The Corporation

Chapter Three - The Dinka

Jack had been looking forward to today. He would finally find out if he was going to get a full free ride to a university. Hed been saving up for three whole months to afford the plane ticket to New York City. It was a lot bigger than Grundy, thats for sure. He had average grades, but average in Appalachia, at least in his town, was impressive. But he never had really considered going to college. He thought he would just have to take over the farm when he got old enough, but one day he went to the library to study, and he saw an email with an offer to see if he is eligible to attend Pepperton Academy. He excitedly accepted the offer, and now here he is, good ole Jack Warrenfoster from Grundy, Virginia, about to meet the first people that have never been to Grundy. He was really nervous. Of course, he met the airport people, but he didn really count that. He fixed his hair, and stepped out of the elevator. Almost instantly, the sheer variety of different types of people blew him away. He heard people speaking different languages even. Then he tapped a woman on the shoulder. He thought she was American Indian.

”Excuse me, Indian lady? What exactly are we supposed to be doing here, exactly? ” Jack tried his best to not come off as a super rednecked hillbilly, taking special time to consider his words.

”First off, its American Indian. Second, Im not one, Im a Yupik. ” The girl said.

”Im sorry, I don get out much to be frank. Whats a Yupik? Wheres that? ” Jack said.

”Its alright, I suppose. You don seem hateful. You should probably read more, though. Im from Alaska. ”

”Oh, you
e one of those Eskimo people I heard about? ” She glares at him. ”Oh, is Eskimo offensive? I had no idea, Id like to apologize maam. ”

”Its alright. But yeah, Alaska native. Where are you from? ” She asks. Jack blushed a bit. He just realized he is talking to a girl. He gets all jelly legged when he does that.

”Oh, a small town in the Appalachian Mountains of Virginia, called Grundy. Everyone knows everyone, but oh lord, it would take years to know everyone in New York City. ” The girl smiles. Think Jack, come on, what do you talk about with a girl to not be awkward? ”Names Jack Warrenfoster. ” Good job, Jack, thats totally what to say.

”Sandra Torngasak. Nice to meet you Jack. ” She said, and shook his hand. He smiled and blushed, when he followed someone telling him to get into a different room. The person rushed him and handed him a name tag that said Virginia, United States. After the group finished listening to the message on the tablets, they stood around uneasy. Finally, it was Jack who ended the silence.

”What the hell? They told us the school was called the Pepperton Academy. What the hell is this Corporation? ” Jack yelled.

”Vell, judging by zhe wording, ve have been scammed. Disappointing to say zhe least. ” A man said, his name tag Hessen, Germany. Another young man began speaking something in some type of African language, at least Jack thought it was, was freaking out a little. The German boy had a small conversation with the African boy. The German laughed a bit, and it made Jack nervous that he was around someone so much smarter than he.

”Not likely, mein friend. ” The German laughed.

”What he say? ” Someone else called.

”He said zhat hes scared zhis ist a human trafficking scam. Apparently, in South Sudan, hes heard of a similar scam und a few days later a bunch of vomen vere being sold. Although I do not like zhis nation very much, I severely doubt that anyzhing like zhat would ever happen in a first vorld nation. ” The African boy nodded in uncertain agreement. ”Vell, I vish I could say it vas a pleasure to meet du all, but Im a terrible liar. I shall return to mein home. Farevell. ” The German boy walked smoothly over to the door, and tried to turn the door knob. It did not turn. ”Ah, of course. Still buying everyzhing from zhe Chinese, I see. Classy. Nozhing against the Chinese of course, I wouldn make quality products eizher if I was a child slave. ” The German boy tries again, then jiggles it a bit. Nothing. Oh, right, I hate that everything we have is from China. Cheap bastards. ”Odd. Perhaps es ist one of zhose doors zhat just pushes open. ” The German boy says and pushes against it. He sighs in irritation. He looks over the others, and gestures towards Jack to help. That smart boy wants me to help him? Oh geez, I hope I don look dumb. Jack tries his hardest to look cool.

”Yeah, most likely some cheap Chinese bullshit. Ya know Trump was kicking their ass for a while. Let me see if I can figure it out. ” Jack says, walking over.

”Vait, I zhink I got somezhing, hold on. ” The German said, and the knob turns very slightly, and seconds later he falls back in pain, right onto Jack. The German stares with wide eyes at the knob. Holy shit, why is he so close?!

”What the hell? Are you alright? ” Jack asks.

”Es… Es shocked me. Not just static electricity, mind du. ” The German, now wide eyed, looks over to the African. ”Don vorry, mein uncle runs a very large company in Germany. Hell get us out of zhis. ” The German said, frantically dialing the number. He drops the phone as he sees that the signal is being blocked. Suddenly the door swings open, and a man in an all black military getup holding an automatic rifle bursts in. The German stands up and points at the man. ”Du idiot! Du are trying to kidnap me? Do du know who I am, du stupid American schwein?! ” The man just points the gun at him.

”Shut up kraut. ” He says.

”First of all, zhis isn 1945, und second of all, mein uncle can pay du however much du vant. ” The German says.

Uh oh.

”I said, ” The man raises his hand and smacks the German in the face, right over his left eye, sending him to the ground. The German clenches his face in pain, as a black eye begins to form, but stays on the ground. ”Shut up. And that goes for everyone here. The Corporation wants you **s to shut up and go quietly on the transport trucks. If not, we
e gonna have a **ing problem. ” A few people charge at him, and three people are instantly shot and killed. What the **? Did I just… witness someone kill? The group, including Jack, all froze in horror. Shit just got real. The German scrambles to stand up, being helped up by Jack. Poor German boy, Im glad he wasn killed though. The man opens the door on the opposite side of the room, which leads right into the back of a semi truck. The German obediently rushed through it, standing against the far wall of the cargo container, just to get away from that man. Jack made sure everyone else was on the truck before joining. No one else has to die. We will be ok if we listen. Jack began getting closer to the German to comfort him. The German backed into the wall and shook his head. Jack backs up and returns to the back of the truck, not wanting to make him feel uncomfortable.

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