{Giant Cave Spider killed, 400 exp obtained}

{Does host want to use 1910 exp to level up?}


Having spent three weeks in the dungeon, he could finally check what his new skills were.

{Host has level up!}

{Gained 1 stat point}

The last two weeks, Ruben continued looking for Giant cave spiders and hunted them for exp.

He was even able to learn a new skills as well as improved a few of his older skills.

This was also thanks to the low level soldier spiders and mid level soldiers he had encountered and killed in the past fortnight

Although he hasn encountered any stronger spiders, he noticed the spiders were moving in two or even three and the spiders appearing more often as he got deeper into the cave.

The cave must be a gigantic spider next. The dungeon gate should be positioned far out in the edge where there are lesser and weaker spiders like those I have faced so far.

I might encounter stronger spiders later.

Looking at the system timer, he still have more than a month left in the cave.

Ending his thoughs, Ruben opened up his status window in excitement.

I can finally unlock that unknown skill!

Name: Ruben Hilston

Level: 10 (0/2200 exp)

Title: –

Race: Human

Health: 1600/1600

Stream coins: –

Exp stored: 100


Strength: 29

Agility: 31

Stamina: 29

Perception: 30

Mind: 27

Stat points: 4


Active skills

• Dash (level 4)

– speed is increased 40 times for 200 seconds. Cooldown: 1 hour

• Stealth (level 3)

– able to stay hide your presence completely for 3 minute, cooldown: 2 hours

• Critical Hit (level 2)

– able to cause ×20 damage, cooldown: 2 hours

Passive skills

• Observing eyes (level 1)

– Able too see the stats of other mortals and identify objects along with its description.

• Minor Poison Immunity (level 1)

– immune to all paralysis poison and non-lethal poison.

• Accurate Throwing (level 3)

– able to throw objects accurately 2.5 times faster and 3 meters further.

• Lock Picking (level 1)

– increase the speed of picking locks by 10 times

• Disguise (level 1)

– able to slightly shift facial bones and change the colour tone of any body hair.

• Slash (level 2)

– × 2 damage increase for attacks caused by blade

• Concealment: Hidden away from prying eyes

– able to hide from the eyes from consellations and other hidden entities upon users wish

• ??? (Unlocked at Level 50)

– ?

Ruben was ecstatic when he read the new skills. This means that he had the option of hiding from the consellations whenever he wished after absorbing the Consellation Gem which had been bugging him for a while.

Although it wasn a huge issue, he preferred having a safety net or precaution when he felt like he was doing something that shouldn be seen by others which he had a gut feeling he would need in the future.

With the new skill, all his worries went away.

During the 3 weeks he spent in the dungeon, he also had an epiphany that it might be better if he absorb the gem while in the dungeon.

This was so that the consellations could watch him and hopefully sponsor him streamer coins, skills or weapon.

Before closing his status window, he allocated one point each in his Strength, Stamina, Perception and Mind.


Strength: 30

Agility: 31

Stamina: 30

Perception: 31

Mind: 28

Stat points: 0

After closing the status window, he looked for a secure location where he could absorb the gem he found in the vault.

Sitting down, he took out a gem and put it in his hand.

As he was wondering how he was going to absorb a solid object, he felt the gem vibrating slightly.

It was as though the gem was asking his permission to continue.

As soon as Ruben though, Okay? in his mind, the stone immediately broke down into small particles and entered his hands.

He could then see a copper coin sized star tattoo appear on the soft part of his plam below his thumb.

As soon as the tattoo appeared, a small space infront of him distorted and a baby bear wearing a tuxedo walked out in two back legs.

It looked at Ruben with an dull expression and gave a polite bow.

”Welcome to the consellation stream! ” It said with a child-like voice while it bowed.

