Jiang Xia gently removed the dead leaves and stared at a half-dry mud shoe print on the ground.

The owner of the footprint was around 28 cm, and the number of shoes commonly used in Japan was 26,5 cm.
The footprint was a non-slip thread, and the edges were worn.

There were other similar footprints ahead.

Jiang Xia knew that a thief actually stepped on this.

Today, Jiang Xia was ready to go out and wanted to do his own big business.

Who would have thought that halfway through, he was suddenly called away by his boss – an important researcher's bag in the organization was robbed.
So, Jiang Xia's boss, the model worker with the code name “Gin” remembered that Jiang Xia was within this area.
So he was temporarily assigned to look for the bag.

Jiang Xia stopped riding the motorcycle and followed the muddy footprints on the ground.

 A woman's cold voice came from the earphones on the cheek: “The robber is half a head taller than me, the hair on the edge is highlighted red, and there is a burn scar on the back of the right hand near the thumb.”

Shiho Miyano described it in detail and a calm tone.
And there was no turbulence.
She didn't sound like someone who had just been robbed of her bag and pushed to the ground.

 “I see.” Jiang Xia knew all about the people in this area.
As soon as he heard that the thief's red hair was scalded, he had already identified the rascal.

He estimated the distance: “I should be able to get the bag back.
It won't take too long.
Give me 5 minutes.”

 Shiho Miyano said, “um.”

After hesitating, she wanted to add, “pay attention to safety.”

But when she opened her mouth again, the phone had been hung up, and there was a short “beep” sound from the other side, and it was quiet again.


Shiho Miyano silently looked at the darkened mobile phone screen.

When Jiang Xia answered the phone calls from Gin or other cadres, he always waited for the other party to hang up first, but not this time.

Although this can also be explained by “time pressure.”

But Shiho Miyano always felt that the truth was because Jiang Xia didn't want to listen to her voice for a second.


Jiang Xia didn't understand other people's complicated feelings.
He just wanted to hurry up, finish this overtime work, and do his business.

He took off his earphones, put them in his pockets, turned a few intersections along the street, and came to an old three-story apartment.

The apartment building was painted green, with a thick barbed wire fence and a worn lockable unit door.
Well, the security conditions were not bad.

Yet, it could only defend against a legal citizen.

Jiang Xia glanced over a row of mailboxes and confirmed The Red Haired Man's room number.

Then he climbed the thick barbed wire that was very friend

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