Six large boxes of dowry lined up in the outer hall, filled with jade jewelry, silk, gold bars, and bricks, ancient paintings, precious herbs, several land titles, and acres of property.
Lu Xingjiu talked well and courteously, and in just a few minutes, he captured the hearts of the Ye family women.
Especially Second Yitai, who was never so aware of the big picture, only focused on praising me but did not say any mean words.

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I felt overwhelmed by everyone’s praise of ‘Our Bingqing’. 

Lu Xingjiu was indeed hypocritical enough, pretending that we were in love, casting affectionate glances at me, and said to my mother, “Aunt Ye, you can rest assured.
I will help you take good care of Bingqing.”

Mother was so coaxed by him, and as if I was going to marry tomorrow, she even incited a few tears.
Only the third yitai was still sensible and sent the housekeeper out to reward the group of soldiers who followed the bride price.
When Father came back, it was already about half an hour since Lu Xingxiang had left.
Second Yitai was smiling and discussing jewelry with me, and when she saw Father, she shouted, “Master, the Lu family has a huge family fortune, Bingqing would not suffer from marrying into that family.”

Third Yitai sneered, “As soon as these boxes of bride price were pushed through the door, it became our Bingqing in the second sister’s mouth when we usually do not see that much affection before.”

Without scolding anyone, Father watched his mistresses fighting and then simply went upstairs. 

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Mother came out to round up the situation.
“I don’t want to say anything much.
The business of the store has gone wrong, foreign goods are all over the market, so Master’s heart is already bothered enough.
Bingqing’s marriage is too sudden.
When we are married to the Ye family, the bride price sent by the Master was not less than these.
Don’t be like those who haven’t seen the world and ask for this and that only to disgrace yourself.
Housekeeper, carry the things upstairs so that they would not become an eyesore.”

Immediately, Second Yitai’s face had an unnatural dark hue when scolded.
She turned her head back upstairs and went to sleep, not forgetting to take two pieces of jewelry before leaving.

After that, I went to the back garden swing, sitting listlessly.
Didn’t know when Yujie also came out and joined me sitting beside me to enjoy the flowers together.

“That Jin Ruyi is not a good person.”

“Eh? Sister, you know Miss Jin?”

“I’ve seen her.
She’s been in and out of Shanghai and parliament all day, and almost all the young masters from rich families have been involved with her.
She is pretty and also has some sleight of hand.
Previously, some rich merchants wanted to marry her as a concubine but all were refused by her.” Ye Yujie said indignantly, “She also seduced my Du Yi, but he had no interest in that kind of polluted girl.”

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I sighed, my features squeezed together in despair.
“I also hope she seduces Lu Xingjiu away, but that little sneaky boy, I really don’t know what kind of evil possessed him, really came here to propose marriage.
Now both my good friend and my… teacher are in his hands.
If I refuse him, it will be difficult to save them.”

“You mean Qin Shiyue?”


“Isn’t he a secret agent? Bingqing, why are you still so attached to him? Maybe it’s Fatty Lu’s bitter ploy just to make you the daughter-in-law of the Lu family.”

Ye Yujie’s words took me by surprise.
Shocked, I almost fell off the swing, my mind went blank.
Yujie looked at me before covering her mouth, and laughed.
“You, a clever girl, did such a stupid thing.
How could you throw that kind of thing casually into the waste paper basket? That day my earrings fell into the paper basket.
I only looked a little more carefully as I searched for them and became curious when I saw your torn-in-half secret letter.”

I was so anxious that I almost jumped up.
“Sister, don’t talk nonsense about this kind of thing.
Otherwise, Qin Shiyue will surely die.”

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Yujie shook her head.
“It seems that you are really attached to that Qin Shiyue, that’s why you committed this stupid act.
Since someone from the revolutionary party reported him as a nationalist party, and it’s the nationalist party that’s arresting him now, what are you afraid of? I’ve been with Du Yi for so long, I know some of the rules of their higher levels.
The identity of these secret agents is absolutely confidential, except for the top leaders.
I just need to tell Du Yi the content of the secret letter.
His father is a major general so it is not difficult to ask for a person from Fatty Lu.”

With that, my heart was enlightened.
As long as the people who arrested him were not from the revolutionary party, I was not helpless.

“Yeah, how did I get so stupid?”

“That’s because you care about him, so you can’t analyze things calmly when you meet them.
If you’re in love with someone like I am, you should not let go of what you should do.
Even knowing that it is wrong, you will still keep making mistakes blindly.” 

A cloud of gloom suddenly rose between Yujie’s eyebrows, and her beautiful eyes seemed to be lit by starlight.

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“Are you saying that because you are in love with Du Yi, you have restrictions?”

“I didn’t say anything.” 

Yujie suddenly smiled again, her eyes were suddenly bright and dark.

Before, Third Yitai had said that Yujie was like a ripe red cherry, sweet-mouthed and well-behaved and sweet.
And she was like a green plum, looked cute and delicious, but stubborn and cold hard. 

Just now, in front of me, Yujie looked like she was just using the blushing face to cover her astringency.
Once you take a bite, you find it sour enough to spit it out.


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