Daddy He slept soundly with the black cat in his arms all night, but Ye Yixing was plagued by nightmares from being crushed by the other person.


As he fell asleep, he was held close by a beautiful woman, experiencing the ultimate happiness of close physical contact.
But when he woke up, he was gasping for breath and in excruciating pain from being crushed.
And to make matters worse, his lower body was in an embarrassing morning state, even though he hadn't had any pleasant dreams!


Ah, the problem must lie here.
Is it really true that anyone with a “handle” wakes up with a particularly excited lower body? And all without even having any pleasant dreams!


It's now the months of March, April, and May, which are springtime, right? Does that mean that cats are in heat during springtime?!


He Yanlu lay in bed for a while, then glanced at the alarm clock beside him.
It was 9 o'clock, an hour later than usual.


As was customary on Saturdays, he would spend the day at the library studying.


There's nothing more satisfying than enjoying a day of freedom and tranquillity…


He rolled over to look at the little guy who had already woken up.
The black cat was lying quietly on his arm, its emerald green eyes restlessly shifting back and forth, examining him all over…


Cats are so mischievous and cute! The sweet feeling of ease and comfort filled him, and he felt a power in the other person's annoyance that softened his own heart.


Suddenly, an idea popped into He Yanlu's head.
It would be great if the little black cat were a person.
If he could speak and express his thoughts like a human being, that would be so interesting! If he were really his son, he would definitely lie in bed and order him to cook, and he would have to make heart-shaped fried eggs, braised pork, cabbage, and sesame rice balls in his bento box…


When he left, the cat would say, “Dad, have a good trip, and come back soon!”


And when he returned, he would be greeted by the delicious aroma of food wafting from home, with winter melon soup and tomato scrambled eggs.
Then the cat would run up to him for a hug, and, oh yes, a kiss…


Hey, Yanlu, are you sure you're thinking about a son and not a wife? Will a son make heart-shaped egg pockets for lunch? Isn't that something that only a daughter or girlfriend would do? Even if it was a daughter, she would definitely not run to kiss her father when he comes back if she is over 13 years old!


Of course, Yanlu doesn't know these things.
He has never experienced an ordinary family life, has no siblings, and has never been in a romantic relationship.
This twisted upbringing has led him to have an unprecedentedly ambiguous understanding of emotions – the deepest bond between people should be father and son, but unfortunately, his own father is a cold-blooded and ruthless scumbag.


So, Yanlu's current fixation on what the black cat is doing is due to his lack of fatherly love.
He wants to be a perfect father and find the childhood he lost…
but his expression of love is very abnormal.


To put it bluntly, from the perspective of the onlooker Chu Wenxing, it looks like the attitude of someone towards a lover.


Rubbing his soft hair lazily, Ye Yixing lifted the blanket and caught a glimpse of the slightly raised part between Yanlu's fair and slender legs.
Who can tell him what's going on here?!


Father and son sharing a bed and experiencing an awkward moment in the morning? Is this some third-rate erotic movie? Why would a man with a face of repression experience this phenomenon?! And why is this damn cat now eager to pounce and rub against it?! ( =口=)


The body suddenly became very swollen and hot, especially the brain.
This feeling of wanting to forcefully stretch out of the body made Ye Yixing feel very painful, but he thought it was just a normal feeling when a cat is in heat.


Take control, you black cat! Now the highly evolved human brain is controlling your body, and you can't solve problems just by relying on your instinct! Ah! Ah–!


Daddy He watched with great interest as his son suddenly jumped onto him, weirdly clasping his thighs with all four paws and began rubbing against him, raising and lowering his body with his tail wagging, with an extremely tangled expression on his face.
He couldn't help but laugh and say, “Haha, you naughty boy…”


Stop me, you bastard! Aren't you a normal person? Would a normal father allow his son to do this on his thigh? Are you an idiot?! 


“If I were human, I would never do such a shameful thing!!”


“Miao-ao~” (=益=) Damn it, the way this guy meows is already seductive enough! Why is it now a whole octave higher?! And why does the ending sound like it's trembling?! Just kill me with a knife already…!


With an indulgent look in his eyes, He Yanlu's fingers caressed the black cat's neck and gently stroked it.


