After leaving the hotel, ready for the mission He had planned out.

Ruben checked into an inn he had checked out during his planning and left his disguises there.

He then went to the museum nearby right after. Buying a ticket, he entered the premise.

He avoided the guards and visitors heading straight to the restroom. After sneaking out the restroom window, he ran back to the inn and sneaked back into the room he rented.

Having timed all his actions, Ruben quickly changed, put on his disguise and wig. Leaving through the window again.

Avoiding being seen the moment he entered the museum wasn difficult for him, especially since he didn have to worry about CCTVs.

He then entered the bank confidently like a proper lady with the key in hand.

Walking up to a counter he altered his voice making it sound more feminine.

”Good afternoon Sir, I would like to access vault number 378. ”

The man working on the counter looked at Ruben and said his lines monotonously.

”Do you have the key and password? ”

”Yes sir. ”

”Give me a moment while I look for the paperwork. ”

The banker then left through the door behind him.

Ruben noticed that it was taking longer than usual.

Looks like someone might really be getting informed that I am looking to access his vault.

A different man who looked like the manager returned.

”Good day, I apologise for the wait. The previous employee is new and did know where to get the paperwork. I am the bank manager, Jonah York. ” The manager said to Ruben.

”Please fill in the form along with the password. Ill guide you to the vault after checking everything out. ”

Theo filled the form with an identity he stole from a passing lady 2 days ago on the street.

He then wrote the password given by Theodore in his will.

After checking everything on the form, Jonah led him to a door at the end of the bank.

Passing through the long corridor behind the door, the two finally reached the elevator.

Going down, the elevator finally stopped and the elevator door was slit open by Jonah.

”So Ms. Melissa, I wonder whats your relationship with the original vault owner, Theodore Hilston? ” Jonah suddenly asked while leading Ruben to the vault.

”I didn know him personally but he knew someone I am close to. ” He answered vaguely.

Nodding his head in understanding they finally reached the vault.

”You can use the key with you to open the vault. I will be waiting at the elevator. You can look for me once you
e done. ” Jonah then walked in the direction they came from after speaking.

Looking at the 3 meter tall door, Ruben fitted the key into the only hole on the door and turned.

The door then opened by itself giving him a view of the inside.

There was a few racks with knifes, Daggers, pistols, all sorts of weapons on them. Entering the vault for a better look, he saw a table with a few silver Gems that were shining slightly.

There were also jewelleries such as rings, necklaces, bracelets and earrings on them.

Activating his Observing eye, he could see a bunch of words with its name and uses floating around the things in the room.

He found that the silverish gems were the Consellation Gem he was looking for.

He even found a ring which is stated to be a space ring he can use to store items with a space of 100 cubic meters inside.

He immediately took the ring after reading of its uses. Without wasting time, he used the ring to keep all the things in the vault.

Ruben originally planned to check out the vault today and see if he could find anything useful or explain his circumstances and leave, as he didn have the time to take anything out.

However, with the ring, he could save alot of time and take everything with him today.

He could then look through them and sort them out when he is in a secure location.

After making sure that everything was in the space ring and that the vault was empty. Ruben closed back the vault door and left with the ring in his pocket.

As soon as Jonah saw him, he noticed Jonah subtly studying his expression.

In the elevator, Ruben could see Jonah checking him all over through the corner of his eyes and smirked inwardly.

Hah, he must be looking to see what I brought out of the vault. He would never have thought that I have emptied it.

Ruben left the bank right after completing a form to say that he was satisfied with the service and such.

With his sense as an assassin, he noticed some people following him but couldn seem to find where they were.

Keeping calm, he weaved around the city, crowded areas and small alley, using his Stealth skill where he found most suitable.

With the Stealth skill still activated, he used his dash skill and headed straight to the inn.

Halfway to the inn, he noticed that the people following him has lost him.

He then entered the room he rented through the window. After taking off all his disguises and changing back into his clothes, he sneaked out the inn and back into the museum while the system notification sounded.

{Skill: Disguise, has been learnt}

• Disguise (level 1)

– able to slightly shift facial bones and change the colour tone of any body hair.

