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[To my dear Simon, 

Come to think of it, this is my first time writing a letter to you. 

It’s been more than 20 years since we met but it’s my first letter to you….
It’s such a shame now that I think about it. 

In fact, if it wasn’t for that day, I wouldn’t have even talked to you, let alone be able to write you a letter. 

Fate is such an interesting thing, isn’t it? 

Yes, that’s right.
Not only did I rescue you on that day but…… I also changed my own fate. 

If I hadn’t saved you that day, I’d most likely be dead by now.
After all, it’s difficult for a 6 year old child to survive in the back alleys with no protection.
Although my memories from that day are blurry, I still remember sitting there motionless for what like hours then hearing the gruesome sound of something scratching and gnawing away. 

When I looked up from my curled position, all I saw were a few gray rats biting at my toes. 

I think those rats thought I was dead.
To be honest, I think I was probably half dead by then too.
At the time, I hadn’t eaten for a few days and my head was muddled by the hunger pains and tiredness. 

Then….then I saw an one-eyed man dragging you along.
He was so anxious that he didn’t even prepare a sack to properly transport you.
Thus, your little body was hurriedly brought in wrapped tightly with a blanket. 

Once the blanket was off, your black hair and fair, pretty face was revealed. 

At the time, I really thought you were some sort of fairy or angel.
Haha, isn’t that funny? Mistaking the worst-tempered & grumpiest wizard in the world as an angel. 

(Hey, smile a bit.
You must be frowning again and emitting that cold aura of yours again.
Relax a little, Simon.) 

I never told you but the moment I saw you, I was fascinated by you.
It felt like your body was radiating a dazzling light.
The only thing on my mind was to save you.  

I kept thinking that, one way or another, I must save this child no matter what. 

Something, fate perhaps, whispered to me, saying that I couldn’t let your fate be like mine, miserable and halfway through death’s door.
That choice is probably the best I’ve made in my entire life.
Not only did I save you, I saved myself. 

So, Simon…

You are my benefactor.
Thank you for saving me all those years ago.
Having you as a friend has brought me the greatest joys.
I was very happy being able to grow up alongside you as your brother.

Through every life or death situation, you were there right beside me and I’m very happy that we overcame so many of those together.
You may be feeling betrayed for my sudden, unannounced departure but, for the sake of all these years we’ve been together, I beg you to forgive me for not being able to tell you anything. 

Please understand; this was my own decision after much deliberation. 

I hope that you will understand my choice.
The decision was not just for me; I made it for you, for me and perhaps for everyone around me. 

Just like when I saved you, my instincts – no, fate – was telling me it was time for me to leave. 

Even though I'm leaving now, you don't have to look for me too hard.

When the time comes, I’ll be back with many surprises. 

By the way, I’m really sorry about that day but while I'm on this topic, you – you’re really awesome! (2) 

With love, from your Kalia.] 



Kalia tore two of her scrolls as soon as she left the capital. 

One was a scroll that erased one’s traces while the other was a teleportation scroll. 

Immediately after she tore the scroll, a round and transparent film formed around their carriage. 

At the same time, the air in front of the carriage was split apart like the way the scroll was torn. 

“Move,” with a quiet murmur from Kalia, the carriage was instantly sucked into the space rift. 

Allen and Humming’s eyes widened in amazement at the magic; it was the first time for the both of them to experience teleportation. 

The move was instantaneous.
That moment in time did not exceed even 1 second. 

is it over?” Humming asked, hugging her own body in surprise.
Kalia looked out the carriage window and nodded in response. 

‘We really teleported? That was it?’ 

For a moment, it felt as if her body was floating but just as quickly as the feeling came, it disappeared.
Humming quickly opened the carriage door to look out. 

The surrounding scenery was a little different than before, but she could still see a similar spread of forest around her.
Tilting her head, she looked to Kalia, “The move happened with no problem, Miss Kalia?” 

“If you don’t believe it, check the bottom of the carriage.
There will be a mark called a teleportation spot.” 

Humming jumped out to take a look.
Etched into the ground beneath the carriage was a huge magic circle that spread out from the center of the carriage to cover a radius of about 20 meters.

“Aha!” Humming cried in delight. 

A teleportation spot! 

Generally, there were several teleportation spots in every city to prevent casualties, collision damage and property damage that can be caused by teleportation. 

When a teleportation scroll was torn, the object(s) and/or subject(s) of teleportation are automatically assigned to the least crowded spot among the teleportation spots in the region. 

Humming’s face brightened at her discovery, “Wow, we really teleported!” Like an excited child, Humming ran back into the carriage. 

Kalia rather liked this appearance of Humming: bouncing around in amazed excitement.
If she had more time, she would’ve wanted to watch her infectious enjoyment for longer, but…. 

“We don’t have much time so let’s teleport again.” 

“Hold on, wait a second please.” Allen hurriedly grabbed Kalia’s hand, stopping her mid-action, “Kalia, the recommended daily use of scrolls are two per day at maximum.” 

