The Beast Tamer is Reborn

02: Yes, I have a problem - part 1

, was growing tired of being hauled around like this.

The elderly owner of her body appeared to be in a challenging circumstance, but Amane was not going to accept it.

It was not in her personality to sit back and take such things lying down.

Amane allowed herself to be pulled back to her room by the old lady because she did not want to cause a scene in the middle of the corridor but that was all the grace she was going to give the old maid.

”You! Don cause any more trouble for old master Tsurugi. He took you in when your parents died and he was even gracious enough to take care of your family business. So you should be a good girl and listen to his orders. ”

”Just because you are the only daughter of the old master Tsurugi doesn give you any right. You are not even a true demon like the Tsurugis. Abominations like you should just live their lives in silence and not complain about what they are being given. ”

Amane had not understood what kind of situation she was in yet but this one conversation caused things to become clearer for her.

She didn appear to be a ”pure-breed ” in this incarnation either, and it appeared that her current situation is a result of her being a half-breed.

”To think that my half-breed status will follow me into this existence as well. ” However, I think people here are not as tolerant as I had thought. What should I do next to improve my standing in this family?

Amane had noticed her lack of respect in this household. It seemed like she was the master here in name only.

Even the servants looked down on her.

”Look at me when I am talking to you girl. Don you dare ignore me! ”

Amane caught the incoming slap before it could make an impact on her cheek. The startled old lady quickly tried to pull her hand back but Amanes grip made it impossible.

Amanes body did not have the strength to resist the old ladys power but when she used her core, her body was filled with immeasurable strength.

”You sure are brave to try and hit me. Do you not care for your life? I am the master in this house after all. ”

Amanes tone went dark and intimidating. The old servant looked close to fainting and Amane could tell that this was her first time seeing something like this.

Ah, it seems the previous owner of this body was not only a coward but also submissive. Too bad that I am none of these things.

Amane was not happy with her current circumstances but she did understand why the previous owner of the body chose to live as they had.

Not everyone dared to step out of the norms and face the world. When you did decide on your goals, achieving them was even more difficult.

”M-My lady, please let go. I-I will never serve you if you broke my wrist. Y-You know I am the o-only one who v-volunteered for the position of your m-maid, right? No one else will take my p-place once I am gone. ”

Was this some kind of weird way to guild-trip Amane? Did the old lady think of her as a child who was unable to do anything without help?

”I don care if you resign and never return. I would prefer it if you never came back so please die in a shallow puddle somewhere out there. You no longer need to come here from tomorrow. ”

The old lady went white at Amanes words. The shocked expression on the ladys face was real enough to convince Amane that this possibility had never occurred to her.

Did the old lady seriously think someone would put up with her abuse forever?

”M-My lady, you cannot decide that on your own. M-Master Tsurugi will never allow that. R-Right, we should take this up with Master Tsurugi. I am sure he will be able to change my ladys mind. ”

The old woman had a smirk on her face when she finished her proposition. It irritated Amane when she looked at the old servant.

Did she look that gullible in the eyes of her servant?

”No need. Since you are my servant, I can dismiss you as I please. Now go and leave me alone. ”

”You cannot decide that on your own. You are nothing more than a doll who- ”

The door opened before the servant could finish her words. Amane looked toward the new entry as well, her eyes guarded.

Amane let the old lady go as soon as she heard the door to her room open.

”Whats happening here? I decided to check on everyone because I heard a lot of noises coming from inside. Are things in order?

The person who had arrived was Sakura Tsurugi. Since she hadn had time to watch the younger girl yet, Amane wasn sure what to think of her.

Amane was not even sure if she should count Sakura as a potential ally or an enemy.

Thank God you are here, Lady Tsurugi. The strange attitude my girlfriend is in today is even making her violent. Im not sure what to do with her. Give us the go-ahead to imprison my lady so that she won hurt anyone else, please.

The old servant had the audacity to as it all. She even pushed her injured wrist in a highlighting way so that it became more prominent.

Her intention was clear – to get Amane in trouble with the other female.

But did she think it would matter to Amane? As far as Amane could gather from the old servants words, she and the current Lord Tsurugi were not directly related.

And if Amane was reading the situation right, then it was the owner of her body who was the real head of the family and not the current Lord Tsurugi.

So this marriage was likely a ruse to get me out of this house and to take the mantle of the family head for himself. It was a clever trick but it would no longer work on me.

”Yoko? Is something wrong? You never fight with servants before. ”

Sakuras voice sounded hesitant when she asked this question. Amane could tell that Sakura wasn like her father and likely also didn resent Amane.

So that meant Amane could take a chance with her.

”You are right. I do have a problem with this servant and I want her gone. Do you want to say anything against my decision? ”

Amane was giving Sakura a chance. Her answer would decide if Amane would treat her as a friend or a foe from here on.

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