The black cat had finally gotten used to sleeping while being held in someone's arms, and didn't feel uncomfortable or suffocated.
It was a rare sound sleep, but it was interrupted by He Yanlu's phone ringing in the early hours of the morning.


Even Daddy He seemed to be resisting the noise and buried his head deep in the covers, subconsciously holding the sacrificial cat tighter.


Ye Yixing found it very painful to witness.


He Yanlu frowned and tried to avoid the noise by staying in bed, but the phone just kept ringing persistently.
If he could, he really wanted to smash the phone for He Yanlu!


Unable to bear it any longer, He Yanlu blackened his face and slightly opened his eyes, reaching out to the noise source on the bedside table.


Glancing at the caller ID, he answered the phone and said, “Chu Wenxing…
Why are you calling so early? It's only 5:30!” His deliberately lowered voice had a lazy tone, slightly tinged with anger, but it also had a sexy flavor to it.


Tsk tsk, only Chu Wenxing could make He Yanlu so angry.


However, the other party seemed to be completely indifferent to the low pressure on the phone and said with a smirk, “Hehehe, I did it on purpose…”


“Beep.” He Yanlu promptly hung up the phone and turned off his phone.
He felt the world instantly quiet down, so he hugged the black cat and rubbed his chin against it, then continued sleeping.


“Making friends recklessly is a self-inflicted disaster! You should have shut down before going to bed!”


Although he complained silently, Ye Yixing felt unusually satisfied with He Yanlu's action, and bowed his head towards He Yanlu's neck to respond.


Then, the undisciplined duo of a person and a cat slept straight until noon.


Ye Yixing woke up hungry, feeling like his front stomach was sticking to his back, and glanced at He Yanlu, who was still lying motionless in bed.
He saw that He Yanlu's face was pale and he was frowning in a nightmare…
What's going on? Is he feeling unwell? Is he sick?


Ye Yixing was shocked and jumped up, forgetting his weak and hungry state when he woke up.
He raised his paw and patted He Yanlu's head.


However, He Yanlu still showed no signs of waking up.
Ye Yixing panicked and crawled onto him, scratching his armpits through his pajamas with all his might.
If there was still no response, it must be a physical problem…
he's going to die!


He Yanlu was tickled and laughed weakly.
He raised his soft hand and grabbed the mischievous black cat, saying in a barely audible voice, “Don't make a fuss…
Daddy is very hungry…
I don't have the energy to play with you right now.”


(=皿=) Damn it! I thought you were sick, but it turns out you passed out from hunger!


Even if you starve to death, you're too lazy to get up and eat!?


He Yanlu lay in bed with his eyes closed for a while before the dizziness in his brain eased slightly upon waking up.


His daily routine was generally fine, but his diet was definitely unhealthy.
When he was hungry, he only ate sweets and snacks, rarely eating a proper meal.
Although he was not starving to the point of being malnourished and skinny, this had still caused problems with his stomach and his physical strength was also weak.


If he woke up too late in the morning and didn't replenish his sugar and nutrients in time after a whole night of hunger, he would have low blood sugar all over his body, causing symptoms such as pale complexion and slow reaction time.


Although He Yanlu's response made Ye Yixing angry, he was also extremely worried: How did this guy usually live? He should live with his parents if he can't take care of himself! Even if he died at home, no one would know! It would be good to find a girlfriend to help him cook and take care of him.
Why was he showing off his ability to survive alone?


Wait a minute, a girlfriend? Why did he feel so uncomfortable thinking about this…
(= =)


What girlfriend?! As long as I'm here, it's fine!


From now on, he will stick with his bro…! He would never let him starve to death!


Thinking this way, Ye Yixing jumped off the bed without hesitation and ran to the other end of the room to the writing desk.
He grabbed a small bag of teddy bear biscuits on top of it and quickly returned to He Yanlu's side.


He Yanlu vaguely felt like the cat had run away.
He struggled to get up from the bed, but his vision went black, so he helplessly fell back onto the bed.


As soon as he regained some energy, he would go downstairs to eat something…
He couldn't keep going like this, or he would starve to death…


Come to think of it, Chu Wenxing probably knew that he might oversleep on Sundays, but why did he call so early…


Yesterday, he came back from the library and spent a long time serving the “young master” He Yanlu for dinner.
That guy is very picky about food, he doesn't eat this or that, and it took him a long time to finally get him to eat some fish crackers, but he still had a dissatisfied look on his face…
After that, he gave him a bath and it was late before he finally went to sleep…


Suddenly, he heard a rustling sound getting closer and closer.
He Yanlu lifted his heavy eyelids and saw Xiao Hei carrying a bag of teddy bear biscuits back to the bed.
Xiao Hei looked at him with worried eyes and, seeing him open his eyes, lowered his head and placed the biscuit bag next to the pillow, pointing with his paw.


