The Conqueror’s Sister

Chapter 4: Myself vs. Curtis

o it.

Breathing heavily, I used my fleeting strength to toss Curtis off of me again. He backpedaled away and kept himself from falling backwards. Before launching my finisher, I need time to catch my breath. Thankfully, Curtis also took this time to take a break.

”Lets stop, ” he said.

Is he worrying about me?, I thought. He sounded concerned. Like if we continue, one of us will get hurt. Maybe Curtis is right. I do not want to hurt him badly in an accident. Even if he has more energy than me, I am confident that I will still win. That is what makes me want to continue. So…

”No. ”

I shut down Curtiss offer.

Without a moment of hesitation after my answer, I tripped.

Or at least that is what I need Curtis to think.

”Ah, ” I cried, trying to make it seem real.

If Curtis takes the bait and jumps on me, then I win, I thought. All I will have to do is roll over to pin him. He will not be able to stop that. I am bigger than him, so it makes sense.

I collapsed to the floor, right in front of Curtis. Which I think caught him off guard because he did not move right away. Now, I wait a few moments.

He did not move. Instead, he spoke…

”Bla eskel… ”

Water fell. As if a cloud spawned over me and decided to dump all the rain at once. My entire body, except my head, got drenched.

Before I could react, Curtis finished his spell.

”Rec. ”

My body stiffened.

I can move. I am trying but being stopped. All I feel is wetness. A stream that stings my body still. Only my head is free to move. I am stuck looking left since I am laying on my stomach and my shoulders are unmovable. Looking down, I can see a thin layer of water molded around my shoulder.

”Huh? ” I couldn help but voice my confusion.

This is Curtiss magic water. He poured it on top of me. But why can I not move? It is just water. Sure it is magic, but I thought it still acted like water. Yet, no matter how much I struggle, it is keeping me down.

”Curtis! ” I cried. ”Whats this? Let me out! ”

”Are you going to fight still? ”

No, no, no. Did I lose? That should not be possible. Curtis is smaller and younger than me. Is magic just that strong? Or is Curtis just that strong? If I had magic, would I have won?

No, this is not over. Come on body! Force yourself out! Ahhhhh…

”Zaya, stop. ”

His small voice is so deceiving. He sounds like a normal four-year-old, but acts anything but normal. It is so frustrating, but he is still standing over me. I can see his feet. If I could just grab his leg, I can still win.

”Ill get out! ”

”If you had magic, this would not work. You would get rid of it. ”

”Well, I don , but I will still get out. ”

”No, Zaya— ”

”I will! Ill… Ill… ”

Did Curtiss magic water get to my eyes?

No, those are tears. Is crying all that I can do right now? Of course I am sad and frustrated. My little brother is already stronger and better than me. The bullies at school are right. I am a weak Weddler. Even if I end up getting magic, I will still be puny. It is too late now. I realized this a long time ago, but I did not want to admit it.

Is this going to be my life? Never being able to take care of myself. Always made fun of for my lack of magic. While Curtis will just get more powerful. Momma and Daddy will never have to worry about him. He will be praised for his strength. I will be forgotten in his shadow.

”Zaya, Im sor— ”

The stream calmed. Curtiss magic water dispersed. Leaving the pathetic me, a soggy sock, sprawled in a puddle. The magic is gone, but I do not want to move.

”It isn fair, Curtis. ”

I decided to talk after soaking up for a few moments.

”You are only four, and you already have magic. Not only that, you
e smart and strong. I don think any kid your age could do this. You
e such a pain. ”

”Zaya, s— ”

”Im so jealous of you! ”

Did Curtis try to say something? I do not know. I just want to talk.

”Im jealous… Did you take my magic? I don know if that is possible. If it is, maybe you don know that you did. It just doesn make sense! Why are you gifted magic, while I am forgotten? The doctor said my manucible is healthy, but it still has not awakened. Ill never forgive you. ”

”Zaya, stop! My head! ”

What is Curtis saying? As I was talking, I balled myself up, mimicking a roly poly to the best of my ability. I do not want to see or hear anything outside my shell.

”It hurts. ”

”Huh? ”

What hurts? Uncurling, sitting on my knees, I expected to see Curtis staring at me. Arms crossed with some annoying look on his face. Probably thinking about how pathetic his older sister is. I was not expecting to see him collapse and scream into oblivion.

His little body rolled across the ground. Periodically stopping to violently stretch or heave. All the while Curtis yelled to stop or his head was hurting. It was a frightening display. Curtiss hands were wildly scratching through his sweaty blonde hair. While he constantly blinked his eyes and tightened a gradually reddening face. All I could do was watch as this unfolded.

”Curtis? Whats happening? What are you doing? ”

”Zaya, Curtis, what are you guys doing up there? Are you alright? ” Daddy called from downstairs. His voice booming from downstairs.

Oh, right, Daddy. Daddy is a doctor. He can help. Curtiss magic is starting to leak from him as well. Coming in weak and powerful spurts from random spots on his body. It is starting to look really serious. Why is this happening? Curtis was fine just a moment ago.

”Dad—Daddy! Come up here! Curtis… Curtis is— ”

Wait. What is this feeling? It is suddenly chilly. My goosebumps are responding to the wetness of my clothes. My room feels like a freezer. The cold is making everything slow down around me. Daddys footsteps are a distant echo. Curtiss movements are leisurely painful. His screaming an unhurried ring. Only the chattering of my teeth is correctly paced.

I need something warm. In front of me, I can feel something warm. What is it? I need it. It can only be Curtis or the door. I need to get closer.

As I crawled forward, the warmth increased. It has to be Curtis. Heated air surrounds him. His skin is making a faint glow. Now, if I just hug him, this chilliness should go away. I spread my arms around Curtis and pressed my body against his. The freezing air slowly switched to a comfortable warmth. Then, it went black.

I felt nothing. I hear nothing. I smell nothing.

Am I dreaming? How long have I been here? I can tell.

Eventually, I saw again, but I was no longer in my room.


POV: ???

There used to be an Evil Conqueror that ruled another world. A world where magic is unheard of, but superpowers are common. There is a larger percentage of people without superpowers in this world, but those with superpowers tend to live better lives. Some use their powers for good. Some for evil. Others use it to rule. With a fickle power balance, this world rarely knows peace. Those born to rule constantly fight for supremacy. Even the Evil Conqueror, who had the entire world in his palm for the longest period of time, ended up being defeated. He was known by many, and referred to by various names and titles. Though, the only relevant name and title now for this Evil Conqueror is Curtis Shyes, Zayas little brother.

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