In the train, Ruben sat at the economy class with his suitcase at his feet.

After seeing that it has been 50 minutes since the train left the station. He took his suitcase and walked to the end of the train.

Using Stealth to avoid being seen. He left the the last train compartment entering the small deck.

He could hear a passenger complaining when he opened and closed the door while using Stealth.

”Who was the last idiot that went out to smoke, the door wasn closed properly… ”

He stopped hearing the complain as soon as the door closed.

He wasn worried of being seen as soon as Stealth stopped as the door was wooden, blocking anyone in the train from seeing him outside.

He then kept his suitcase in the ring and waited for the system to give him the signal.

{A temporary dungeon opened for the next 2 months 0 days 2 hours 6 minutes is discovered near you}

He immediately jumped off the train towards the vegetation on the side of the track to soften the impact.

Getting off and dusting himself, Ruben was glad to find that other than a few scratch, he was practically unhurt.

The system showed him the direction of the dungeon which was 15 km away from him.

As he was nearing the dungeon, he slowed himself down and observed his surroundings.

Ruben was worried that the dungeon might have already been discovered by someone and could be guarded.

He approached the dungeon soundlessly with his light footsteps he trained as an assassin.

He followed the direction from the system and found the dungeon.

Sensing that there was no humans around, he approached the dungeon gate.

The gate was oval about 2 meters tall and half a meter wide. It was big enough for a normal human to go through. It glowed light orange in colour.

Ruben used his hands to touch the entrance which passed through the light orange with ease. He felt a cooling sensation on his skin.

{The system detect dungeon to be of moderate danger to Host}

Taking a deep breath, Ruben walked through the gate entering the dungeon.

As soon as he passed the gate, Ruben found himself in a cavern with lights comming from some kind of ore on the walls.

Being on guard, he checked his surroundings for any living being and found that he was alone.

Turning a round, he saw the gate he just used on a stalagmite. The gate looked exactly the same as the one he entered.

{System has marked the location of the gate. Host does not have to worry about getting lost or losing the gate location}

Ruben was very happy about the new information as he was just struggling on how far he should explore and how is going to keep track of the location of the gate.

With the system, he could explore all he want.

Arming himself with a curve dagger his left hand and a dagger on the right, he explored the cavern.

As he was walking, he noticed something approaching and hid behind a stalagmite.

He saw the largest spider he has ever seen in his two lives. It was a meter and a half tall and fangs more than half the length of his forearm.

Giant Cave Spider Soldier

– Health: 600/600

– a low level soldier in the colony.

– has paralysing poison on its fangs.

Looking at its health, Ruben decided to use all his throwing knives and finally end it with his dagger.

Walking the unsuspecting spider was walking around the cavern, Ruben was silently arming himself.

He then climbed up the huge stalagmite to get a better view and distance.

The moment the spider turned to his direction, he threw the two throwing knives in his hands at the spiders eyes.

{Skill: Accurate Throwing, has been learnt}

• Accurate Throwing (level 1)

– able to throw objects accurately 1.5 times faster and 1 meters further.

The two knives were able to hit two of its bigger eyes accurately. While it was stunned, Ruben threw another two knives immediately after its first attack.

The two knives were aimed at the spiders other eyes.

Recovering from the attack, the spider searched for its attacker. As soon as it found Ruben, another two knives had struck two of its eyes.

It was left with only two of its eight eyes. Angry at its attacker, it ran towards Ruben wanting to kill him even if it cost it its life.

Ruben saw that the health of the spider has dropped significantly thanks to the throwing knife with only 180 HP left, he chose to arm himself with a dagger in each hand.

The spider moved at a great speed and appeared below the stalagmite he had climbed while Ruben was arming with the dagger.

When he was armed, the spider had already left the ground, jumping towards him.

Ruben jumped off the stalagmite and did a flip on to the spiders back.

Before the spider could shake him off, he stabbed the two daggers into its head.

{Giant Cave Spider killed, 250 exp obtained}

{Does host want to use 200 exp to level up?}


{Host has level up!}

{Gained 1 stat point}

Looking at the carcas, he dragged it behind a bunch of the limestone pillars.

He then had an idea after seeing the fangs of the dead spider.

I hope this works!

Ruben held his hands towards the fangs and gave himself a small cut in the plam.

{- 10 HP, Host has been effected by paralysis for next 3 minutes}

Ruben stiffened up and was unable to move for the next 3 minutes.

Seeing no notification, he gave himself a small cut on his plan with the fang again.

{- 10 HP, Host has been effected by paralysis for next 2.5 minutes}

Although Rube has been paralysed again, he had a small celebration in his head.

It worked! If I continue a few times, I will be able to gain the spiders poison immunity. Ahahahahhhahah, ain I a genius.

He then continued the process of cutting himself and getting paralysed.

On the seventh cut, he finally got the system notification.

{Skill: Minor Poison Immunity, has been aquired}

• Minor Poison Immunity (level 1)

– immune to all paralysis poison and non-lethal poison.

Seeing that his HP has been reduced by 70, Ruben decided to take a rest and fill his stomach while waiting for his HP to return after giving his hand a quick first aid.

Ruben took some dried meat he stored in the space ring and ate it while thinking of continuing his hunt after resting for the day.

He was going to spend 2 months here anyways.

He could take his time as it would be dangerous to rush into a battlefield injured.

Ruben spent the next week exploring the cave, hunting lone spiders.

So far, he had killed 9 low level soldiers and 2 mid level soldiers.

It didn take him much to eliminate the low level soldiers, the mid level soldiers weren difficult to face when he used his active skills.

The mid level soldiers gave him 400 exp each.

He ended up gaining a total of 3,050 exp, leveling up a few times.

Even some of his kills have level up after using them constantly

Ruben then opened his status window.

Name: Ruben Hilston

Level: 6 (0/ 1160 exp)

Title: –

Race: Human

Health: 1520/1520

Stream coins: –

Exp stored: 50


Strength: 26

Agility: 29

Stamina: 28

Perception: 30

Mind: 27

Stat points: 6


Active skills

• Dash (level 3)

– speed is increased 30 times for 150 seconds. Cooldown: 1.5 hour

• Stealth (level 2)

– able to stay hide your presence completely for 2 minute, cooldown: 2.5 hours

Passive skills

• Observing eyes (level 1)

– Able too see the stats of other mortals and identify objects along with its description.

• Minor Poison Immunity (level 1)

– immune to all paralysis poison and non-lethal poison.

• Accurate Throwing (level 2)

– able to throw objects accurately 2 times faster and 2 meters further.

• Lock Picking (level 1)

– increase the speed of picking locks by 10 times

• Disguise (level 1)

– able to slightly shift facial bones and change the colour tone of any body hair.

• ??? (Unlocked at level 10)

– ?

Looking at the stats, he decided to add 3 stat points in his Strength, 2 in Agility and 1 in Stamina.


Strength: 29

Agility: 31

Stamina: 29

Perception: 30

Mind: 27

Stat Points: 0

Immediately after distributing his stats, he felt hid body getting lighter.

Punching the air, he felt that his punches were faster and heavier as well.

Checking the distance between the gate and his location, Ruben continued his hunt deeper in the caves.

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