It's hard not to be moved.
At this moment, He Yanlu felt that all his previous hardships had vanished.


At the age of 21, his life suddenly became so vivid – because of the feeling of being loved.
And it's not an uneasy feeling of being loved for no reason, but the feeling of his own efforts being completely rewarded.
It's the kind of emotion that makes people so moved that they want to cry…


He really likes this cat…


Ye Yixing felt a little embarrassed by He Yanlu's affectionate gaze.
Can't you just grit your teeth and eat something? Can you get energy just by looking at me? Or do you want me to use my cat paws to tear open the biscuit bag and feed you?


If you don't mind, I don't either.
I can try…


He grinned, shook his ears and whiskers, and pressed one paw on the edge of the biscuit bag while using the other paw to twist the other end, trying to tear open the packaging.
After half a minute of struggling, the stubborn packaging showed no signs of opening, and instead, the biscuits inside turned into powder…


Even He Yanlu couldn't bear to watch the extent of his struggle.
He joked in a very good mood, “Were you trying to feed me biscuits by opening the bag?”


The black cat unconsciously nodded its head and continued to struggle with the bag.


He Yanlu was taken aback for a moment.
this little guy…


At some point, he had enough strength to sit up, and he gently stroked the black cat's head, taking the bag from its claws.
He spoke softly to it, “Let me do it.”


He leaned against the bed and slowly chewed on the cookie, waiting for every cell in his body to absorb some sugar and energy.
“Daddy is very happy…”


Ye Yixing looked up at him and meowed, “Meow~?”




“Xiao Hei gave Daddy a cookie, and Daddy is very happy.”


Heh heh…
really? Why is this fool so easy to please? He's happy about something so small?


“Meow…” Thank you for my words.
Please buy me fresh fish! It would be even better if you could cook the fish for me yourself, but I'm not sure if what He Yanlu makes is edible, so I won't hold my breath…


“To reward Xiao Hei, Daddy has decided to play string ball with you this afternoon.”


what the hell! (=皿=) It would be better not to reward me at all!


Actually, Ye Yixing could already control the black cat's lack of interest in the toy, but sometimes, in order to make Daddy He happy like a child when playing string ball, he would pretend to be a little more excited…


And this guy definitely didn't want to play string ball with the cat, he just wanted to play himself!



What the hell! Why did I become a cat instead of He Yanlu? If He Yanlu was the cat, everything would be perfect!


He would definitely be happy to be a cat…
well, even if he was a cat, I would take care of him and play string ball with him, and snuggle with him in bed…


“To be honest, it would be great if we could switch roles!” Ye Yixing thought to himself.
However, he didn't realize that if they switched roles, he and He Yanlu might not be in the same situation as they were now.
If He Yanlu turned into a cat, he might not have gone to the KTV or followed Ye Yixing home.
Besides, even if he encountered a mysterious cat like this in the KTV, he wouldn't have the impulse to take care of it…


Taking care of a cat requires a lot of time and energy, which is similar to being in a relationship.
If you're not confident that you can take care of them for a lifetime, don't make any promises due to a momentary impulse.


Taking care of an animal and love are the same principle.
When you receive love, you also have the same amount of responsibility.


Therefore, Ye Yixing never falls in love easily.
Although he looks like a playboy who is popular with women, he is actually a stubborn and devoted guy.
Either he doesn't love or if he does, he will be good to that person for the rest of his life.


He Yanlu fed the black cat a biscuit and held one in his palm, bringing it close to his mouth.
The black cat glanced at him and blinked twice.


“All right, I'll give you face…”


Opening his mouth, Ye Yixing bit down on the biscuit, and his face instantly wrinkled up.
Damn, it was too sweet! (= dish =)


After that, Ye Yixing didn't smell or touch anything that He Yanlu offered him.
He had to eat something salty to ease his taste buds.


He Yanlu tilted his head and thought, “Xiao Hei doesn't like sweet food, either.
Last time, when I fed him chocolate…”


Speaking of which, his cat had a good habit.
No matter what food it was, if it ate it, as long as it was stuffed into its mouth, it would never spit it out.
Squid shreds, chocolate, ham sausage, biscuits, even if it didn't like it, it would swallow it with an extremely painful expression…
but it would never try it again.


“What's up, awake? You weren't starving to death…
I was going to call 911 if you didn't answer.
” said Chu Wenxing over the phone, while He Yanlu stroked the black cat lying on his lap and leaned against the pillow.


He Yanlu replied, “I won't die.
Why are you calling me so early? Even if you want me to wake up, it's not necessary to call me at 5:30 in the morning.”


Chu Wenxing said, “I have to call at this time.
I still have to work to support myself! I am an assistant editor for the morning legal news at S city TV station.
We have to submit the report at 7 am, and all staff members gather at the TV station at 5:30 am.
By the time I get off work at 10 am, you'll be starving to death!”


