The date is November 23, 2022, driving a 2013 Honda Odyssey home after a four and a half hour shift of working, Charlene was sitting beside his dad as they were talking about the current state of Canada and the weird laws that were being implemented.

Charlenes full name was Charlene Trugùrè Mkeanza, he had orange hair that went down to just below his chest, brownish green eyes, facial hair that wasn long, a face that looks like its always disappointed, and a relatively normal body shape with the only difference being that he was a little more muscular than the average 15 year old.

Even though his given name is Charlene, he almost never goes by it, he goes by Charlie unless its a more formal occasion. As mentioned before, Charlene is 15, turning 16 in December, he had gotten his learners in May of this year. Living in Alberta, Canada, Charlene had gotten his first actual job working at a fast food restaurant that specialized in making sandwiches.

He lived on a farm a half hour outside of Edmonton, his daily routine included doing some chores in the morning and at at night, the chores were feeding and watering pigs, doing some dishes, cleaning the table and counter, and occasionally making some food for his family.

Charlene lived in a house that was located on a hill with a massive yard surrounded by a six foot tall fence made of boards, it had two floors and an attic that was used mainly for storage. Located on the main floor was three bathrooms, one of which was in his parents bedroom, four rooms not including the bathrooms, two of which were occupied, a living room with the TV, a dining room, and the kitchen.

The basement had one bathroom, four storage rooms, two rooms meant for living in, and a gun room. Living in the house was Charlene, his dad, his mom, his sister and her one and a half year old son, and his 18 year old brother.

His dad was turning fifty in December, he had black hair that he kept only a centimetre to two centimetres long, black and gray facial hair that was in the Van Dyke style, the same brownish green eyes as Charlene, and he stood at a height of six feet.

Currently, the time was 8:30 PM, Charlene was just rounding one of the last curves before he got home when a deer jumped out of the trees beside the road. Slamming on the breaks and swerving, Charlene passed around the deer without incident as he and his father had turned pale.

Breathing heavily, Charlene looked at his father as he and asked jokingly, ”Do you think that I could pass my drivers test with my current driving skills? ” That caused both of them to laugh and the fear and nervousness to dissipate.

”I think that Ive driven enough for today, Ill let you drive since you have much more experience. ” Saying this as he opened the door and got out of the drivers side of the vehicle, Charlene and his father switched places and they started driving home again after staying on the side of the road for a few more minutes.

Having just come out of a frightening situation, Charlene had forgotten that his father had heart issues. Having been to the hospital multiple times, his dads heart had also started beating faster and harder, causing him to start to have a heart attack.

Clutching the steering wheel with one hand and his chest with the other, his dad wasn paying attention to the road, and this caused him to not notice the moose that had started to cross the road but had stopped to look at the car that was coming, even Charlene didn notice the moose since he was busy looking at his dad with concern.

Charlene had just looked at the road and saw the moose when he was about to alert his dad, but it was too late, they hit the moose. Everything that happened next was a mystery as Charlene lost consciousness just after impact.

Four months later…

In a hospital ward in the University of Alberta hospital, a woman who appeared to be in her fifties was watching over an emaciated Charlene. Charlene had scars all over his face along with a bald head and clean shaven face, even his eyebrows were gone.

The biggest scar was a scar that ran from the top of his left ear all the way down and across to the bottom right side of his face and down below the chin. Almost like his face had been cut in half, his nose was also gone along with his left eye.

It was now March 25, 2023, another world war had started between three of the largest forces on Earth. USA, Russia, and China. Life had been terrible for Charlenes family after the accident, it was only made worse by the fact that the Third World War had started.

The woman in who looked like she was in her fifties was Charlenes mother, who had actually turned 49 last year. She had gray waist length hair, a pair of black glasses, and a face full of wrinkles. She was wearing a pair of black sweat pants and a dark blue sweater.

There were bags under her eyes as she stroked her sons bald head, there were traces of crying, but they weren very noticeable. As she was looking at her sons scarred face, she saw that his eyes started to flutter, and a quiet beeping had started to come from the few machines that were hooked up to him. They were alerting the doctors who have been monitoring him the last four months.

Slowly opening his eyes, Charlene saw a familiar yet unfamiliar face, it took him a few seconds to realize who it was, it was his mother. Holding back her tears, his mother would have hugged Charlene if it wasn for the fact that she knew it would probably be harmful to his body.

Trying to lift his arm, Charlene felt that he was unprecedentedly weak, he could barely lift a finger, turning his head with an enormous amount of effort, he saw that his arm that used to be large and vascular was now extremely thin like that of a tree branch, there were also many tubes connected to it.

Starting to struggle because of the unfamiliar situation and place, the monitors that were connected to Charlene started beeping faster and faster while also getting louder. Some doctors finally arrived after a little while and started pacifying the struggling Charlene.

