The Adventures of the Reincarnated Vampire

Extra Chapter 5.5: For the Love of Fluff

Hi, Hi, Lily here again, long time no read, now where did we leave off, I just screamed out very loudly something very embarrassing, since I am already embarrassed lets start there.

”I No Longer Have My ”Son ”, Thank You Goddess ”!!!! (Lily)

After I hollered that out loud I realized what I have done, oohh that was so embarrassing. Whats that noise I can hear someone running to me.

”Princess Lily, Is everything okay ”? (Lucy)

Lucy asks as she slams open the bathroom door to check on me.

”Nyaaaa ” (Lily) I let out a cute squeal, as I try to hide my naked body, which has become as red as a tomato, I have now become Lily the Tomato Vampire Princess.

”Fufufu, You look so cute Princess Lily, I find it quite sweet that I am able to see you in birthday suit on the day that happens to be your birthday ”. (Lucy)

Lucy says as such while walking closer to me and giving me a mischievous grin. When she reaches me, she bends down and whispers into my ear….

”You look so cute, Lily. Thank You for the treat, I will have give you a extra present tonight when we get home, fufufu ”. (Lucy)

”Mau…Lucy, please don tease me to much I still have to get dressed ”. (Though, I can wait to find out what my present tonight will be.) (Lily)

After that whole ordeal, I finally just dressed into our new academys uniform, which is a pink checkered skirt with a long sleeve white blouse, pink checkered necktie, and a pink jacket. I think our uniforms are really cute, especially on Lucy. Lucy is a Elf with unique white hair, and green eyes that shine like emeralds, she is also quite taller than me, here height is 54, whereas my height is 411, yes Im a shorty.

We are currently taking the carriage to the school, Im not allowed to walk due to my status as a princess, but this is enjoyable in its own way because I get to play with Lucy more on the way. I am currently in my favorite seat in the carriage or anywhere and that is Lucys lap.

”Princess Lily, you look so adorable in the school uniform, it really shows your cute and fluffy aura. I wish it would take longer for us to get so I keep hugging you like this ”. (Lucy)

”Mao…Lucy, I enjoy being hugged by you, but please refrain from calling me princess, it….it makes feel like there still is distance between us,,,is it no good ”? (Lily) I ask Lucy, with biggest puppy dog eyes I could muster.

After I asked that Lucy seemed to be a bit perplexed on what she should do, due to our positions and formalities, she is quite diligent when it comes to those types of things.

”Awww, Mao you aren playing fair using the puppy dog eyes, but very I will call you by just your name when we are alone and at school, is that fine for you pri…..uhm Lily ”? (Lucy)

When I heard Lucy say as such I could see her face become a deep red after saying just my name, she is so cute. I can feel my feel my heart beating really fast, Im so happy.

”Yes, that is fine, thank you Lucy ”. I whisper into Lucys ear before showing her the brightest smile I could when I notice her beautiful lips, I can hold myself back I am to happy.

”Ny…nyaa…Lily… ”. (Lucy)

Lucy was caught by surprise from my sudden kiss but she soon leaned into it.

”Huh…huh…As much as I would like to continue Lily, we are about to arrive at the school, we can resume latter after we get back to the castle. Okay ”? (Lucy states as she gets her breath in order)

”Ummm…fine ”. (Lily)

”Very well, but remember Lily, you need to be careful with who associate with I know how pure and kind you are and people might try to take advantage of that ”.(Lucy)

”Hi HI, I understand, so now it is time for the Cuddly Vampire Princess Lily to make her high school debut, lets go Lucy ”! (Lily)

Author: WeebWrites96

Author Notes: Next Chapter will be the start of the school arc, I hope everyone enjoyed the first couple of chapters, the second heroine will appear in the next chapter the childhood friend will make her debut, stay tuned.

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