Allen’s anxious expression reminded Kalia of the normal ‘common sense’.
As he had said, when ordinary people use scrolls, the recommended amount for safe usage was two per day.
Using scrolls required more than a certain amount of mana.
A normal person who has not undergone training as a wizard cannot properly control the mana in their body after using 2 or more scrolls; the loss in control causes side effects when performing spells.
The forced movement of mana caused physical exhaustion so severe that most collapsed and would be unable to move for several days. 

However, this was only the standard for ‘ordinary’ people. 

Kalia did not fall into that category of people.
She gave Allen a light reply, trying to reassure him, “I’ll be fine.” 

“What? What do you mean you’ll be okay? What do you mean…” 

“I mean it literally.
I’ve used up to 10 before.” 

Allen's expression turned indescribably pale at Calia's words.

‘You've used up to 10…!’

Allen knew that even wizards with an exceptional amount of mana couldn’t use more than 5 scrolls per day. 

Of course, archmages weren’t constrained by such things, but Kalia wasn’t a mage, alright? 

Nevertheless, he couldn’t believe that she had used up to 10 in one day. 

‘She’s not one to lie, but…’ 

It wasn’t easy to believe her when what she said was so absurd. 

And, if it really was true…

'How on earth could such a transcendent person exist?'

At such a young age, she had accomplished numerous momentous achievements with her remarkable skills.
Despite her arduous past, filled with countless deaths and suffering, her eyes remained tranquil and calm. 

She was physically superior but what was strange was that her mental solidity was also commendable. 

‘If this was the average person, they would long be so physically and mentally drained that they’d collapse …..
How could she be so strong?’ 

So while Allen was preoccupied with confusion towards Kalia’s extraordinary toughness, she tore apart a 3rd and 4th scroll. 

The feeling of floating took over her body again and she sensed her mana being drained as the teleportation happened. 

Again, surprise bloomed in Humming’s eyes as she stared out the carriage window. 

“It's the sea!” Humming exclaimed, jumping out the carriage in her excitement at seeing a lighthouse by the sea.
She spun in place inside the teleportation spot, breathing in the salty air and cheered with pure joy and surprise.

“Wow! What a great view!” She, who had lived inland since birth, was overwhelmed by the sudden sight of the sea.
Her heart filled with delight at the breath-taking view before her and she burst out laughing. 

Seeing her favourite servant running around so excitedly, Kalia decided to take a few minutes of rest. 

There were some people by the lighthouse watching Humming and they couldn’t help but burst into laughter at her antics. 

Usually teleportation scrolls were very expensive so it was mostly just aristocrats who used them or a big group of them would use one together.
Those who were gathered were precisely the latter kind of people. 

“It must be the lady’s first time seeing the sea.
Such a cute reaction.” 

“I think I was the same the first time I was here… Now, I’m too used to it; I’ve seen it so many times that nothing here’s surprising or exciting anymore.” 

“Is that so….
Oh! Have you heard about that”? 

“That? Which that? What are you talking about?”

“I heard that a pink pearl was up for bidding for the first time in two years today but the person who bought it was an outsider.
They paid tens of thousands in gold right then and there for it.
Without any hesitation!” 

“How much gold?? I bet it’s a romantic lover.” 

“….but what’s even more surprising was the clothing they were wearing.” 

Leaving behind the chattering, Kalia stood next to Humming and the two looked out at the sea together. 

A few strands that had loosened from her tied haired beneath her big-brimmed hat fluttered in the soft sea breeze. 

With a clumsy motion, Kalia took off her hat for a moment before putting it back on and looking out to the vast ocean. 

The distance she had to go was beyond this sea; it was a far distance that could be reached only after travelling hundreds of kilometers. 

She consciously stroked her belly.
Though she was still a little awkward about the whole thing, her heart skipped a beat every time she thought about her child. 

‘Let’s do this, baby,’ she pledged with a blushing face. 

She turned to Humming who was still staring mesmerized at the sea, and gently said, “Humming, it’s time to go.
We don’t have much time.” 

“Ah, yes,” Humming gave one last glance at the waters with a face of regret.
Then, without hesitation, she turned back to the carriage and climbed in. 

“Hold on,” Allen said with a voice filled with caution. He reached a hand out to help Kalia up into the carriage, worried that she would strain or hurt herself. 

In that moment, with the feeling of her soft skirt swirling around her legs, Kalia really felt as if she had become an ordinary lady.
With the help of Allen’s outstretched hand, Kalia climbed into the carriage. 

After settling in, she pulled out another two scrolls with a slight smile. 

“You’ll really be okay?” Allen, who still couldn’t let go of his worries, asked again. 

Kalia eyes met Allen’s worried ones and with a smile, as if to reassure him that it really was okay, tore her scroll. 


The space in front of them was torn and the carriage they were riding was sucked in again. 


(1) Figurative brother! 

(2) The letter does just say “awesome”.
I couldn’t tell if Kalia is saying Simon is awesome as a person or if he was awesome in bed lmao.
Am I reading too much into this? I guess it’s up for interpretation… heh.
To those who read from aggregator sites, it was pretty much established from the 1st chapter I translated how dirty my mind is and to all my other readers, hehehehe.
My dirty mind strikes again. 

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