The Boy Who Defended The World

Chapter 4: Home Again

…Two months later…

It was 14 hours before the fight, Charlene was ready to go, he was just explaining to his mom that he was going to meet one of the people he watches online in real life, he partially lied and said that they were going to be playing a sport.

In the two months Charlene had spent preparing to go to the venue for the fight, much had changed. Firstly, he had started studying for his drivers license and had obtained it a week into the two months, he then obtained his license for driving motorcycles, and he started fixing up his dads old 2003 Vmax.

When he had found it, it was covered in a tarp in the corner of the garage, tucked away behind a bunch of boxes and old garbage. Clearing out a path to get the motorcycle out of the garage, Charlene had taken over an hour with his relatively weak body, and he rolled the motorcycle out while the tarp was still on.

It was a bright and sunny day as he removed the tarp in one quick motion. Covered in dust and spider webs, both tires were low on air pressure, and the tank was filled with old gasoline that needed to be drained.

Cleaning up the motorcycle, he did some basic maintenance on it, and then he started it up. Coming to life with a roar, it was just like new, letting it idle for a few minutes, Charlene put on a motorcycle helmet with a riding jacket and pants before he took it out for a test run.

Driving for half an hour, he returned back home and started on more preparations, which were just working out more so he could surpass his previous amount of muscle and strength. Eating much more then he would before, Charlene had much more time to do stuff since he didn have to go to work or watch his nephew.

Hugging his mother, Charlene told his mother that he would be back soon enough, and he went outside and started the motorcycle. Petting Bertha for a little while, he went through one side of the gate and closed it, and he rode towards the location that the fight will be held.

Two hours into the drive, he was listening to some music with his wireless earbuds, and he started mumbling along to the songs. Unable to hear much else, he failed to notice the police sirens that were gradually getting closer.

A kilometre behind him was a group of police cars and two helicopters following a white pickup truck with a bunch of dead bodies in the back, there was also blood on the front of the truck along with dents and scraps of flesh and clothing.

Inside the truck were two people, a man and a woman, they were on some kind of substance as their pupils were partially dilated, and they had a bunch of loaded guns all over the inside of the truck. The woman leaned out the side of the truck and shot at the police cars behind them with an AK-47 while laughing and crying at the same time.

Some of the police cars were struck with the occupants inside also being struck, two of the leading police cars swerved into the ditch and came to a halt as more continued following behind the pickup truck.

Going over 140 kilometres per hour, they were quickly catching up to Charlene, who was going the speed limit of 100, and they were on course to hit him. When the police officers realized that there was a civilian ahead of them, they turned up their sirens, trying to alert them, but it was useless.

Only after the truck was a hundred metres behind Charlene did he hear the sirens, but it would be too late if he didn act now. Looking over his shoulder, he saw the pickup truck heading straight for him, and he saw all of the police cars following behind the truck.

Anger overwhelmed Charlene as he thought about how his dads motorcycle would be destroyed if hit by the truck, and he made an unhesitant decision. Grabbing a homemade spike trap from inside his saddlebags, he started slowing down with a screech, placed the spike trap down, and then accelerated again.

He had a homemade spike trap in his saddlebags because of situations like these, fantasizing about getting into a high speed chase or hearing about a suspect on the run in his location and then saving the day by going to a location they would pass through and laying down the spike trap.

Continuing to drive faster, the truck was on the spike trap only a few seconds after Charlene had placed it, and the wheels were punctured by the metal spikes and screws. Driving at that speed and running over the spike trap caused quite a bit of damage to the tires, and the person driving lost control of the vehicle.

After swerving into the ditch, rolling, and then bouncing, there was no movement from the people inside the truck. Charlene slowed down and turned around to wait beside the road for the police to arrive and take charge of the situation.

But then automatic gunfire was heard coming from the truck and bullets could be heard whizzing past, the gunfire was aimed in Charlenes direction, but none of the bullets hit him. The police officers had parked 50 metres away and aimed their service rifles and pistols at the truck.

None of them opened fire as they were afraid of hitting the civilian, some had started going around the side of the car as they had gotten the idea to open fire on the side of the vehicle. However, there was a change in the situation.

While Charlene was just standing there, he suddenly heard the sound of metal hitting metal, and it was extremely close to him, looking over, he saw that there was a hole going through the tank of the motorcycle.

Rage then consumed his mind as he slowly turned his head towards the truck that had gunshots coming from it, which had stopped a second after he had looked at the truck, and then he sprinted towards it.

Sprinting towards the truck and reaching it in 15 seconds, Charlene crouched down beside the truck and grasped the passenger door, he then proceeded to bend it as he tried to rip from the truck. Inside the truck, both the man and the woman were stunned at what this man in motorcycle wear had done.

It was far beyond the average human to be able to bend a vehicle door with a single hand while simultaneously not using the legs for leverage. They then became extremely fearful of the strong man because he was beyond their understanding and because he was giving off a feeling murder.

Starting to scream for help, they had partially regained clarity due to the fact that they had taken the drugs many hours ago and fear of impending danger, and they had run out of ammunition. Screeching was heard as the door was being malformed as the two people inside had started crying with snot streaming down their faces.

When the police officers heard the screeching, along with the cries of help, they were given permission to move towards the truck cautiously, but they sped up when they had a metallic snap and thud along with the screams for help intensifying.

Looking from the side of the vehicle, the police officers who had gone around it to try and shoot at the suspects from the side had been stunned at the recent events. They had been observing the situation with the civilian and the truck, and they had thought that the civilian had been shot when he had started running over.

