Chapter 1: The New Teacher in Ye Xin Girls’ Middle School

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The dawn sky was still colored with tranquil gray-blue color, but the streets under it were already lively with activities.
The stalls were selling their vegetables, the rickshaws were shuttling back and forth, while the clothing shops and cake shops around had all put up their respective signboards.

At the gate of Ye Xin Girls’ Middle School, there were groups of girls in twos and threes walking.
They were neatly wearing their blue coats, black skirts, and white socks.
The sound of their footsteps cluttering together and the peddlers’ shouts to promote their wares, all of these disturbed the initial tranquility of the area.
At this time, from some distance away, a carriage appeared as the first ray of sunlight in the morning slant on top of it.

Since I liked to ride the carriage, my father asked a craftsman to make the carriage very exquisite with a size twice the ordinary one.
Because of its enormous size, when there were too many people on the road, the carriage with two horses, red and brown, had to slow down for fear of hitting someone accidentally.

Meanwhile, the peddlers who had set up their stalls did not step aside because they wanted to gather their wares so as to prevent them from the wild animals rushing over blindly and trampling.
Because of this situation, the carriage slowed down even more.

“It is the carriage of the Second Young Lady from the Ye Family.” Someone muttered.

The carriage then stopped at the gate of Ye Xin Girls’ Middle School.
Before the housekeeper could get out of the carriage and bend down to put a foothold for me to step on, I had already jumped out of the half-meter high carriage and rushed into the school.
Due to the dash, my white dress fluttered from the rushing wind.
But I ignored that and shouted at my housekeeper, “Uncle Zhao, go back——”

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Quite helpless, Uncle Zhao could only say, “Young lady, slow down a bit and don’t run.”

However, if you looked at the wrinkles adorning his face, apart from the obvious love lining reflecting in his smile, you could see the helpless doting affection he had for me, the naughty young lady. 

Uncle Zhao was the one who watched me grow up.
Although he had a son, who also worked for Ye Family, in his old age, he had always felt that having a son was not as intimate as having a daughter.
Alas, he did not have the fortune of having his own daughter.

In spite of Uncle Zhao’s gentle reprimand, I still ran inside the school until I found Yue Xiaoman, holding her English textbook and reciting the content while sitting on the swing.
And I burst out laughing, making her notice my presence.
She then closed the book and knocked my head with it while asking, “Silly girl, what are you laughing at?”

“Did you really go on a blind date with Yu Ziyang from Jingde High School during the weekend?”

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At that, Yue Xiaoman’s face immediately bloomed, looking like a ripe cherry.
She awkwardly twisted the corner of the book in her hand and said, “Well, it was arranged by his parents and mine.
However, I just read my Song Ci book and did not even look him straight in the eyes the whole time.”

“Yu Ziyang’s family is a famous

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