Ye Yixing felt like he must have been possessed by a cat when he got excited about wearing a collar!

Yes, this jerk of a cat had completely influenced his preferences and thoughts.

The silver collar seemed to be tailor-made for the black cat, fitting him perfectly.
At this moment, the little black cat looked handsome and dazzling, and the collar was light and soft, causing no pressure on his neck.

There was a simple calligraphy character “律” on the side of the neck, which could only be seen up close.

He seemed to have been marked by He Yanlu, trembling with excitement.

Belonging to him, belonging to him, belonging to He Yanlu…

If only he could ignore the two extra bells hanging from the collar below his neck!! (=皿=)

Why the hell did they have to hang those two bells on him unnecessarily? Did they not know how stupid he looked with those two bells jingling? “Meow~Ahh!” Ye Yixing shook his head in regret, and the bells on his neck made a crisp “ding-dong” sound without giving him any face.

He Yanlu seemed to enjoy the decoration on the little black cat, and his eyes lit up when he heard the sound of the bells.
He grabbed him and petted him frantically.

Ye Yixing was ashamed of the bells.
They were only supposed to have the engraved text!

It took a while to engrave the text, and then that damn waiter took He Yanlu to see the ornaments, all sorts of dog tags, cat tags, little fish, little bones, little flowers…little bells (= =).

He Yanlu was clearly very interested in the bells.
He played with them in his hand for a while and then decided to buy them for his son.

When it was time to pay, the waiter rattled off the prices: “The base collar is 2,800 yuan, plus 100 yuan for engraving, and 40 yuan for each of the two silver bells.
The total is 2,980 yuan…”

He Yanlu didn’t even blink, pulled out his wallet and said, “Credit card.” He didn’t care about spending money on buying things for his little black cat.

Ye Yixing’s emotions were inexplicably conflicted, and he didn’t know whether to be happy or worried.
He was being driven crazy by his own emotions.

If it were a person…receiving such a gift, should they cry or laugh?

“Damn you, I still think I’d be happier without the bell! Meow~” After returning home, He Yanlu exclaimed as he rubbed the black cat’s neck with his fingers, “My Xiao Hei is so handsome and cute!” His careful posture and enthusiastic eyes seemed to be treating the most precious treasure in the world.

Ye Yixing drooped his head, still feeling down about the bell situation.

“What’s wrong? Not happy?” He Yanlu asked softly.

Ye Yixing turned his head, not wanting to see the disappointment in the other’s eyes.
As he did, the bell on his collar rang lightly once again!

(=皿=) Yes, extremely unhappy!

He Yanlu bent the black cat’s head and gazed into those deep green eyes for a long time before saying, “You are mine.”

Yes, I am yours.
But I don’t want to wear the bell… (T_T)

Ye Yixing scratched at the bell on his neck with his paw, making it ring lightly.

“Meow~” he cried out in despair.

“Don’t you like it?” He Yanlu played with the bell on the black cat’s neck with his beautiful fingers, smiling happily.
“I think it’s very cute.”

“Meow~~!!” Damn you, as a male, I feel like my dignity has been shattered by these two bells!

“Starting now, it will be on for 24 hours.” He Yanlu remained unshaken.

At this point, Ye Yixing felt that his dad was quite cruel.
He would definitely “retaliate” bit by bit! Hmph!

“Little Black doesn’t like the bell, right…” He Yanlu began to smile like a fox again.
“This is perfect for punishment.
Every time you make a mistake, we will add another day to the bell.
The second time, it will be on for two days, the third time, three days, all the way up to the tenth time.
If I feel you’ve made ten mistakes, as long as the collar is on your neck, the bell will not be taken off!”

“Meow!!” You are my stepdad, not my biological one! (=皿=)

“But I think you’ll get used to them after being on for ten days.”

After a simple dinner and a bath, He Yanlu blew dry the fur on his body and put the collar back on him, saying, “You can take the bell off when you sleep.”

Ye Yixing was thinking about how he would annoy the heck out of you by constantly moving around and disturbing your sleep when he was next to you at night.
However, after hearing what He Yanlu said, he completely lost his enthusiasm.

Nevertheless, no matter how unhappy or frustrated he was, Ye Yixing still liked the version of himself around He Yanlu.

He lay on He Yanlu’s shoulder, wrapped his body around the other’s neck like a black plush scarf, and He Yanlu accepted this strange position without complaint.

Compared to his legs, it seemed that Xiao Hei preferred to stay above his chest.
When it was on his shoulder, it would occasionally stick out its tongue and lick He Yanlu’s face and neck.
Fortunately, the other didn’t mind and found it quite comfortable to be licked.

However, after a while, Xiao Hei’s weight became apparent.

