[Barbarian] Chapter 5 – To The Academy (3)

“Do I get anything?”


“You gave the warrior Ulan an ax made of bloodstone and a book.
Then I thought you might have something to give me too.”

Only then did Azur realize that Noah wanted something too.

“If you want something, you can tell me—–“

“Yes, I need money for travel.
It’ll take me at least two months to get to the academy, if not more, and I can’t sleep on the floor all the time, can I?”

Noah asked for money as if she had been waiting for it.

After all, money was a necessity for life outside the grasslands.
Azur handed Noah a pouch filled with twenty silver coins.

“Will this be enough?”

“It would be good for a little outing only,” Noah grinned.

It wasn’t enough, so she demanded more.
In the end, after a long argument, Azur was robbed of most of her fortune by Noah.
A pouch filled with a hundred or so silver coins.

Noah was finally content with her newfound fortune.

“Thank you, Master.
When I go to the academy, I will devote myself to my studies to not tarnish Master’s reputation!”

“What a damned disciple.
I don’t have more silver coins to give you, so get lost!” Azur scowled.

Noah bolted from the cabin, as if she were fleeing.
Before long, Noah’s presence had vanished.
Left alone, Azur shook her shoulders.


Finally, they are both gone!

Her body shuddered violently.

Eyes drenched in emotion.
As she sang her joyous tune, Azur recalled what had happened.

About ten years ago.

After many years of wandering, Azur returned to her hometown to spend the rest of her life comfortably.
She hoped to spend the rest of her life in peace, occasionally giving advice to her clan.

‘Then I picked up Noah.’

The reason she picked Noah up was simple.

It was because Noah had the same black hair as Azur.
She also needed a moderately useful servant, no pupil.

So she took Noah in as her apprentice, and for about five years, she pampered her with cleaning, cooking, and laundry.

Until one day, that is.

Returning home drunk, Azur taught Noah basic magic.

There was no real reason for it.
It was just a drunken whim.

More than anything, she didn’t think much of it at the time, that Noah won’t be able to learn anyway.

But what the hell?

Noah learned all the basic magic arts overnight.
That’s when Azur realized.
That Noah had a talent as a shaman.

‘······I should have stopped there.’

It would have been fine if she had just taught the basic magic and moved on, but Azur didn’t do that at the time.

She wanted to test the limits of her talent, so she taught various knowledge and disciplines including witchcraft.

The result.

Within three years, she was stripped to the bone.

‘That’s why I gave her an incredibly difficult assignment for her graduation exam.’

This test, known as the ‘Shaman’s Test,’ was a very demanding test, requiring a shaman to fulfill a single wish and slay all the monsters that roamed the grasslands.

However, Noah came back after finishing this in just half a year.
Azur’s worries then doubled.

Ulan, who had passed the Trials of a Hero and proved himself to be the strongest warrior in his clan, and stone-headed.

And Noah, a shaman with a genius talent that was burdensome enough to wipe out her own money.

She quipped in horror at the prospect of having to teach these two colossi.
So struggled to find a way out of this mess.

A way to deal with both headaches.

Then, out of the blue, she came up with the idea of Arsene Academy.

‘If I send them both to the academy…’

She’d be liberated, at least until their graduation.

Above all, they won’t be able to study hard forever.
Once they graduate, they will surely wander the world and live their own lives.

Just like she herself did in the distant past.

The moment she thought this far.

Azur began planning to send them both to the academy and the result was a great success.

“Hoo-hoo, no one can bother me now!”

She will no longer accept disciples.
She just has to be quiet and get some rest.

Just thinking about it made her feel happy.
Azur laughed coolly, her face brightening even more.

It was the joyous laughter of someone who had regained their freedom.


Dawn of the next day.

The fierce snowstorm had passed.

Ulan quietly left the village.
It was still dark because it had not yet dawned, but he was not worried; his night vision was quite good.

crunch, crunch, crunch!

He made his way through the white snow.

In no time, he arrived at the entrance, and there he saw a familiar face.


It was Ulan’s brother, Alk Bator.

He looked at Ulan with a confused face.
As if he had guessed that Ulan would secretly leave the village.

“Ulan,” Alk spoke to him, “Have you considered leaving already?”