His eyes shimmered like two deep pools of water, with red marks on his cheeks…for a moment, his other hand slowly covered a certain part of his body…




Ye Yixing was shocked by He Yanlu's actions, and his bones rattled with excitement.
He almost bit off his own tongue.
What was he planning to do?!!!


The fingers that were stroking the black cat's neck didn't leave, but the irregular frequency and movement indicated that the owner was now in a confused state…could it be that people are less rational when they first wake up?


With slightly narrowed eyes that seemed to be on the verge of tears, the corners of his eyes slightly lifted, his cherry lips almost closed but not quite, he exhaled like an orchid.


The hand covering a certain part of his body moved up and down, and there was no need to explain what He Yanlu was doing.


Black Cat was shocked by the scene, and someone was stunned.


If Ye Yixing were human right now, he couldn't guarantee that he could control himself and not act! He was not Liu Xiaohui, and he had just woken up!! There was no one hundred percent self-control…


Blame only him! Only blame He Yanlu! Being able to do such things…was astonishingly sexy and comfortable!


“Um…” With a slight low groan, He Yanlu relaxed and closed his eyes, leaning on the pillow to rest.
The release of tension on his body and the satisfaction in his mind made him feel very comfortable.


“It's Xiao Hei's fault, you tempted Daddy…”


Damn it!! The villain files a complaint first!! Too maddening! (=皿=)


At this moment, Ye Yixing was relieved that fortunately, this man was an ice cube outside, and fortunately, he knew how to hide and protect himself.
Otherwise, this demon would definitely harm others and himself if he ran wild outside!!


Moreover, he also learned that it was definitely not a pleasant feeling for a cat to go into heat!




After taking a shower and having a simple breakfast, He Yanlu felt refreshed.
He bent down and gently said to Black Cat Ye Yixing, who had been upset all morning, “Hey…
Daddy is going to the library.
Will Xiao Hei be a good boy and stay at home?”


“Meow~!” You can't leave me alone at home!


How could Ye Yixing miss the opportunity to go to the library and see what books He Yanlu usually reads?


He pounced on He Yanlu's trousers and stared at him with resentment, making He Yanlu helpless and soft-hearted…


There were no staff members patrolling the school library on Saturdays, and it was not the end of the term, so there were very few students who went to the library to review, let alone on weekends…


Although he was not allowed to bring small animals into the library, his little black cat was not an ordinary cat.
Xiao Hei was very obedient and would not cause any trouble.
He could actually temporarily put Xiao Hei in his backpack and bring him in.
If he sat in the southwest corner of the library, it was unlikely that anyone would pass by there all day long…


It must be lonely for the cat to be home alone like this…


And, I also want to keep it company.
In that case-


“Daddy will take you to the library.”




“But Xiao Hei (the black cat) must promise daddy one condition, you can't leave daddy more than one meter without permission!”


The black cat nodded repeatedly after hearing this.
He Yanlu felt a little strange.
Do normal cats nod? Can they understand what he says? But he didn't think too much about it because in his mind, the idea of “telepathy between father and son” and “his son is very smart” had taken root!


Sure enough, it was easy to sneak the black cat into the library.


However, this was the first time in Ye Yixing's life that he had experienced being stuffed into a backpack (= =).
It should feel like the feeling of human traffickers stuffing people into a big sack in movies…


There were few people in the library, with only a few diligent students who were fixedly reading and studying in their designated locations every day.
Because it was too empty, the sound of one or two people flipping through books or writing echoed clearly in the air.
In Ye Yixing's opinion, these students who would appear in the library on Saturdays were definitely the top experts who had cultivated their self-discipline and concentration.
They would never be distracted by external stimuli and were completely immersed in their own world and atmosphere.


He Yanlu was also such a person.


When he opened a book, he was already in another dimension.


Ye Yixing squatted on the table, staring at the book that He Yanlu had opened for him on the first page: the first book in the Warrior Cats series, “Into the Wild”–


“[The crescent moon spilled its silver light onto the smooth granite rock…Countless agile black shadows emerged from all directions and stealthily climbed onto the scattered stones…As if under an unspoken signal, these black shadows suddenly pounced on each other…In an instant, amidst screams, a group of cats began fighting, and the stones on the ground were knocked around chaotically…] (=皿=) Cats fighting?”


So, is this the book that He Yanlu thinks is most suitable for his son to read?


Why does he have to read children's books like this!!


