The Blind SaviourAether Book 5

Chapter 1: Visiting an Old Friend

”Come on!! Come on! ” Azou exclaimed as her and Luna were frantically packing their things in two backpacks, both had no idea where to even go in Neo,but Luna did have one idea. Perhaps the forest near her fathers homeland Nasaag. She figured maybe the shaman lady ASheleki was at her home.

Before the two could leave Skyra,being a responsible mother stopped her two kids in their tracks. Her hands on her hips followed by as stern look made the two girls take a step back. ” What did I even say you two? No means no! End of story. As for this whole adventure Im putting my foot down. ” Skyra said sternly. Azou and Luna were upset by the news,however they did plan to leave at what was presumably nightfall for them. The plan was as soon as their parents went to bed along with everyone in the palace, the two girls would set off and teleport to Neo.

”Hmm. Well guess we gotta do what Momma says huh Azou? ” Luna nudged her older sister. ”Huh? Oh..uh yeah hehe. Your absolutely right Momma,we where just at Neo and came home from a pretty nasty fight. Itd be pretty foolish to go back. We
e sorry for even thinking of such a foolish thing. Can you forgive us? ” Azou asked trying to charm her mother. Skyra kissed her two daughters on the cheek and yawned. She went to bed and Zuma soon followed. He figured his daughters were responsible enough to follow their mothers instructions,so no words were needed.

Night fell and all grew silent. The girls grandmother Elena was just finishing up cooking some apple pie. She took it out of the oven and placed it on the counter,there the que was practically a given. Azou snuck her bag out with her and stealthily opened Lunas bedroom door. Silvia had her in a tight squeeze. The white haired girl didnt wanna let her girlfriend go. She had missed her so much. Azou unfortunately had to come to the rescue and quickly remove Luna from Silvias grasp.

”Come oon..Let go of my baby sister..Place a teddy bear under her arm okay? We gotta get going. ” Azou whispered trying to stay quiet. Luna did just that and tiptoed out of the bedroom. She grabbed her own bag and successfully made it to the foyer room with Azou.

”That girl has a death grip I tell ya what. She sure did miss me. Hehe.Now we just need to remember were this shaman lady lives. Hmm lets head to Nasaag Forest okay? There we can be as loud as we want. ” Luna whispered as she and Azou snuck out the front door,ran as fast as they could and jumped into the air. The two grabbed each others hand and teleported in the count of 3.

”1..2..3!! Here we gooo!! ” The pair said in unison. As the two warped from mid air passed thousands of light years of outer space to their home planet. There the two were. This place is where the journey began, not just for Luna but Azou and their whole family. It was 2:55 AM. The night was quiet and warm. Much had changed in Nasaag since the two last resided their. Now Fafirs Scouts had set up buildings,posts and taken over most of the place.

This upset Luna. Her heart hurted as she saw a place once filled with joy,life and hapoiness now stricken with angony,despair,pain and anguish. Suddenly Azou grabbed Luna by her hand and the two set on their journey to the shaman.

”Hmm such a long pathway huh sis? Hm?..Luna..Luna whats wrong. ” Azou asked as she saw Luna sitting under a tree. Her knees covering her face. Tears rolled down her eyes. Azou hugged her little sister tight. One look was all that it took really. Smoke plumes in the distance now covered the once beautiful pink sky. It was a blood red wherever you would go. Neo was under Fafirs control. Luna wept at the fact that one friend in particular could possibly be no longer among the living. If that was the case. Lunas sadness began to form into anger. Her respect for Fafir was once again about to turn into hatred.

As her fists balled up,the very ground started to tremble, her eyes started to dimly glow. Azou figured she should calm Luna down to the best of her abilities. ”H..Hey sister. Its gonna be okay alright? Why else do ya think were doing this Hmm? ” Azou asked. Luna immediately calmed down. Surprised she looked at Azou and smiled.

”Thats more like it hehe,now come on we got us a shaman to fine. So far we just started this trail journey. Anything ya wanna tell me. Whats really bugging you? Ya know before we think of our little experiment. ” Azou said thoughtfully.

Luna walked a bit ahead of her sister in the mighty forest,she saw a sign and pointed to it. ” Shes gotta be here,to the left. ” Said an impatient Luna. Azou tried to get Luna to spill the beans,yet Luna avoided the question like the plague. In truth she felt very guilty for her recent acts with Fafir,but that also wasn it. Her secret to keep with Saruna also hindered her mood. She figured if no one knew, then all would be well..right?

The two kept walking in silence, Azou wanted to be a good sister and give Luna her space, however the urge to help her grew stronger and stronger with each passing step.

It didn stop Azou though. She kept on digging for any information from her sister. Even the smallest thing could be important. She wanted to help.Like what the hell had happened to Luna when she saw those smoke plumes. Had her time with Fafir been that heinous? She had been awfully secretive since she l

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