It wasn working, so they sedated him just enough to cause him to stop struggling. Starting to shoo his mother out of the room so they get the situation sorted out and explain the situation to him, they tried convincing her to leave, but she wouldn .

So they started to use a little bit of force, his mother was crying for them to stop so she could stay with her son, but they weren listening. Just as they were about to call security to escort her out, the two doctors who were trying to escort her out heard exclamations from behind them along with the increasing beeping of the monitors.

Shifting their gazes to the situation behind them, they were stupefied at what they saw, the now 16 year old boy who should have been barely able to move was clutching the handrail of the bed so tightly that it had broken while staring at the two doctors with his only working eye.

It not like in the books were they say Their eyes were like pools of ink or ottomless pools of darkness, it didn have much to do with his eye, it was with the expression, or lack there of, on his frightening face.

Flinching back from feeling they were getting from the boy, the two doctors let his mother past so she could stay with him. After that the boy let go of the handrail and the monitors started calming down.

Seeing as how the situation had started getting better because they hadn removed the boys mother, most of the doctors left, the only one who didn was the one in charge of this specific patient.

It was a man in his late fifties that looked like the kind old grandpa in movies, his hair was a silver gray, he had blue eyes that were gentle, a hooked nose, and a slightly hunched frame. On his coat was the name tag P. Hadinson, his name was Patrick Hadinson.

On the day of the accident, Patrick was one of the doctors working night shifts in the ER, he was astounded to see the state of the boy that was rushed into the OR by two of the largest and fastest doctors.

Deep lacerations that would require many stitches all over his face, neck, and torso, a large piece of windshield glass stuck in the right thigh, a cracked left shin, a broken right arm, and a lastly a hunk of metal stuck in the left eye along with the nose completely cut from his body.

Whenever he would encounter patients like this, Patrick would feel a fire deep within himself blazing, he was always one of the ones who operated on patients that were this badly injured. Entering the operating room along with four other doctors and six surgical technologists, Patrick started immediately after he was ready, as did the four doctors.

Starting with the lacerations on the face, Patrick was in charge of removing, disinfecting, and then stitching the face, the four other doctors were all in charge of different things. One was in charge of the neck, one was in charge of the torso, two were in charge of the thigh, and another one was helping Patrick with the face.

The most important thing was to stitch up the lacerations as to stop the bleeding, the broken arm was a clean break, the cracked shin could wait, but the lacerations could not be ignored. After the two doctors were done on the neck and torso, they were switched out with fresh doctors who could help with other parts of the body.

When he was done stitching up the face, Patrick examined the piece of metal stuck in the left eye socket, and he knew that he would need to remove it. Quickly switching his gloves, Patrick motioned for one of the other doctors to come over.

”We need to remove this piece of metal, we don know if its infringing on the brain and causing any kind of damage, so we must remove very carefully. ” Starting to operate on the eye socket, they gradually removed the piece of metal, and they realized that another millimetre and it would have penetrated the brain.

Three hours were spent in the OR, that time was more then enough for Charlenes entire main family to gather at the hospital, which was quite a lot. It included his mom, his two older sisters, one of which had her son, his three older brothers, one of which was married with two kids, and his sister-in-law.

His father had unfortunately been killed on impact with the moose, he had been struck in the head with one of the mooses antlers and had a quick and painless death. Charlene wasn so lucky. When the crash happened, their neighbour that had lived just over a hundred metres away had heard the crash, and they immediately came over to investigate.

Arriving at the seen of the crash in a Ford pickup truck, a younger man in his mid twenties had found the still alive Charlene and had barely recognized him, and he then extracted him very carefully. This younger man had been a firefighter for two years, from the age of 18 to 20, and then he started training to become a paramedic, which he has now been for just over a year, so he knew exactly what to do in this situation.

Dialling 911 right after he had realized that it was an accident, he started driving towards the city, going over 140 kilometres per hour. Blasting through red lights and stop signs, there were no accidents that were caused, there was a few police cars following him with their lights flashing, but he didn care.

He then arrived at the hospital and got the on duty staff to rush Charlene inside, he then explained the situation to the police, who had seen him take out a boy covered in injuries out of his truck. The rest is history.

Listening up to this point, Charlenes face hadn shown any kind of reaction, not even a twitch of the eye. Not able to speak, he just signalled with his eyes towards the door, his mother and the doctors could understand that he wanted to be alone, so they left, his mother stood outside the door though.

Inside the room, Charlene let tears spill from his eyes as he wept silently for over five minutes, he then calmed down and his face ceased all movement other then the blinking of his eyes. Falling into slumber, Charlene fell asleep once again, only for another few hours though.

(AN. He will get his system in the third chapter, don worry, and once again, if you spot any mistakes please leave a comment on the paragraph. Hopefully you like this one, but it gets off to a slowish start.)

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