The scene currently playing out hadn been in their wildest expectations though. Watching as the civilian had torn the truck door away, they only snapped back to their senses when they saw other officers heading towards the truck along with the commands from the officer in charge, and that the female suspect was currently being held off the ground by her throat.

Throwing the woman aside, Charlene reached inside the truck again and drug the man out of the vehicle, and he held him up by his throat as well. Hitting the hand clutching his neck, the man tried to get the terrifying man to let go, but nothing was even phasing him.

Reaching into his pocket and pulling out a butterfly knife, the man stabbed the arm holding him up, but their wasn much of a reaction from the man even though it had gone straight through his forearm and was poking out the other side.

The only reaction was a slight twitch in the fingers holding his neck, there was a much bigger reaction from the police officers though, they had aimed their weapons at the male suspect as they hesitated to fire in case they hit the civilian, but that was a mistake on their part.

A newer police officer who hadn been to any calls including firearms yet had gotten nervous and had pulled the trigger of his service rifle chambered in 5.56 while aiming at the suspect, which had been shaking while aiming the rifle. All that training gone to waste as he pulled that trigger.

When a single shot was fired, the rest were also about to open fire, but a shout had come through the walkie talkies, ”Don shoot! Don shoot! ” The new police officer had indeed hit someone as he shot in the direction of the suspect and civilian, it wasn either of the suspects, but the civilian.

Suddenly being hit by a bullet, Charlene stumbled a few steps backwards as he let go of the male suspects throat and backed up a little bit. Looking down at the hole in his riding jacket and feeling the pain from being shot, he just looked at the direction the gunshot had come from, and he saw the new police officer, who was only in his 20s, take his finger off the trigger and aim his rifle down at the ground.

While Charlene was distracted, the male suspect had whipped out a black Glock 19 and aimed at him, he then proceeded to shoot him. Emptying the 19 round magazine while aiming at the freak in front of him, the male suspect continued to pull the trigger a few more times, but all he heard was the clicking of the gun.

Multiple gunshots from rifles then rang out as three senior police officers had shot at the male suspect. One of the shots hit the head, one the torso, and then one through the neck. Slouching onto the ground, the male suspect had done that sudden freeze up with all of his muscles tensing as he had been hit in the head.

Charlene was currently stumbling backwards with some blood dripping down onto the ground as he then tripped over his own feet. At that range, he was hit with all 19 bullets shot from the Glock 19, and he was still alive, at least for now.

Multiple shots had hit his helmet and head, only being non fatal because the motorcycle helmet was custom made with steel plates inside, but the bulk of the shots hit his torso. There were 4 shots in the upper torso and the other 13 shots were in the lower torso. Rushing up to the scene, the majority of the police officers went over to check on the civilian while 2 of them arrested the female suspect.

The two helicopters in the sky had captured the entire scene from Charlene walking up to the truck to the point they were currently at now. One of the helicopters was a police helicopter and the other one was a news helicopter that was currently showing live news across not just Alberta, but the entirety of Canada as the two suspects in the vehicle had killed dozens of people across many different provinces.

Many thoughts were running through the minds of the people watching the news, especially when they had seen that he had been shot by one of the police officers, and then when he was shot with the pistol as well.

Kneeling down beside the man that was sitting on the ground, the young police officer was panicking as he started crying and apologizing, ”Oh my god! Im so sorry! Im sorry! ”, other police officers removing the riding jacket as they needed to give medical attention to whatever areas they can.

When the jacket and shirt was removed, they saw that all 17 of the bullets that struck his torso were just pieces of shrapnel as there was lead falling out of his jacket, and none of the bullets penetrated deep enough to cause fatal harm.

Still, they police officers used gauze and applied pressure to the bleeding areas, another officer removed Charlenes helmet, and then they gasped in surprise and terror. Under his helmet was his face, which still had scars that were fresh, along with new wounds caused by more shrapnel.

The bullet that had actually caused the most harm was the one shot by the young police officer as it had been shot at such an angle that it tore straight through his jacket and lower torso. Penetrating and stopping in the left abdominal area, it was stuck in muscle as it caused larger amounts of bleeding then the other areas.

Painfully starting to stand up, Charlene was met with the scared and bewildered voices of the officers as he wouldve been pushed back down into a sitting position if they didn hesitate due to the injuries he had. One of the officers had taken the chance to put a tourniquet around his left arm, which was the one with the butterfly knife still sticking out of it.

Waving it off, Charlene looked at his jacket and shirt, ”Could I get a shirt and jacket please? Also I will need a ride to an event that I paid a lot of money for, and please patch up my bike, it is my fathers, and he… he is no longer with us. ”

Speaking in a calm tone, Charlene looked at some of the officers in a questioning manner as he waited for their response, but they were all stunned at the age of the voice that they heard. ”Sorry, but you must come back to the station for questioning before anything else. One of these officers here could give you a ride. ”

The Commanding officer said these as a few of the officers had raised a finger implying that they could take him, but the person that was chosen was the officer that had accidentally shot Charlene as he had his hand raised as well.

”Okay. ” Was the simple reply that Charlene gave as he couldn argue with the police, he then followed the young police officer as another police officer followed behind them, and then all three of them got into the vehicle.

Several police cars left as they had the injured officers as well as the ones that weren needed, also the police car with the arrested suspect had left along with the one that Charlene had gotten a ride in. He had been given a spare police shirt as the police officers glimpsed back at him often, watching to make sure that he didn die, and they headed towards the closest police station that was still over an hour from their current location.

(AN. I guess he won be getting his system in this chapter, it might be in chapter five that he gets it. I know how he gets it along with what happens right after, Im just working my way up to that situation. As always, please leave a comment if you spot any spelling mistakes, it would be much appreciated, and I hope you like this chapter)

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