p>All he could make out were fragmentary words.

However, just listening to this, he got a sense of what the situation was. 

Ulan ran his tongue over the hard bread.

A mildly bitter flavor.

He crushed all the bread and threw it under the bed, his face wrinkled.
And after a while, Noah emerged from his bath.

“Uh-huh, at least the towel is clean.”

Her black hair was damp and she had a more relaxed expression. 

“Oh, I made the water warm by magic and there’s still some left for you, so you can go and wash up.”

“Thanks for the favor,” Ulan said, bowing his head. 

Ulan rushed through the shower.
When he returned, he noticed Noah running around the room, as if she was looking for something.

“Ulan, did you see any bread?” 

“I ate it all.” 


“I’ll give you this instead.”

The jerky and cheese he’d brought with him when he left the grasslands.

Perhaps because it was much better food than hard bread, Noah finished the meal with a satisfied face. 

The night came quickly. 

The sound of a blizzard raging outside the window could be heard.
There was nothing to do, so Ulan headed straight to bed. 

“I think I’ll go to bed now.”

“Oh, I’ll sleep on the floor.” 


“Because there’s only one bed.”

“Even if there is only one, it is spacious.” 

“No, it’s not like that…” 

Noah stammered as if in trouble. 

Ulan waved a hand in response.

“It’s okay, I’m not a bad sleeper.”

“Ugh, that’s not it.” 

“Then what is it?” 

Noah’s ears flushed red at the repeated question.
Moments later, she mumbled, fiddling with her pouch. 

“Well, even though we are alumni, there is a saying that we, male and female, are equals…….” 

“Men and women, what?” 

“It’s saying that it’s not healthy for a grown man and woman to sleep in the same bed!” 

Noah’s face grew redder. 

Ulan nodded his head. 

“I see, I understand what you mean.”

“Huh, I’m glad you finally got it.” 

When Noah let out a sigh, Ulan patted the bed again. 

“Here, lie down next to me.”

“You didn’t understand anything!” 

“Do not worry.
No matter how lustful I may be, I won’t touch a child.” 


“More than anything else, you are not good enough to receive my seed.
So you can sleep in peace.
I promise with the honor of a warrior.” 

I’ve sworn an oath, so you’ll be safe. Ulan thought to himself.
On the other hand, Noah, who was dazed, immediately shouted out of absurdity. 

“No, no.
uh, Child? Me? Didn’t you hear my age?”

“I know a kid when I see one.”

After answering like that, Ulan said with a confident face, “You’re about eleven, right?”

“No, I’m not! I’m sixteen years old!”

“Hhh? Sixteen?!” 

I’m the same age as you!” 

Noah exclaimed with an angry look on her face.

Ulan, on the other hand, looked startled.
He was genuinely surprised, the most surprised he’d been since he’d gotten his second life.



He repeated, just in case, and it was true.

Ulan’s expression quickly hardened and he spoke with a very serious face.

“Have you ever been cursed or something?” 

“I didn’t catch anything!” 

“If it’s not a curse, I can’t explain it.” 

“It’s not a curse!”

Noah groaned. 

After all the commotion died down, Noah made a strong appeal that she was indeed sixteen years old and that she was not cursed. 

Sometime after that. 

“Whoa, I’m kind of tired.” 

With a heavy sigh, Noah crawled to the corner of the bed.
Then she covered himself with the soft blanket and muttered with a sullen face. 

“I’ll go to bed first, so Ulando can sleep next to me or on the floor, it’s up to him.”

“I see.” 

Ulan lay down on a seat outside. 

After that, he raised the senses of his body to the maximum.
His hearing, vision, and even his sense of touch became as sharp as a well-honed knife.

He could even hear Noah’s heartbeat. 

How long had it been? 

Ulan spoke suddenly. 



A half-sleepy voice returned. 

She appeared to be about to fall asleep.
Ulan, for one, didn’t mind and asked the question he had been meaning to ask.

“I promised not to use violence as much as possible, but what kind of response do you think is appropriate if I’m attacked first?”

“What kind of situation?”

“A situation where my opponent is trying to kill me.” 

“Then you should knock him down and question him about why he attacked you.
Knowing why he wants to kill you will make you feel better.” 

As soon as Noah finished answering, Ulan jumped out of bed. 

“I think the same as you.” 

“No, then why did you ask…” 

The moment Noah gave him a dumbfounded look. 

Ulan stomped on the ground like a flash of light.
Then he slammed the door with his fist. 

Boom! Thud!

The door shattered with a loud crash.

Noah’s eyes widened. 

She looked furious and surprised.
This was partly due to Ulan’s sudden action, but the real reason was different.

“Kuck! Thud!”

That’s because Ulan was holding a man’s head in a vicious grip.
The man groaned in pain and soon collapsed in a puddle of bubbles. 

“I think I’ll need it soon.”

Ulan finished his dry answer. 

He looked towards the stairs leading to the first floor.
A dozen men, some of them the same ones who had eyed Noah so greedily earlier.

“Damn it! He noticed!” 

“Attack him all at once!” 

Facing the outpouring of murderous intent. 

Ulan chuckled. 

It was the eyes of a beast in front of his prey.

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