Leaving the restroom of the museum after checking his new skill, he took a quick walk around and found the exit that was guarded.

Like icing on a cake, he greeted them as his alibi.

”Good afternoon gentlemen, thank you for your hard work. ” He said to them with a smile while patting on one of them on the shoilder.

”Thank you, have a nice day to you sir. I hope you enjoyed the museum. ” The guard he patted replied with a kind smile

”I enjoyed it very much. The visit turned out to be more rewarding than I expected. ” Rebun said remembering his loot from the bank with a good mood. ”Have a good day then. ”

He then left the museum before taking his things from the inn and paying them extra to forget his visit which the innkeeper complied to happily.

Returning to his room in the hotel, Ruben put aside his things and laid on the bed while studying the ring with all the things in the vault inside.

Should I absorb the Consellation Gem now or wait…

Ill absorb it when I have more information later… Ruben decided.

After a short rest, he went to the hotels diner for dinner.

At the diner, he could hear a lady arguing with the hotel manager about having one of her dress being stolen, accusing the maids.

Opps, looks like she found out. Well, Ill return it when she is sleeping tonight and all will be done.

Ignoring the lady who was getting louder, Ruben quickly finished his meal and returned to his room.

He returned the dress the same night, using Stealth and Lock Picking Skill, he got it done much quicker and less noticeable than the previous night.

The next morning, Ruben decided to check out temporary dungeon which would be open for two more months.

He then to wrote a letter to his parents stating that he might be away for more than a week, the longest being 2 months.

He planned to stay in the capital two more nights as it would seem suspicious if he left the day after Theodore Hilstons vault was visited.

After writing the letter, he went to the lobby to have the staff help him mail it.

The following days in the capital was uneventful with Ruben continuing his tour around and eating at famous restaurants.

He fully enjoyed his time, eating and drinking the best in Tairon.

During the day, he spent his time like a tourist, at night, he would study the items in the ring one at a time.

He found that when he wore the ring, he is able to access the things inside with his thoughts.

As soon as he had the item in mind with the intention of taking it out, it would leave the space in the ring and appear in his hand.

Unfortunately, he wasn able to find a diary or something similar that might help him understand the consellations among the items.

The 4 knife he brought with him on the trip gave 60 damage every use according to the observing eyes.

The weapon found in the vault however, gave him better damage points.

He found a few weapons that he liked very much and planned to arm himself with them.

• Throwing Knife (× 6)

– 70 damage

• Dagger (×2)

– 110 damage

• Curved dagger (×2)

– 90 damage

There were even spears, bows and arrows, swords, firearms, all sort of weapons.

He even found a hunting rifle and shotgun.

Although they had a much higher damage it took too much time to reload, needing to reload every one or two shots.

There was a revolver among the few firearms which had similar damage to the one his father gifted him. Since he already had the two custom made ones, he put all the firearms back into the space ring.

Unfortunately he couldn find any bullets along with the firearms.

Packing everything, Ruben was armed to the teeth with 6 throwing knives, 4 daggers and 2 revolvers when he checked out of the hotel.

From what he had learnt from the the system so far, there wouldn be much change to himself after absorbing a consellation gem.

He would only be able to grow stronger or get items after attracting the attention of some consellations.

This was the reason why he decided to enter the dungeon without absorbing the Gem first as it wouldn make much difference.

Another reason was, he felt slightlt uncomfortable being watched constantly by an unknown entity so he wanted to delay it as much as he could.

It may be a bad idea but Ruben was an assassin. He liked working in the shadows, hidden.

Being watched was a huge pet peeve of all assassins, especially him.

He would absorb the gem after he was ready to leave the dungeon which according to the system was compulsory if he wanted to travel freely between the gates.

Since he didn know how long he was going to stay in the dungeon, he used the newly acquired skill Disguise and got himself 2 months worth of supplies he could survive on and stuffed it in the space ring.

Leaving the hotel, Ruben took a carriage to the train station.

Since he has already decided on getting off halfway through the journey, he planned on getting an economy class ticket.

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