He Yanlu typed on his computer for a while before he couldn’t help reaching out to peel the black cat off his neck, saying, “Get down, my shoulders are killing me.”

Ye Yixing reluctantly crawled back onto his lap, and He Yanlu symbolically kneaded it a few times before continuing to focus on his writing.
Ye Yixing had witnessed his concentration before, and he knew that unless he slept on He Yanlu’s lap, it would take him three to four hours to come back to reality.

When he wrote, he felt like his soul was transported to a different world, isolated from reality.

That feeling was quite wonderful.
In that world, he was a god.
He was reluctant to leave his creations because the characters he wrote about had captured him deeply.
They weren’t dead but alive, with flesh, blood, and thoughts, and they acted on their own.

He couldn’t control what they did and how they acted according to his own thoughts.
Just like God couldn’t control Eve from eating the forbidden fruit in the Garden of Eden.

The characters in his story directed him to write this and that, expressing their actions and thoughts.
Sometimes, they even started to come alive unexpectedly, wreaking havoc in his writing.

Perhaps the world we live in is just a story from a divine pen.
When humans do bad things, God will punish us.
Therefore, when our bad behavior exceeds his tolerance, the world will collapse and may even lead to destruction.

Ye Yixing suddenly felt a bit unhappy about He Yanlu’s writing.
He felt that He Yanlu’s attention was being divided by other things, and at this point, he didn’t even realize that he was jealous as “Zhiyan.”

Bored out of his mind, the black cat snuggled up to He Yanlu’s legs, warming them.
Then, he looked between He Yanlu’s legs and stared for a long time.

Suddenly, his brain flashed back to the fragrant scene from that morning when He Yanlu was still a human, and it was this area… As a teenage boy, he rarely suppressed his physical desires, and there was nothing to be embarrassed about.
When he didn’t have a partner, he would just take care of himself and relieve his desires.

Back then, he never intentionally thought of anyone while doing this.
However, at this moment, he was uncontrollably overheated just thinking about He Yanlu’s behavior that morning.

This “heat” was different from the cuddling and hugging he had experienced before understanding his feelings.
Now, this fire came too fast and too urgently, so intense that he couldn’t use reason to suppress it.

Yi Hang Ye reached out his paw and gently touched between He Yanlu’s legs…

It was soft and not very firm.
(= =)

He pressed down.

He felt He Yanlu’s body stiffen, obviously the best way to get the other person’s attention!

“What… are you doing?” He Yanlu asked with a smile, looking down at the mischievous black cat.

“Meow~” Yi Hang Ye felt his body start to swell again.

“Are you touching me?” He Yanlu reached out and easily grabbed the black cat, flipping him over with his belly exposed.
“I’ll touch you back.” He reached between the black cat’s legs and lightly teased him.

Ye Yixing struggled to turn over and escape He Yanlu’s grasp, but human control was much greater than that of a cat.
The bell on his neck jingled with pleasure as he struggled, expressing how happy the owner and pet were playing together!

(=皿=) Stop it! You’ve been touching me for so long after I only touched you once! You’re so damn clingy, damn it!

He Yanlu was having a great time, seemingly enjoying watching the black cat’s reactions.

“Meow~~” Please stop! I can’t take it anymore!

Ye Yixing felt like the intensity of his current state was even stronger than when the cat was in heat that morning.
His soul felt like it was about to break free from his body! He was so uncomfortable that he didn’t even feel like a normal human in heat.
He was startled by a thought that flashed through his mind, but it disappeared just as quickly.

Instinct took over and he used all his strength to break free from He Yanlu’s hands and rushed out of the bedroom and down the stairs at lightning speed.

“Xiao Hei–” He Yanlu’s worried voice echoed from the second floor as the black cat ran into the bathroom, seemingly the only safe place.

At this moment, Ye Yixing felt dizzy and his vision was blurred.
He suddenly felt a dull pain all over his body, and his neck tightened as if something was strangling him.
He reached for his collar to breathe and then his hand…

His hand! When he lowered his head, the first thing he saw was his left hand with the ring missing! He was wearing the same clothes he had worn to Yang Qu’s birthday party that night, and he had turned back into a human! He shook his head, and with a slight jingle of the bell, everything in his field of vision shrank several times!

“… Xiao Hei?” Because of the black cat’s strange reaction, He Yanlu followed closely behind and had already come downstairs.

Upon hearing the other person’s voice, Ye Yixing was so frightened that he jumped up and locked the door!

What should he do? He wasn’t mentally prepared to face He Yanlu in human form! What if He Yanlu found out that Xiao Hei was actually Ye Yixing? What would he do? Would he kick him out?

Ah, no, no, no! How could this happen?! He absolutely couldn’t let him find out!

He turned to face the mirror in the bathroom, only to find that his golden hair had turned completely black! Did the black cat have a hair dye function?