Should Ye Yixing be glad that this is a university library, where even children's books are high-quality imported children's books?!


He lazily glanced at the person who was engrossed in reading a thick book at a slow and steady pace- He Yanlu was reading “The Box of Delights”, which Ye Yixing had read before.
When the other party took this book out, he felt a little surprised.
It turned out that there were people other than him who would read this kind of book that combined a bizarre aesthetic into one!


Although Japanese literature always seems strange in its creation, it has to be said that the author's character design, layout, and structure are all very exciting, like a cult book that subverts normal human thinking…


For He Yanlu to read a book that he had read before, Ye Yixing felt a small sense of satisfaction and joy.


Although he couldn't leave even one step without his father's permission, in this situation, even if he stepped away for a moment, He Yanlu wouldn't notice.
Ye Yixing quietly jumped off the table and walked towards the bookshelf, grabbing a thin martial arts novel.
He had no interest in children's books no matter what they were about.


The afternoon sun shone through the four-meter tall windows facing south, pouring into the spacious reading room of the library.
In the southwest corner, there was a black cat lying on the table, its butt exposed to the sun.
It lazily closed its eyes and occasionally stretched out its paw to flip a page of the book in front of it.
Cats couldn't read, but its adorable way of flipping through the book made people feel like the cat was the incarnation of a human.


As expected, what kind of person raises what kind of pet?


Next to the black cat was the quiet man in a white shirt who was also reading a book.
He was as beautiful as a godly teenager.
This scene was purely like a scene from a fairy tale, so beautiful that it was unbelievable and people didn't dare to approach it.


The lucky girl who had encountered a fairy tale scene suppressed her excitement from screaming out loud and took out her phone, secretly taking a few unclear photos and a video of the owner and the black cat flipping through the book together.


Sure enough, that evening, a post titled “Handsome Guy and Black Cat Spotted in the Library of the Literature College, There Are Pictures, Videos, and the Truth!” appeared on the Literature College BBS.
In just one hour, the post went viral, with over a thousand views and hundreds of replies.


“Wow! He's so handsome! But the photos are so blurry that you can't even see the other person's face clearly.
Please post clear photos! Is he Senior Ye from sophomore year?”


“The distance was too far when the photos were taken, so all you can see is a shadow.
It's such a pity! But you can still tell that he's a handsome guy! The highlight is that cat, it's so cute!”


“Ah! Ah! Ah! The video is so cute! The cat is flipping through the book! It's so adorable!”


“Can someone find out who the handsome bookish guy and the black cat are?”


“I saw Ye Yixing a few days ago, and he had just dyed his hair gold! The person in the photo is definitely not him.”


“Master Ye might have dyed his hair back already.
He changes his style so often, he's a fashionable guy!”


“Can we bring cats into our school library? Where did the cat come from? Did it run in by itself?”


“There aren't many people to manage the library on Saturdays, so it's probably a stray cat that ran in by itself.”


“I've decided, I'm going to stake out the Literature College library every Saturday from now on!”


“Stake out the library every Saturday +1”


“Stake out the library every Saturday +100”



Two hours later, the post was edited and reposted to the F University BBS homepage –


“Living in a Fairy Tale at the Literature College: Black Cat and Handsome Guy”


Because someone who attended Yang Qu's birthday party remembered the black cat that appeared that day, they guessed with 90% certainty that it was He Yanlu.
In no time, the scene of He Yanlu and Ye Yixing reading in the library with their respective cats became known throughout the school.


Originally only famous in the Literature Department, He Yanlu suddenly became famous throughout the entire school.
Various versions of paparazzi photos were successively uploaded to the internet, from their first year to their third.


Meanwhile, the protagonist of our story was still unaware, staying at home and struggling to decide whether to have fresh fish or squid with their rice for dinner, while staring at their cat with big round eyes.




In another part of the city, someone was scanning through photos on their computer screen with their mouse.
The owner of the photos had a slender figure, long legs, and a perfect waist-hip curve.
Most of the photos were taken from behind or from the side, with no frontal shots.
From the side, it seemed like they had a gentle face with a lazy and coquettish gaze, despite their cold expression.


Without hesitation, the person took a screenshot and saved it.


“Is this He Yanlu? From the F Literature Department?” Mo Yanzhe's lips curled slightly.
His little brother seemed to be quite a beauty.


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