”I am Bobbit, a lackey of the stream. You will be one of the many Marked that I will be responsible for. Consellations all around the infinite universe will be watching you from now on. ”

”As long as you are able to entertain or impress the consellations, they could sponsor you with streamer coins, skills, weapons even contracts. ”

”You will be able to spend streamer coins in the streamer store which you can access through me. ”

”By calling, Bobbit the lackey, I would appear in front of you and open the store for you. It is better to know what you want when using the store as it might take a while to browse through the selection of infinite items in the store. ”

”As you would expect, you would also need enough Stream Coins to buy the items in the store. ”

”You are advised to ask access for the store only after collecting at least 10,000 Stream Coins. ”

”If you were to call me out without a reason or abuse your powers over the lackeys, your stream store access will be suspended until told otherwise. ”

”You may also encounter other Marked which has the star marked on their right palm like yours. ”

”This should be all for an introduction. Is there any questions you would like to ask? ” Bobbit asked with the same dull expression and waited for Rubens reply.

”Not for now I guess. May I call upon you if I have some questions? ”

”Yes you may however be warned, if I deemed the question unnecessary or foolish, I have the authority to ban you from the stream store temporarily. ”

Understanding most of the important details, Ruben said to Bobbit.

”That should be all, thank you Bobbit ”

e stream will be connected as soon as I leave. May your star shine brighter. ” Bobbit left the same way he arrived through a distorted space.

As soon as he dissapeared, words started appearing on the other side of his view where the system would use.

[You have opened a channel]

He then left the place he was hiding to look for more spiders to hunt.

Ruben planned to store the exp he gained from now onwards and level up less frequently.

[Consellation, Archer Who Shot Down Nine Suns has joined the channel]

Huh, what a particular name. I gues they don use their real names but give a description of themselves. He thought ignoring the pop ups from the Stream.

Not long after he found 2 low level soldier spiders.

[Consellation, The Third Lotus Prince has joined the channel]

With his recently aquired skill Slash, Ruben found his hunting easier and quicker.

He threw five continuous throwing knives at one of the spiders instantly killing it.

{Giant Cave Spider killed, 250 exp obtained}

He then threw his last throwing knife on the spider running towards him. With a dagger on each hand he dodged the spider that jumped towards him by sliding below its body.

[Consellation, Father Of The South has joined the channel]

While sliding he used both his daggers to cut the lower part of the spiders body.

He than jumped on the back of the spider in pain and stabbed it, killing it in an instant.

{Giant Cave Spider killed, 250 exp gained}

After confirming both the spiders are death, he went to collect his throwing knives.

[The Third Lotus Prince is impressed by your fighting prowess]

[Archer Who Shot Down Nine Suns nod his head in agreement]

[The Third Lotus Prince have sponsored you 100 Stream Coins]

[Father Of The South wants to see you fight]

[Father Of The South asks you to look for more prey]

Ruben was started to get a better understanding of how the stream works as he looked at the chat appearing in front of him.

Continuing his hunt, Ruben walked further away from the gate.

I will stop hunting spiders on the last three weeks. It would give me more than enough time to return to the gate. Ruben thought while trying to sense any spiders near by.

He should spend his remaining 2 weeks hunting as many spiders as possible.

[Consellation, The Mistress Of Animals has joined the channel]

Ruben noted a number on the top corner of the notifications from the Stream which seem to showed the number of consellations watching him through his channel.

Thinking of the Concealment skill he had just obtained, he decided to give it a test.

Immediately after activating it he saw the notifications from the Stream popping up continuously.

[The Third Lotus Prince is stunned]

[The Third Lotus Prince asked how the Marked was removed]

[Father Of The South asked where the Marked is]

[Archer Who Shot Down Nine Suns is confused]

[The Mistress Of Animals asked where is the Marked of this channel]

Ruben noticed the star marked on his plam dissapeared completely right after activating the skill.

After confirming its ability, Ruben then deactivated the skill.

[The Third Lotus Prince is relieved of the Markeds return]

[Archer Who Shot Down Nine Suns is still confused]

[Father Of The South asks the Marked to find more prey since the Marked has returned]

[The Mistress Of Animals is suspicious of the Markeds dissapearance]

[Archer Who Shot Down Nine Suns asks how the Marked dissapeared from the channel]

[Archer Who Shot Down Nine Suns asks how the Marked dissa…..]

[Archer Who Shot Down Nine Suns asks …..]

Ignoring the consellations and Archer Who Shot Down Nine Suns continuous question, he continued looking for Spiders.

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