“Yes, now that the blizzard has stopped,” Ulan said, nodding.

“… To be honest, I still can’t believe it,” While letting out a soft sigh, Alk muttered with a complicated face, “Not even when you told me you were relinquishing your position as Chieftain, but I never thought you’d tell me you were going to the Academy.”

Surprise, confusion, regret, and more.

His eyes flickered like candlelight, showing a variety of emotions, but Ulan’s gaze never wavered.

“It’s because the Trial of a Hero has taught me a lot. There are many things in this world that cannot be solved solely through strength.”

That wasn’t the only reason, though.

Still, when he said this, everyone nods.
Ulan’s attitude changed after he passed the Trial of a Hero.

This was also true of Alk.

“I see.
If that’s your decision, I’ll respect it.
To become a great warrior, you must also be wise.”

After respecting his wishes, Alk’s eyes no longer quivered.

“Then I’ll tell you about Azur’s message.”

The word ‘message’ suggested that Azur had no plans to visit here.
But Ulan didn’t care.

“If it’s a goodbye, I said it yesterday.’

So there’s no need to feel bad.

Ulan bowed his head in silence and listened to Azur’s message that followed.

“The world beyond the grasslands is much different from here.
So always act with caution, and remember that rash killing will come back to haunt you.”

He could roughly guess what she meant.

She was trying to prevent Ulan from injuring or harming people recklessly.
However, it was a rather useless piece of advice for Ulan at this point.

‘I know what you mean.’

In his last life, Ulan spent more than ten years outside the grasslands.

As such, he knows better than most that hurting or killing people will get you in trouble.

“Second, I want you to accompany Noah on the way to the academy.
Since you two are fellow alumni, I hope you get along well.”


Who was that? Ulan tilted his head.

Just then, there was a rustling in the bushes, followed by the sensation of movement.
A small girl appeared after a while.

“Uh, sorry I’m late!”

Black hair and blue eyes, and white skin that resembles snow.
For some reason, the mysterious girl bowed her head repeatedly.

“I’m sorry, I realized I had more to prepare than I thought just before I was about to leave.”

Alk waved his hand in response to the repeated apologies as if to say, ‘It’s fine, don’t worry about it.’ Then he turned to Ulan again and said, “This child is Noah.
Noah Darshen.
She’s a disciple of Azur from 8 years ago, and from what I’ve heard, he’s quite gifted in the magic.”


Ulan narrowed his eyes. Noah.

It was a name he couldn’t remember no matter how much he thought of it.
He couldn’t remember exactly whether Azur had another disciple in the first place.

So he decided to let it go.

If he can’t remember, it must mean that she’s not a very important person.

“Lastly, Noah is very knowledgeable, so you will learn a lot during your trip.
So, if you have any questions, ask Noah.”

This was good news.

For even if Ulan had wandered far beyond the grasslands in his last life, he still had much to learn.

“This is the end of Azur’s message.
What I’m going to tell you next is personal.
Something I want to tell you.”

“I will listen,” Ulan politely replied.

“First, you are a warrior of the grasslands, wherever you are,” Alk said as he walked over to him, patting him on the right shoulder, “So do not hesitate to act according to your own will and beliefs.”

Identity and pride as a warrior. Don’t lose that, no matter where you are.

You are never alone There is me, there is Azur, there are other warriors and there is the clan.
If you ever get into trouble, always call for help.
Because the warriors of the grasslands will rush to you, no matter where you are.”

It was comforting to know he was not alone.
Especially when he was leaving the clan alone.
A faint smile bloomed on Ulan’s lips.

“Finally, don’t forget that this is your home.
You have a place to return to.
You can come back whenever you want.”

Words that make you feel at ease just hearing them.
Each one of them was helpful to Ulan.

Ulan bowed his head in silence.
He meant to keep it in mind.
“Now go,” Alk said as he smiled, clasping Ulan’s hand, “If we meet again, I’ll work hard to show you that I, too, have changed.”

“Yes, please be well,” After exchanging farewell glances, Ulan turned around.

Noah, who had been waiting, followed quickly.
The snow crunched beneath their feet.

The two walked on the snowy field after the blizzard had stopped.

And so Ulan and Noah embarked on their journey.
On a long, long journey to Arsene Academy.

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