He Yanlu said confidently, “No, I won't.”


He believed that taking care of a pet would gradually make him learn how to take care of himself.
Even if he cared about the black cat, he would struggle to get up.


He asked, “Do you have to work every morning?”


Chu Wenxing replied, “Only on weekends.”


He Yanlu said, “That's fine.
I'll set my own alarm clock on Sunday mornings.”


Chu Wenxing warned him, “Ah, I don't know who it was last month, but they fainted in bed for a day and a half…
When they were found the next day, they were severely dehydrated and were sent directly to the emergency room!”


He Yanlu reassured him, “It won't happen again in the future.”


Chu Wenxing retorted, “This is not very convincing.
You are physically weak and have low blood sugar and low blood pressure in the morning.”


He Yanlu smiled and said, “Today, it was Xiao Hei who woke me up.”


Chu Wenxing exclaimed, “What? The cat woke you up? It's so smart!”


He Yanlu happily replied while stroking the black cat, “Yes, it even brought me a cookie.”


Ye Yixing, who was lying on He Yanlu's body, listened contentedly as He Yanlu bragged about his cat to Chu Wenxing, and couldn't help but chuckle.


Chu Wenxing said, “Isn't it because he wanted to eat it himself?”


He Yanlu said, “No, it doesn't like sweet things.”


Chu Wenxing let out a sigh of relief and said, “I can finally be free…
Oh, by the way! Your photo with your son that you uploaded on the F university forum has caused quite a stir…
If you can handle it, you can take a look.
There are so many other photos of you being secretly taken, it's really astonishing…
Tsk tsk, they've even reached the hands of the male students in the Law School.
I bet even the male students in the Chemistry School have seen them…”


“Why is it only male students?” I asked.


After hanging up with Chu Wenxing, He Yanlu got out of bed and turned on his computer, feeling worried and uneasy.
Could it be that he was secretly photographed with Xiaohei while studying in the library yesterday? What other photos were there? There were so many of them?


He opened the forum and randomly clicked on a related post, only to find that his photos were all over the screen, from the military training since his freshman year to the classrooms where he had attended classes recently…
These photos could even be made into a “He Yanlu's University Memoirs”!


When did someone secretly follow and take so many photos of him? He had no idea! It could be said that he was completely unaware when he was being secretly photographed…


Was He Yanlu slow to react or was he really as foolish as Ye Yixing had seen him? Maybe he wasn't pretending to be dumb, but he was really dumb!


In any case, poor Daddy He was really scared.


There were a few photos that left a deep impression on him –


One of them showed him dozing off while reading a book during class, and the photographer seemed to be sitting not far away and had even zoomed in the focus.
Although the photo was a bit blurry, every detail of his face, from the side profile to the eyelashes, nose, and lips, was magnified to the point where he himself blushed when looking at it…


He felt like everyone who looked at this photo was scrutinizing him up close.


Another photo was of him eating a hamburger.
There were very few other photos of him facing the camera or smiling, except for that one.
His mouth was slightly curved while biting the hamburger, as if he was laughing.
The replies below were all like “so cute” and “so handsome”…


Did he really look that silly when he ate? Why was he like Xiao Hei…
(= =)


The most memorable photo was of his back, with his shoulder blades protruding slightly like butterfly wings and his spine extending from his slender neck down to his narrow waist.
Through a half-wet white shirt, the curves of his back were clearly visible, as if he was completely exposed in front of everyone.


Actually, it was just the shirt not covering his body.
A few translucent parts of the shirt hem that didn't directly touch his skin even made his waist look like it was half-hidden and half-revealed in a seductive haze…


He remembers that the scene in the photo was taken during a physical education class.
At that time, the whole class was doing a warm-up long run.
Halfway through, the weather suddenly changed and it started to rain heavily.
Along with everyone else, he hurriedly ran back from the far end of the playground to the teaching building to take shelter from the rain.
His clothes were already soaked by then…


However, He Yanlu himself didn't even know that he had appeared in front of others in such a state!


Someone was looking at his photos with trepidation, while a certain black cat was looking at them with inexplicable anger.
He felt extremely, extremely unhappy! He was very, very angry!!!


Why were his dad's photos being posted online?! There were so many! They were so beautiful! They were so handsome! Some of them even showed sexy and cute expressions that he had never seen before! Why, why, why?! (=dish=)!


Without realizing it, Ye Yixing was feeling jealous of the many netizens who were looking at the photos.
He angrily sharpened his claws on the edge of his chair…


He Yanlu belonged to him! He wouldn't allow anyone to violate his dad's privacy or portrait rights in this way!


These photos and images could only be seen by him alone!! (=yi=)


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