The collar around his neck was a bit tight, but luckily it was adjustable.
Ye Yixing widened a hole and fastened it, the silver collar was very exquisite and beautiful, very suitable for his slender neck.
He couldn’t bear to take it off, but the bell on it was really annoying.

The sound of the door latch being fastened sounded without surprise, and He Yanlu asked anxiously outside the door, “Xiao Hei… are you in there?”

Ye Yixing trembled as he held the bell he had already taken off and was at a loss for words – the greatest distance in the world is not when you are outside the door, and I am inside.
It is when you don’t know I am human and I don’t know if you like me.

“He Yanlu breathed a sigh of relief when he heard the sound of the bell, but then he became suspicious and asked, “How did you close the door!?”

Ye Yixing frowned, wondering whether he should meow like a cat to comfort He Yanlu, and he did just that…


(=_=) It sounded nothing like Xiao Hei’s meow.
Ye Yixing suddenly went from being a little boy to being a grown man.

His voice was so magnetic and charming when he spoke as a human! Why did he have to meow like a cat?

“Eh…” He Yanlu sensed that the meowing sound was different from usual and frowned in confusion.
“What’s wrong? Are you okay?”

Ye Yixing thought helplessly that he had never talked to He Yanlu before he turned into a cat.
Even if he spoke in his real voice now, it shouldn’t matter…

Otherwise, what could he do? Keep silent and lock himself in the bathroom? He was sure He Yanlu would worry enough to pry open the door!

With his hands on the sink, he looked at his true appearance in the mirror, his eyes filled with sadness.
Ye Yixing really wished he could turn back into a cat right now.
If he were a cat, he could stay by He Yanlu’s side without any restraint… really, that feeling would be too wonderful!

He Yanlu liked Little Black but not Ye Yixing…

“Xiao Hei… I command you to come out right now!” He Yanlu issued a final ultimatum.

Ye Yixing clenched his fists tightly and struggled intensely in his mind, making a huge decision –


A low, human voice came from behind the bathroom door.
He Yanlu almost thought he was hallucinating and pulled his hand back from the door as if he had been electrocuted, taking two steps back in fear.

“I’m Xiao Hei.”

Another human sentence instantly dispelled He Yanlu’s absurd imagination from two seconds ago, leaving him pale and his heart racing.
He was scared and thrilled at the same time.
“What… what? Who are you?”

He tried to control his pounding heart and trembling voice, not knowing whether he was afraid or happy.

“I’m your Xiao Hei… actually, I’m a cat demon.” (=_=)

“Cat… demon?” He Yanlu repeated the word, biting his tongue slightly when he said “demon,” with a questioning and confused tone.

Ye Yixing felt like he was hopeless, even at this moment, he still liked He Yanlu very much, finding his panicked reaction and questioning tone extremely cute.
He continued to deceive him, knowing that he could only fool him for a while…

“Well, actually I have been practicing for over a thousand years and can turn into a human.
But because of certain reasons, I was cursed and can no longer turn into a human form…”

“Um… um…” He Yanlu listened to Ye Yixing’s nonsense at the door, nodding along, his mind in complete chaos.
His rationality and ability to think had been completely frightened away.
Was this a dream? It couldn’t be true…!

But he said he was Xia Hei, no one else would say they were Xia Hei besides Xia Hei himself! (= =)

“The immortal who sealed me said that I can only speak and turn into a human under certain conditions…”

“What conditions?” He Yanlu asked softly.

“I’m not sure, but I guess it’s finding an owner…”


“There’s something that proves that I belong to you…”

“Is it… a collar?” He Yanlu hesitated to confirm.

“Yes.” Ye Yixing’s brain was spinning rapidly, his logic had to be flawless! Although He Yanlu was incredibly foolish, obvious lies could still be easily exposed.

The two of them fell into silence for a long time, until He Yanlu couldn’t help but ask, “Xiao Hei, are you in human form now?”

“Um.” Ye Yixing gritted his teeth and pinched his thigh, what should he do? Should he continue to lie?

His head was throbbing, and any desires or lusts had long since vanished, his body slowly cooling down.

“Can… can I see you?” He Yanlu asked cautiously.

“No!” Ye Yixing refused bluntly.
“I can’t choose my appearance, and now it’s become… very ugly.”


Ye Yixing seemed to hear He Yanlu chuckle outside the door and say, ‘No matter how ugly you are, I won’t mind.’

‘Very ugly, the ugliest in the world…’ It was truly a wry smile.
He had always been confident about his appearance, but he never expected that one day he would say such self-deprecating words in front of the person he liked.

No matter how you are in front of the person you like, you will always feel that you are not perfect enough…

‘But your voice is very nice, I like your voice,’ He Yanlu said.

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