Yue Xiaoman’s old father fell ill when he learned that his daughter had been arrested again.
Her superstitious mother said the mansion was in total disarray and spent a large sum of money to hire a Taoist priest to perform a spell, causing the whole street to be perturbed.
Father asked Mother to send precious herbs and tonic, and they were returned intact by the old antique.
He also told her to convey a message: ‘Anyway, their daughter may not escape death, they should forget about it since there was no hope.’ 

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I wanted to take the gift to them personally, but as soon as I came out, I ran into the Lu family carrying the bride price at the entrance of the alley.
Attracted by gongs and firecrackers, children rushed out of their homes, chasing them all the way to ask for money.
The leader was the captain of team four, Zhang Shun.
Lu Xingjiu was sitting in the back of the foreign car.
Through the glass window, one could see his smiling face.

I was so frightened that I ran home in a panic, my heart was perplexed.
I thought Lu Xingxiang was just joking.
I didn’t expect to see the family so soon, or such an exorbitant display.
Mother told the housekeeper to go outside and block the door, saying that the door would be opened when I was ready.
Father went to the store to collect the bills, leaving a house full of women with no one to take charge.

“My little ancestor, just stop shaking, Mom’s head is spinning.” Mother’s eyes carried a deep anxiousness.
The white silk handkerchief had long soaked with sweat from her hands. 

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“The bride price of the Lu family has already been carried to our entrance.
Whether you agree or not, you should at least give a reply, the whole family is waiting for you!”

“Yes.” Second Yitai smiled and said, “Since ancient times, when a man is married to a woman, it is under the order of a woman’s parents that the matchmaker speaks.
Once you open your mouth, the matter will be settled.
Bingqing is young and doesn’t know what’s important, so if she offends someone like Colonel Lu, I don’t know how much trouble she’ll cause for the Master.”

Third Yitai was about to say something back when a man suddenly walked into the outer hall.
The housekeeper wiped his cold sweat and said, “Madam, this young lady insists on coming in⎯”

The woman who came in had high eyebrows and was only lightly powdered, but she was really attractive.
She was wearing a uniquely intricate cheongsam with a golden silk brocade base covered with rich pink peonies paired with the golden high heels which made her legs straight and slender.

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She giggled and said, “Second Miss is really a noblewoman who forgets things.
The other day at the Nine Fragrance House, I, Jin Ruyi, met you, and yet, she does not recognize me now.”

I said, “How so kind, Miss Jin.” 

I greeted her warmly and sat down, and the servant made tea.
I explained the reason to the family, and Yu Jie, despite being a well-educated lady, went upstairs holding up her skirt like an uncultured wild child.

The golden girl didn’t seem to care much about masking her amusement and smiled brightly.
“Just heard this wife say the words of the matchmaker were parent’s orders.
The young master and the second young lady are in love.
Young people these days do not like those old traditions, but the Ye family and the Lu family are both dignified and can not let people gossip.
We still have to follow the rituals for the official marriage and choose an auspicious day to complete the deed.
This iron needs to be struck while it is still hot1.”

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Third Yitai couldn’t resist saying, “Our Bingqing met Young Master Lu just once, how can they be in love?”

Miss Jin sighed in a decent manner.
“This is what happens when young people get together, isn’t it all about love at first sight now?”

All the inquiring eyes drifted toward me.
My heart was like a nest of ants, crawling with restlessness.
I told myself, I must be calm.
Now Yue Xiaoman, Yu Ziyang, and Qin Shiyue are all in his hands.
If I reject the marriage in such a hasty manner, it will definitely make the Lu family lose face.
When the time comes, it will be difficult to help them.
I think I must be crazy, Qin Shiyue is a real secret agent.
He sent someone to kidnap me to set up the seventh of July by the willow bridge, and he told all of this to the road school.
And here I was worried about his safety.

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“Bingqing, what the hell is going on?” 

Mother’s face was a little embarrassed.
To meet once and then become lovers, in their old-fashioned minds, was only a frivolous woman from an uncultured family that could do that. 

I lowered my head and mumbled for a long time before I flung out a stiff sentence, “Mom, this marriage, I shall accept.”


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