go further – Shirley was the core member of the organization.
However, there were many troubles and troublesome people around her.
And Jiang Xia was a hapless psychic without ghosts.
So he now wanted to maintain a peaceful life.


Thinking of this, Jiang Xia lowered his head and looked at the beautiful Shirley inside the Porsche and the lovely but not cute supplements in her hand, and did not reach out to pick them up.


Just politely declined: “No need, you are too polite.”


Shirley's hand holding the bag stiffened slightly.


After a short pause, she withdrew her hands expressionlessly, threw the medicine bag back on the seat, put her arms around her chest, and didn't turn her head away.


 And then turned her gaze uneasy.


Her gaze stopped on Jiang Xia's left wristband.
She quickly moved away and said in a cold voice,

 “I heard from Dr.
Kazuto that you didn't return to the clinic on time—the next appointment is on the 23rd, remember that.”


Kazuto” was a doctor in the Psychology Department of Tokyo Hospital.


When Gin, next to her heard this, his eyes turned back and forth between Jiang Xia and Shirley.


He had never felt that Jiang Xia had a problem before.
I suddenly heard “doctor” at this time, and then I realized that this helpful peripheral member had not yet recovered.


In a deep voice, Gin said, “We don't need an indefinite time bomb that can die at any time.
If one day you can't perform the task because of your mentality – human experiments are just short of materials.”


 “…” Jiang Xia glanced at the increasing murderous aura on him and nodded slightly, “I know.”


Gin didn't say any more.


He did feel that Jiang Xia was a useful subordinate, but it was only helpful, not irreplaceable.
So it was enough to remind Shirley to “seek medical attention in time.”




Retrieved Shirley's bag, Both Gin and Vodka, returned to the car, and the three quickly left.


 Jiang Xia pretended to watch for a while.


After the black Porsche turned the corner, Jiang Xia turned around and left, heading straight for his motorcycle.


 In the past, he might stay for a while, looking carefully at where Gin had stayed to see if there was any extra murderous aura.


But since last week, Gin was no longer his only hope of activating his abilities.


That's right, now, Jiang Xia had a new goal.


It was a young idol who had recently become popular, Yoko Okino.


Jiang Xia went out today and actually planned to find Yoko Okino.


 Only halfway was pulled by Gin to be a tool man.


 Fortunately, things were resolved quickly, so there was no need to delay the business until the next time.




The matter of replacing the “Activated Goldfinger” should start from last week.


When Jiang Xia came home from school and passed by the home appliance store, he casually glanced at the display TV in the window and stopped.


 ——On the TV, Yoko Okino's cooking show was playing.


Jiang Xia saw that she was holding a translucent crystal bracelet-like thing around her wrist.


The “bracelet” was wriggling slightly, and a human figure could be vaguely seen.


Jiang Xia recognized it immediately: this quivering thing turned out to be the “ghost child” he had been looking for for a long time.


 But much smaller than regular ghosts.


It's normal.
How could two hands be so big together? But this one was extraordinarily small, maybe because it was just an embryo when it died.


But it was already pretty good.


Ghost fetuses were the best medium for psychics to exert their power; even in previous lives, they were rare and sought-after.
Without it, the psychic would be as miserable as a summoner with 0 summonable.


After a year, Jiang Xia was relieved and moved when he finally saw the ghost.


 The god of luck did not leave.


 He was still him, that witty and handsome European Emperor.




 Jiang Xia recalled the ghosts on TV and soon found where he parked his motorcycle.


At this moment, his cell phone rang suddenly.


The technological line in this world was chaotic, sometimes advancing and sometimes reversing, without any regularity.


Jiang Xia was currently using one of the most ordinary 3G mobile phones.


He stepped on the motorcycle, glanced at the caller ID, and picked up the phone: “I have something to do just now.
I will be there soon.”


An excited voice vaguely came from the phone: “Okay, brother!”


Jiang Xia didn't speak anymore, hung up the phone, wearing a helmet, and left.

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