The Beast Tamer is Reborn

01: Beginning of something new

”Master, leave the room. Well be able to stop the alliance in its tracks. Therefore, be sure to escape this place unharmed. As Amane started to run down her execution platform, she overheard those awful words.

She was confident that the family she had adopted would be there for her when she needed them. Amane still regretted that they had delayed carrying out her punishment, though.

It was already too late, after all. Because of the poison she had knowingly consumed, Amanes life was about to end.

She had no other choice, though.

That was the choice Amane had to make. Either she passed away, or the rest of her guild did. Amane was a lone individual. No matter how much power she had, she would not be able to save everyone.

I guess this is the curse of having so much power. Those alliance bastards could not find anything else so they chose to threaten me with those kids lives.

And between her cursed existence and the lives of her loved ones, it was clear what Amane would have chosen.

That was the reason Amane had not told anyone about this deal. None of the children Amane had picked up along her life needed to carry the burden of her death.

Amane had been ready to go out quietly, but it no longer seemed possible.

Why did they need to know right away? In any case, everything was about to end. These kids were going to be taken care of by the alliance when I passed away, and they were going to be placed with good homes to raise them.

Amane had consented to her capture and subsequent execution because of these kids. Because of these kids, Amane refrained from succumbing to her curse and turning into a demon.

You see, Amane was a half-demon. Demons were the mortal enemies of humanity and divinity.

As such, Amanes existence was considered cursed in everyones eyes. They had tried to kill her so many times that she had even lost count.

Maybe that was why I took those unfortunate children in. They had nowhere else to go, just like me.

And now those very children were throwing away their chance at a better life because of her. No matter how Amane looked at it, it was her fault.

She had dragged these children into her world and made their lives miserable.

They would not have been better off without you as well. The world considered them to be a burden as well.

Amanes mind reminded her of this fact but her heart spoke differently.

”You all need to get out of here. There is still time for you to claim plausible denial later. You don need to be concerned about my death. ”

”No way. We are not going anywhere. ”, ”True. You took us in when we had nowhere to go so well stand by you. ”, ”We are family after all. ”

The more Amane heard those words, the more she felt her heart hurt. These poor children had no idea what kind of choice they were making.

The world was a cruel and unjust place for people who tried to oppose the alliance.

You see, while there were many different species in the universe, they could be grouped into three major groups: humanity, the demon race, and divinity.

Among them, the demon race resisted both humanity and divinity, while humanity and divinity formed an alliance. Since the beginning of life, this has been happenin

The alliance was the official name given to the union between humanity and divinity. And its primary goal was to keep the demon race from flourishing.

But the alliances influence was much border than that. It was not as the absolute good it tried to portray itself to be. And its light caused the darkest of shadows on this world.

These children Amane had taken in were the proof of the darkness the alliance was capable of casting. But Amane wanted these children to step into the light.

And if she had to sacrifice herself, then so be it. She has already washed out and become useless anyway.

”You all are idiots. I can no longer protect you all. I no longer have a core to be able to use magic. ”

Amane had given it away willingly to seal the deal with the leader of the divinity. She had to make sure this deal was unbreakable.

”We don care about it at all. We just want you to come back home with us. ”

The redhead child who only came up to Amanes knees cried out. She was one of the last Amane had saved but she was such a precious girl.

Amane would miss them all.

”Be good and study hard. This world is something that will bow down to you all one day. Be nice to each other and live out your lives. Most of you will live for centuries. You will see the world change a lot but don be afraid. ”

Amane let the children go. She could already feel the calamity being charged up behind her.

Had Amane only needed to protect herself, she might have even survived the attack. But she had to protect the children behind her.

”You all, live. Even if you have to beg and crawl, live and survive. Do it till you no longer had to cower in front of anyone. Become stronger and we may meet again one day in the future. ”

Amane felt sad to leave the children without any form of protection. But this was all she could do to save their lives.

”One day you all will see a world that does not discriminate against special children like us. That day, please do your best to make sure to remember me. ”

She was dying already but Amane would make sure she would be able to save the lives of her precious people.

The children were crying but that was good. Their tears would make it difficult for them to remember what kind of face Amane was making.

She wanted them to remember her always smiling.

So Amane gave them all the last smile as she used her body and whatever was left of her magic to block the calamitys attack. It would take everything she had to hold back the attack but Amane was determined to see this through.

”Please don go. I won forgive you if you died now. ”

Amane tried to recall the name of the silver-haired fox child that was begging Amane to live. But even thinking was becoming difficult for Amane in her current condition.

Everything was becoming hazy but the children were safe.

”Take care. ”

The Supreme Goddess Amane spoke those lines before her body vanished in a collision of light.

The alliance members who witnessed this event would later refer to this day as a miracle of

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