The Adventures of the Reincarnated Vampire

Chapter 1: The Vampire\'s Ride to the Academy

Hi, Hi, Lily here again, long time no read, now where did we leave off, I just screamed out very loudly something very embarrassing, since I am already embarrassed lets start there.

”I No Longer Have My ”Son ”, Thank You Goddess ”!!!! (Lily)

After I hollered that out loud I realized what I have done, oohh that was so embarrassing. Whats that noise I can hear someone running to me.

”Princess Lily, Is everything okay ”? (Lucy)

Lucy asks as she slams open the bathroom door to check on me.

”Nyaaaa ” (Lily) I let out a cute squeal, as I try to hide my naked body, which has become as red as a tomato, I have now become Lily the Tomato Vampire Princess.

”Fufufu, You look so cute Princess Lily, I find it quite sweet that I am able to see you in birthday suit on the day that happens to be your birthday ”. (Lucy)

Lucy says as such while walking closer to me and giving me a mischievous grin. When she reaches me, she bends down and whispers into my ear….

”You look so cute, Lily. Thank You for the treat, I will have give you a extra present tonight when we get home, fufufu ”. (Lucy)

”Mau…Lucy, please don tease me to much I still have to get dressed ”. (Though, I can wait to find out what my present tonight will be.) (Lily)

After that whole ordeal, I finally just dressed into our new academys uniform, which is a pink checkered skirt with a long sleeve white blouse, pink checkered necktie, and a pink jacket. I think our uniforms are really cute, especially on Lucy. Lucy is a Elf with unique white hair, and green eyes that shine like emeralds, she is also quite taller than me, here height is 54, whereas my height is 411, yes Im a shorty.

We are currently taking the carriage to the school, Im not allowed to walk due to my status as a princess, but this is enjoyable in its own way because I get to play with Lucy more on the way. I am currently in my favorite seat in the carriage or anywhere and that is Lucys lap.

”Princess Lily, you look so adorab

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